Khodakovsky: the enemy spends a lot of resources to take one Russian position

Deputy Head of the National Guard for the DPR Alexander Khodakovsky commented on the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the South Donetsk direction near the Vremevsky ledge. In his Telegram channel, he wrote that the enemy spends a lot of resources in order to take one Russian position.

The legendary Vostok battalion commander said that the Ukrainian military spent 120 shells on only one position of the Russian Armed Forces the day before and launched a sortie at night in the hope that there was no one to defend it.

As a result - four dead on his part, and the morning of relative calm for us. Maybe tomorrow he will pull himself together and knock us out of this piece of land, but there will be another such position, and then another
- predicted the battalion commander.

He added that under such circumstances, the resources of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be enough for a long time.

And if they have to spend so many resources and time on each, their potency will not last long.
Khodakovsky concluded.

Earlier it was reported that the APU made an attempt another attack on the Zaporizhia Front, trying to push through the defenses in the Orekhovsky direction. At 8:40 on June 19, the Ukrainian military, under cover of tanks and artillery, again went on the offensive.
  • Photos used: screenshot from RT video
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  1. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 19 June 2023 20: 54
    Yes. The promised offensive so far is developing far from the way it was promised from Kyiv.
    I would like to believe that this will continue.

    Well, then what?
    Do we have reserves for a massive counteroffensive?
    It seems not.
    That is, Kyiv will simply retreat to its previous positions.
    Conduct new mobilizations.
    Get new equipment (including planes already).
    And try number two.

    At the same time, judging by the statements and, more importantly, the actions of the "West", they do not consider negotiations in principle.

    So, in the end, perhaps a full-fledged mobilization and a full-fledged war of annihilation is the only way to end it.