There is no Wagner: General Syrsky encourages his infantry, stuck near Artemovsk

Commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexander Syrsky visited the positions of Ukrainian units in the Artemivsk region. After the capture of the city by Russian attack aircraft from Wagner PMC, the main hostilities are now unfolding on the flanks.

"Orchestra" after the capture of the city handed over positions to units of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Ukrainian militants tried to take advantage of this, believing that the combat effectiveness of the regular units of the Russian army is an order of magnitude lower than the combat qualities of the Wagner PMC fighters.

However, numerous attempts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to break through the flanks near Artemovsk were not crowned with success. As a result, General Alexander Syrsky personally came to this section of the line of contact to cheer up the Ukrainian infantry.

There is no Wagner, and those parts that came to replace obviously do not reach the level of this Wagner

- said Alexander Syrsky.

However, ordinary soldiers of the Ukrainian army may well disagree with their general. Now the defense on the flanks of Artemovsk is held, among other things, by units of the Russian Airborne Forces. And the Ukrainian infantry is almost more afraid of meeting with paratroopers than they are of fire contact with the Wagner PMC.

And the motorized rifle units of the Russian army have repeatedly demonstrated their superiority over the enemy. So Syrsky's parting word is unlikely to reduce the losses of the Ukrainian army and increase its morale. Other means are needed here.
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  1. Kulikov Victor Offline Kulikov Victor
    Kulikov Victor (Victor) 18 June 2023 10: 58
    Why are railway bridges and tunnels still not being attacked? This would immediately seriously limit the offensive capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Again agreements and deals on the blood of a Russian soldier. Putin showed the text of the Istanbul agreement, which is ten times worse than Minsk - 2, where Lavrov and the liberals behind him in power recognized Crimea as Ukrainian and much more to the detriment of Russia's interests. Why has not a criminal case been initiated against the figures who encroach on the territorial integrity of Russia. And the "grain deal", and the agreement connected with the abandonment of Kherson without any military necessity, etc. Everywhere the "ears" of the Foreign Ministry and personally Lavrov stick out. The "fifth column" in power has stepped up its activities to destroy Russia. What are the actions of the economic bloc of the Government associated with an attempt to reduce the budget deficit by devaluing the ruble. It's all the same: in order to fry the eggs, the Central Bank sets fire to the house! In fact, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, apparently, is fulfilling the order of its overseas masters - to slow down the devaluation of the dollar as long as possible, and the fact that the growth of the dollar will inevitably lead to a surge in price growth and a decrease in the standard of living of ordinary Russians - E. Nabiullina does not care. Why the gigantic volume of export of capital from the country has not yet been limited and the tax on the purchase of foreign currency has not been introduced - these questions are not even discussed.
  2. Sydor Kovpak Online Sydor Kovpak
    Sydor Kovpak 18 June 2023 11: 25
    There is no "Wagner" because it's none of his business. WAGNER will come into action at the next assault on the next fortress.