Bezrukov spoke about the beginning of the era of a new global redistribution of the world

Humanity is entering the era of a new global redistribution of the world. Andrey Bezrukov, a retired colonel of the SVR, a leading political scientist, an illegal intelligence officer, and a retired colonel of the Foreign Intelligence Service, recently announced this. In his excellent lecture "The New Global Landscape and Challenges for Russia" at the XI St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, he outlined the issues and the geopolitical situation in detail.

The expert noted that the last global redistribution of the world took place a hundred years ago. Several major factors were also present then: the new technological way (jerk) and a new one began to appear economy (engines of internal combustion on hydrocarbon fuel). At that time, the planet was actually divided between two colonial empires - British and French.

And watching how the Germans win back European markets, how the Americans begin to oust the British from the colonial possessions, how Russia becomes stronger and stronger, what did they think? And exactly the same as the Americans think now. The old system still has its strengths: "Let's try to stop the new system, because in a few years it will be impossible to stop." We (Russia) would have finished rearmament by 2025, the Chinese would have finished it by 2030. It would be impossible for the US and the West to talk to us as well. This is how the British and French staged the First World War in 1914. Just like now the Americans are destabilizing us, destabilizing China, through Taiwan, through Ukraine, in order to try to stop us for the last time and consolidate the rest of the world behind them.

He explained.

Bezrukov clarified that if you look at the situation in which the Russian Federation finds itself, then it is very good. In the next 20 years, Russia enters in much better shape than very many states of the planet. The previous transition from one system to another lasted 30 years with two world wars. At such moments, people are most concerned about security, “so that the country and home are not taken away, so that the family is not killed, and it can be fed and warmed up with something,” and it is in these basic moments that the Russian Federation is doing well.

Firstly, we cannot be physically defeated, we are a nuclear power that has a military potential even higher than all the others. We are the largest potential food producer. We can feed half the world. We, one way or another, will remain the main producer of energy, even green, even purple. And without energy, no artificial intelligence, no digitalization is possible. Because expensive energy is the absence of a digital economy. For it to work, energy must be cheap.

He pointed out.

Bezrukov drew attention to the fact that Russia is already an exporter of security and a link between East and West. Huge logistics goes through the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore, Europe and China do not need destabilization. They also do not need destabilization in the southern part of Eurasia, since the delivery of goods across the southern seas will turn into a nightmare.

When the main world stream flows through the straits, if one or two countries on this path catch fire, there will be a situation in which guys with javelins will lie somewhere on the coast of Yemen and collect tribute from every gas carrier that passes. And Europe now lives only on imported gas. They will not shoot at this gas carrier, they will take 10 million dollars from the companies that insure them. And gas prices will be appropriate. And then everyone will remember the Northern Sea Route, where you can’t lie on an ice floe for a long time with a Javelin. Here we also have certain advantages.

- summed up the expert.

Bezrukov added that Russia of 150 million now does not have the task of "competing with two monsters" in the face of the United States and China. The Russian Federation faces the same task that Comrade Stalin set before the USSR in 1929.

Either we industrialize at any cost, or we will be crushed. That's the task right now. Either over the next 10-15 years we are building our technological and economic space, independent of the Anglo-Saxon and Chinese bloc, large enough to recapture investments in new infrastructure, build global corporations, or we will be crushed

- he considers.

Building the right space on your own is difficult, so allies are needed. India, Brazil, Japan, Iran, Western European countries will also have to look for allies to create a market in a bloc of one billion people for self-sufficiency. This is the main task of the Russian Federation from the point of view of the economy.

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  1. RUR Offline RUR
    RUR 18 June 2023 18: 26
    India, Brazil, Japan, Iran, Western European countries will also have to look for allies to create a market in a bloc of one billion people for self-sufficiency. This is the main task of the Russian Federation from the point of view of the economy.

    Well, India, should she look for something ...? she just has more than a billion ... The rest of those listed, including the Russian Federation, will have problems with a billion, i.e. for self-sufficiency according to Bezrukov. The EU is a little better - under about 500 million, after all ... for now ... And with robotization, for example, of a Western model, these billions of unemployed are not needed. Bezrukov thinks in terms of the technologies of the 20th century, apparently, Stalin's still industrialization, perhaps also in the categories of the proletariat. But such is the quality of the Russian striking intellectual force today ...
    1. Griffith Online Griffith
      Griffith (Oleg) 18 June 2023 21: 25
      Products must be profitable. If you develop a project even with robotization, when robots serve production, then who serves the robots? And what is the price of these robots? And if this robot produces products for one person or for millions of people or for a billion people, what will be the cost per unit of production in each case. Judging by your comment, you are from a generation of people who believe that food comes from the refrigerator, and electricity from the outlet. Indeed, the Russian intellectual elite has yet to degrade and degrade to your level.
      1. RUR Offline RUR
        RUR 18 June 2023 22: 11
        You better answer the question, where will you put your billions of unemployed and yourself with your proud belonging to the intellectual elite? Will these unfortunates tear such an elite apart? According to your logic, for example, the EU should hastily unite with Africa, since a BILLION is needed ... but this is not happening ... current Western capitalism is transforming into something else, where billions of people with medium and low IQ are not needed ... the introduction of an unconditional basic income is associated with the fourth industrial revolution and its achievements, represented by robotization ... such systems become quite autonomous, although trade relations with the rest of the world will be maintained .. for some time ... and you are all talking about the proletariat ...
        1. strange guest Offline strange guest
          strange guest (Strange Guest) 18 June 2023 23: 17
          EU + USA + Canada + Australia + Japan + Britain + South Korea + Israel quite give the desired billion, rich and with developed science and technology.
          1. RUR Offline RUR
            RUR 18 June 2023 23: 49
            Guest, what is the intelligence of the Russian Federation - it’s known ... Don’t listen to PODPEAL either, which these songs don’t know at all, BILLION is not needed at all

            Despite the colossal number of able-bodied population in China, which is an order of magnitude higher than in the Russian Federation, the level of robotization in China is higher than in Russia. For comparison: the market of industrial robots in China is about 50 units per year, and in Russia 000-500

            Why is this happening? Because electronic systems are now fantastically reliable, relatively cheap, and robots are fantastically capable - 365 around the clock for decades, that's me.
            about electronics, i.e. self-sufficiency is fantastically LOW, i.e. grifit murmurs about what he has no idea, however, as he assured, he understands Polish nuclear boats. Payback is already fading into the 2nd plan

            Industrial robots in both China and Russia - import
            China, with its millions of illiterate peasants, has a natural limitation on the introduction of such equipment - WHERE TO DO THEM, THESE MILLIONS?
            1. Griffith Online Griffith
              Griffith (Oleg) 19 June 2023 00: 00
              And the Martians brought robots to the Chinese. Ah, no. They find them in cabbage. Excellent logic. Take the pie from the shelf. Double in economics. lol
              If you print money like candy wrappers, then payback may go by the wayside. For the time being. Can you tell me ignoramus why Europe is in recession now? Has America increased interest rates? After all, payback is not a priority. Why is this economy at all, as a science, including in terms of payback? laughing Throw it in the trash. Smart people say payback is bullshit. bully
              1. RUR Offline RUR
                RUR 19 June 2023 00: 14
                No, you tell me why this robotization continues and does not stop, even China with a billion people is implementing,

                Probably because the cost of production is cheaper than when it is produced by a person with a low IQ, and even a fan of chatting on topics in which, in which ZERO
                1. Griffith Online Griffith
                  Griffith (Oleg) 19 June 2023 00: 27
                  Everything here is simple and as old as human civilization. Greed and power. And robots remove such a harmful fickle as the human ego.
            2. strange guest Offline strange guest
              strange guest (Strange Guest) 19 June 2023 00: 31
              Don't take it out to us. The demographics are really bad. We want, we don’t want to, but we’ll have to go to someone as a “junior partner”. Even if you really don't want to. A shining city on top of a hill and building a separate civilization will not work. Even if you really want to.)
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    1. The comment was deleted.
  3. Stanislav Bykov Offline Stanislav Bykov
    Stanislav Bykov (Stanislav) 18 June 2023 18: 52
    Either we industrialize at any cost, or we will be crushed. That's the task right now. Either over the next 10-15 years we are building our technological and economic space, independent of the Anglo-Saxon and Chinese bloc, large enough to recapture investments in new infrastructure, build global corporations, or we will be crushed

    I read this and it was kind of sad. How can all this be realized in Russia? With the generation of lawyers and economists and with the current generation of YouTubers and bloggers of all kinds and other effective managers, this is impossible. Knowing this, the authorities do not even itch. The Soviet scientific backlog is already practically "eaten", primarily in the defense industry, there are natural resources that are sold on the cheap and nuclear weapons. Add to all this monstrous corruption and nepotism. Unfortunately, I do not see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. twice-born Offline twice-born
    twice-born (Unknown) 18 June 2023 19: 17
    A smart man who knows a lot of secrets in the world, you should listen to him. In addition to two Russian educations, then he received another higher education while already working with the bourgeois for the work of an illegal immigrant)!
  5. Nelton Offline Nelton
    Nelton (Oleg) 18 June 2023 19: 53
    Either we build over the next 10-15 years ... or we will be crushed

    we cannot be defeated physically, we are a nuclear power,
    . We are .. food manufacturer. We can feed half the world.
    One way or another, we will remain the main energy producer,

    It seems to me that the first contradicts the second.

    We really do have quite an acceptable current situation in the economy, which allows us to pull the plug.

    Yes, there are quite clear tasks - the construction of infrastructure to the east and the deepening of localization.
    And both are done quite well.

    As for the ideas about 500 million for self-sufficiency, we can offer nothing to potential participating countries. It will be much more profitable for them "both yours and ours."
    1. Griffith Online Griffith
      Griffith (Oleg) 18 June 2023 21: 31
      Lots of offers. Starting from cheap food and clean water. And these are the most basic needs of any person. The population in the world has become so debilitated that the presence of an iPhone is considered the basic foundation of civilization. And people really think so laughing Until they sit with an iPhone in their hands by an empty refrigerator for a couple of days. smile
      The foundation of any civilization is clean air, clean water, clean food and clean land. This is what gives the health of any civilization. Build a civilization in a garbage dump. Let's see how long it lasts. With all Googles, iPhones and Teslas.
      1. Nelton Offline Nelton
        Nelton (Oleg) 18 June 2023 21: 51
        Quote: Griffit
        Lots of offers. Starting from cheap food and clean water.

        Yes, we have reached net exports of agricultural products since 2021, and we already imagine ourselves to be the main breadwinner of the planet.
        A lot of people sell food.
        Of course they will take it, and even pay.
        But if we put the question as an ultimatum, or trade only with us, or not trade at all, we will be sent.
        1. Griffith Online Griffith
          Griffith (Oleg) 18 June 2023 21: 59
          If we start from the life of a unicellular, which lives one day, then you may be right. A simple example. White European civilizations robbed, raped, killed and enslaved Africans in Africa for 500 years. We built a bunch of "civilized" things in our Europe. And what do we have? Africans are pushing Europeans in the literal and figurative sense. Question: why? Answer: The Europeans have polluted their Europe so much that they have become a sterile civilization. And they are in decline. And Africans, having no planes, no ships, no factories, have Europeans laughing . Because they have clean land in Africa, clean water, clean air, and healthy physical labor. Question: So what is the foundation of human civilization?
          It's the same with America. Only there Latinos.
          And in the long run, this threatens Asia as well.
          1. Griffith Online Griffith
            Griffith (Oleg) 18 June 2023 22: 32
            A healthy environment is the foundation of civilization. Then social interaction, relationships and norms that are based on tradition. And the technological order occupies one of the last places in civilization. Those. it's just an add-on. A simple example is Ukraine. When traditions and social relations were washed away, most Ukrainians lost their humanity, and when they were given technological tricks, they turned into a monkey with a grenade. This grenade destroys the environment. And without a healthy environment, Ukraine has no future. Everything is very simple.
            And when in Europe the technological level became the measure of civilization, its decline came. This is the 19th century. Now it's agony. And the pederasts will complete the funeral of Europe.
            1. Griffith Online Griffith
              Griffith (Oleg) 18 June 2023 23: 32
              When the artificial (technology), at the suggestion of Europe (and then America), became primary, and natural things (including human relationships) secondary, we got a world problem. Fear of artificial intelligence in the degradation of a person as a person. When democracy is the worst form of government, where dullness and wretchedness take over the masses over personality, charisma and intelligence. And the animal takes precedence over humanity, which leads to degradation. And technology, in addition, removed the so-called. natural selection. And they added genetic diseases, idiocy, and other things to the human gene pool, which previously largely decided natural selection. And since the artificial is primary, then, accordingly, the robots are primary. And since the natural is secondary, then man is secondary. So the probability of the disappearance of mankind is high. Although, maybe robots will breed people as pets. laughing
          2. RUR Offline RUR
            RUR 18 June 2023 23: 14
            Griffit, judging by your nickname and high self-esteem, you will be one of the white colonizers, i.e. from some other life? At least check out the wiki before writing about 500 years


            The division of Africa, also the race for Africa or the fight for Africa (eng. Scramble for Africa, French Partage de l'Afrique, port Partilha de África) - a period of intense competition between seven Western European imperialist powers during a short period, defined by historians as New Imperialism (between 1881 and 1914) for conducting research and military operations in Africa, ultimately aimed at capturing colonial territories. The European colonialists had many motives, including the desire for valuable resources available throughout the continent, the strengthening of national authority, tensions between European powers, religious missionary zeal, and the internal politics of African countries. The 10% of African territory that was under formal European control in 1870 increased to almost 90% by 1914, with only Ethiopia (Abyssinia) and Liberia remaining independent.
            1. Griffith Online Griffith
              Griffith (Oleg) 18 June 2023 23: 44
              You are a great connoisseur of history. laughing For education, check out Namely, the section "the appearance of Europeans in Africa." Pay attention to the dates and what the Europeans were doing there. Yes And then, according to your concepts, English, French, Dutch and Spanish plantations in America were processed by local blacks. laughing I wonder why they afrocalled Americans? They probably don't know history. laughing
              1. RUR Offline RUR
                RUR 18 June 2023 23: 55
                Portugal - looted a lot? Did you get rich on it? These are not your topics ... The appearance is not yet colonization ... Universities, shipbuilding, weapons, etc. are also from Africa?
                1. The comment was deleted.
                  1. RUR Offline RUR
                    RUR 19 June 2023 00: 37

                    In the Middle Ages, a slave trade developed in Zanzibar, who were caught in the African jungle. Over time, the slave trade was concentrated in the hands of merchants from Oman, who formed the core of the local aristocracy. In the XVI century, Zanzibar was part of the colonial possessions of Portugal,

                    That is, initially, these are Arabs - slave traders, and who caught slaves? Read on the net - Dahomey, the slave trade ... The Negroes themselves traded in the slave trade before the Europeans. Think they are fluffy like you? And by the way, the Arabs are still doing this, but they got rich on oil, and not on slaves, for some reason ..
  6. ont65 Offline ont65
    ont65 (Oleg) 18 June 2023 22: 52
    Bezrukov, like anyone else, can think as he pleases, but the experience of the USSR, which got out of devastation and hunger in the conditions of the blockade of the West due to scarce internal resources and the wild tension of society, cannot be repeated. If only because the authorities still believe that money should be withdrawn from the economy, even to China, and you can rely on several points of production, with a minimum of investment, while no science is required, this is one pampering. And there is no one to create a new economy, times and people are different, 30 years have been going towards this.
  7. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 18 June 2023 23: 13
    It is clear where the "Chinese" cluster will find a billion + for profitable scaling of production, it is clear where the "Western" cluster is, in general, it is also clear with the "Indian-Abrahamic". This is where we will find this billion +, if we (according to Bezrukov) cannot compete with the "monsters" ...
  8. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) 19 June 2023 00: 39
    There is no need to talk about confrontation. The Russian Federation in its current state is a third world country trying to lead this world, but it doesn’t work out very well. For what does it have to offer this world? But only one thing - let's break the horns of these snickering countries of the first world. And it all looks like the antics of a gopnik. Elita is trying by all means to squeeze into the club of the elite, but at whose expense? Well, of course - at the expense of the citizens of their country and third world countries.
  9. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 19 June 2023 00: 51
    They've been talking about it since the age of 8. And from the 14th for sure.
    It’s bad that the HPP dpl pushes both this fart and the golden rain into the stagnant military-industrial complex of the West.

    This is especially annoying:

    building the right space on your own is difficult, so allies are needed

    That is, import substitution has failed, you have to wait for the allies, they say they will fly in and build industrialization and a "market" of a billion people ....
    But who will Russia be in this "market"? Gas for beads?
  10. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 19 June 2023 16: 08
    The article is interesting and deserves attention. Everything is correct.

    The Russian Federation faces the same task that Comrade Stalin set before the USSR in 1929.

    Only different political systems cannot be put in one row. It is impossible to repeat Stalin, in 1929 there was socialism, and now capitalism. To repeat Stalin, it is necessary to change capitalism to socialism in the Russian Federation, only who will give you the opportunity to do this. In 1991, a coup d'etat took place in the USSR, capitalism was forcibly established, these people and their successors are in power. The degree of influence on the world will be determined by the economy of the state - the Russian Federation is only 3% of the world, and even these percentages from the sale of oil, gas, natural resources are a colony. So there is only one way out, the restoration of the federal state of Russia within the borders of 1975. (Helsinki Accords), more than 200 million people will be recruited. population, which will allow the development of Russia.
  11. Platon Verdictov 19 June 2023 17: 22
    It would be more productive to speak about specific long-term sabotage in key industries, with names, turnouts. But this is not comme il faut with noble gentlemen, it seems. And for 30 years now, frank mortification instead of development at the suggestion of the collective Kudrins, Nabiullins, and, of course, the guarantor, continues.