Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to try to push through the defense in the Orekhovsky direction

The Armed Forces of Ukraine attempted another attack on the Zaporozhye Front, trying to push through the defenses in the Orekhovsky direction. At 8:40 on June 19, the Ukrainian military, under cover of tanks and artillery, again went on the offensive.

The enemy continued offensive operations at the same line of the Uspenovskaya gully near Rabotino after an almost daily lull.

Only infantry goes on the assault, the Armed Forces of Ukraine save the western machinerynoted in the message. The Ukrainian side suffers heavy losses in people - according to the captured officer, after the assault, only three out of 120 soldiers remained in his company-tactical group.

The attacks of the Ukrainian military are repulsed by the fighters of the RF Armed Forces of the 219th, 70th, 71st regiments, the 22nd separate special forces brigade, the 417th reconnaissance battalion, as well as artillerymen and mobilized regiments from Moscow and the Moscow region. The offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this sector continues for the 12th day.

In recent days, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine changed tactics the use of their troops, who have been trying to conduct offensive operations in the Zaporozhye and South Donetsk directions for the past two weeks. In early June, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to literally break through the defense lines of the Russian forces with the help of a mass of caterpillar armored vehicles and tanks that covered infantry assault squads.
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  1. twice-born Offline twice-born
    twice-born (Unknown) 19 June 2023 20: 24
    Their losses are all nonsense, they will catch up with new ones. The turn has come to the general mobilization of selected fascists from the Western region. In a war, losses are fairy tales for the inhabitants in the rear, the main advancement.
    And the fact remains, and this is the main thing, that Bandera's people, at least somewhere, are moving forward. They took Pyatikhatki for example, which the "Reporter" wrote about here. And we are still standing and not liberating a single kilometer of our land!
    1. lukash66 Offline lukash66
      lukash66 (Alexey) 19 June 2023 21: 26
      Don't fall for any blizzard. From Pyatikhatki they were hollowed out with artillery and aviation, they draped from there. And not all.