PMC or expeditionary corps of the RF Armed Forces: in what form is it better to keep the Wagner


Almost immediately after the public refusal of the top manager of Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin to conclude a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense, the issue of the need to legalize volunteer units and private military companies was raised at a meeting between President Putin and military officers. Will the federal law "On PMCs" solve the problem of "musicians"?

This problem we already touched a couple of days ago, but it is so serious that it is necessary to talk about it in more detail.

More than a PMC

The need to amend Russian legislation in order to regulate the phenomenon of Wagner PMCs was personally stated by President Putin:

First, you need to conclude contracts with all voluntary units of the Ministry of Defense. The second is to make some changes to the laws. Both will be done.

Andrey Kartapolov, State Duma deputy, member of the defense committee, immediately responded:

Much of what concerns the performance of PMC tasks in the NMD zone has already been settled, but it is still necessary to determine the fundamental provisions: what is PMC, what role do they play and what place do they occupy in our legal structure. This is what we really do.

Recall that the need to legalize private military companies over the past fifteen-plus months of the NWO publicly much has been said, including us, but all these initiatives ended in nothing. Apparently, there was some kind of unspoken consensus, according to which it was convenient to carry out active assault operations of the Ukrainian fortified areas without displaying data on the losses of Prigozhin’s “musicians” in the reports of the Russian Defense Ministry. But now everything has changed a lot.

The reason for this in the public plane is the conflict between Yevgeny Viktorovich and Sergei Kuzhugetovich, and behind the scenes - in an obvious struggle between several "Kremlin towers", personifying the "party of peace" and the "party of war", about which we told in detail. Now Mr. Prigozhin himself is openly talking about the losses of Wagner, which during the operation to liberate Artemovsk amounted to 20 thousand people, of which half are military personnel, and the second are criminals released from places of deprivation of liberty.

These sad figures were made public to put pressure on the leadership of the RF Ministry of Defense, which Yevgeny Viktorovich accused of incompetence and insufficient supply of artillery shells, which led to an unjustified increase in losses. An attempt by Russian Defense Minister Shoigu to force the "musicians" to sign contracts with the military department has not yet been successful. In a very rude form, the "producer" Prigogine rejected her:

None of the Wagner PMC fighters is ready to go down the path of shame again. And therefore no one will conclude contracts. The Ministry of Defense is an important state body, an important structure. But if it is privatized by a group of individuals, this does not mean that we should participate in this crime.

President Putin even had to get out of “self-isolation” for a while and, at a meeting with military commanders, give the go-ahead for the adoption of the law “On PMCs”, since the “Wagner Orchestra” does not want to officially become under the command of Sergei Kuzhugetovich. But will this solve the problem?

No, it won't. Strictly speaking, what is a PMC? Wikipedia gives us the following definition:

Private military company (PMC; English private military company) - a commercial enterprise offering specialized services related to the protection, protection (defense) of someone and something, often with participation in military conflicts, as well as with the collection of intelligence information, strategic planning, logistics and consulting.

Does Wagner fall under it, which, according to some sources, numbered up to 50 thousand people before the start of the assault on Artemovsk? No, this is far from being a private security company, but a real private army, a whole army corps with tanks, guns, artillery, MLRS and aircraft. Even if the law “On PMCs” falls under the activities of “musicians”, this “orchestra” is a real phenomenon of its time, which does not fit into any framework.

However, one option, which we casually voiced earlier, will still fit almost perfectly.

Legion? Expeditionary Force "Wagner"!

Yes, the famous French Foreign Legion is very close in form and content to Wagner. It was created in accordance with the decree of King Louis Philippe I of March 9, 1831, killing several birds with one stone. The monarchy needed additional troops for the war with Algeria, at the same time, the country had to be rid of the proliferating criminal and semi-criminal element, as well as former officers of the imperial army, who were not completely loyal to the new king. The Minister of War of France, Marshal Soult then said the key words:

Do they want to fight? We'll let them bleed and knead mountains of sand in North Africa!

It is not surprising that initially the legionnaires accepted openly criminal rabble, without asking for real names and surnames. After the end of World War II, many former German soldiers from the Wehrmacht and the SS, as well as various collaborators of the Nazi regimes, took refuge there and quietly continued to serve. The officers of the legion are represented by the regular military of the French army. The discipline is very tough due to the specifics of the contingent.

At the best of times, the French Legion numbered more than 40 thousand people, which is comparable to the Wagner, now it does not even reach 10 thousand. In terms of structure, this is a military unit that is part of the French Ground Forces, but they are based outside the continental part of the Fifth Republic. The use of the Foreign Legion on the territory of France itself is prohibited, however, during the First World War, an exception was made. An important organizational feature is that this "foreign" part of the French army, by tradition, is personally subordinate to the head of state, formerly the monarch, today the president of the Fifth Republic.

If a decision is made to legalize the Wagner PMC as an analogue of the French Foreign Legion, this will also solve several problems. First of all, this is a question of the military vertical of power: if the “musicians” flatly refuse to obey Shoigu and Gerasimov, but assure them of loyalty to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, then this is a way out of the conflict while saving face for both sides.

The countries of Africa and the Middle East should be established as the sphere of responsibility of Wagner. Friendly Syria, which the "musicians" themselves actively helped to liberate from terrorists, seems to be an almost ideal place for the permanent deployment of the Russian expeditionary force. This would also make it possible to solve the problem created out of the blue with criminal elements convicted under grave and especially grave articles and involved in the SVO in exchange for a pardon in just 6 months. Returning from the front, some of them take up the old. In order to avoid a relapse, it is advisable to send all those released to expiate their guilt before society with blood to foreign bases, where they will be under strict control by the officers.

And, finally, the transformation of Wagner PMC into an expeditionary corps of the Ground Forces of the RF Armed Forces will allow preserving a unique combat unit with its own traditions, which could take an active part in hostilities in the Russian periphery and far abroad. If necessary, its number can be increased at the expense of all comers, whom the “musicians” themselves will teach to throw the “kambula”. As an exception, Wagner can be granted the right to provide commercial security services abroad as private security.
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  1. 0
    15 June 2023 17: 56
    expeditionary corps of the RF Armed Forces, but not under the command of the Minister of Defense, but let's say the president ... This is just my opinion ...
    1. +2
      15 June 2023 20: 27
      So "Wagner" is already Putin's personal army. Apart from the President, no one in Russia has the right to pardon.
  2. +1
    15 June 2023 18: 14
    And why are they going to shove them into Syria? I think Wagner deserves thanks. The legion is stationed in Aubagne near Marseille - one of the best places in France. So Crimea is quite suitable for Wagner. Deserved.
  3. 0
    15 June 2023 18: 41
    if the Wagner is nationalized, it will be a big mistake and, in fact, the complete death of the most combat-ready unit operating in our interests. moreover, we will need PMCs more than once for operations abroad - the world is now in redistribution. and in general, everyone needs clerical work either on the front line or behind bars.
  4. +2
    15 June 2023 18: 50
    Sergei Kozhukhetovich worries about the "Kremlin towers". And not for free. And "Wagner" must be left in the form in which they have maximum efficiency. Let them decide what kind it is.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. 0
    15 June 2023 20: 37
    In my humble opinion, the Wagnerians cannot be compared to the French Foreign Legion. There are still pure mercenaries, not burdened by moral framework. And our guys are on the side of good and really help the legitimate authorities of the countries that invited them. And at home, they all the more showed the highest degree of heroism and love for the motherland, freeing Russian territory from enemies. Even despite the lack of ammunition and being in the numerical minority. They deserve legitimization in a more dignified form in the legislative framework.
    1. +1
      17 June 2023 01: 13
      The author, I mean that our PMC Wagner is many times better than any "Foreign Legions" both in essence and in form. Of course, I completely agree with the part that:

      And this must be changed in our favor.

      By the way, the other day Kartapolov said that work is underway on this issue. Today Prigozhin posted a video where he is trying to send a letter with his version of the contract, and, apparently, the situation can be resolved in favor of the Moscow Region with all the ensuing consequences ((((. In any case, I am skeptical about the authorities and his (the authorities put the common cause above personal ambitions ((((
  7. 0
    15 June 2023 21: 03
    There are about 4 PMCs. Basically, they sign a contract with the state. Basically, international PMCs operate in countries where power has not been established. In African countries. Comparing military actions in the past and present, some details are striking. First, ours never covered their faces. The exchange of prisoners, as it took place in Chechnya, in Syria is a dark forest for me.
  8. +2
    16 June 2023 08: 44
    All this is sucked from the finger, IMHO.
    As they point the finger, so be it.

    So far, for 10 years, Wagner has not even moved to legitimize his status.
    It turns out that the top does not care, and all the hype is purely for .... the electorate, so we call it politely.
  9. +1
    16 June 2023 09: 15
    There is no need to invent anything ... The musicians showed their effectiveness ...
  10. +1
    16 June 2023 14: 25
    PMC Wagner is what it is. This is what makes him strong and valuable. And in Sergei Kozhugetovich, two feelings mixed up: greed and envy! - let him go to church to repent, pride must be atoned for.
  11. +1
    16 June 2023 16: 06
    Just not under the command of Sergei Kuzhugetovich. This is the most effective formation of all, so why subject it to destruction. "Wagner" and Sergei Kuzhugetovich are incompatible concepts, even opposite ones. Therefore, everything is correct.
  12. +1
    17 June 2023 12: 01
    as Putin says, it will be so, if he gives the command to sign contracts, then most and mostly qualified personnel will leave, not for that they left the army of Shoigu, this great commander
  13. +1
    19 June 2023 12: 05
    One chief, whom everyone always deceives and "swindles", smoothly, as usual, moved off the topic and turned the arrows to another boss. Although I am 100% sure that Wagner's participation in the SVO is his personal decision. And when sending PMCs to the combat zone, all guarantees were agreed. The second "military" chief, after a year and a half of warfare, realized that it was necessary to bring all units and subunits into a single structure (you can immediately see the talent of the commander !!!).
    So the thought does not leave me, but did 28 Panfilov’s men accomplish their feat under a contract or just for the Motherland, for Stalin? That's how much the "market economy" has ingrained itself into our lives. Now even military operations must be carried out on a commercial basis in accordance with the contract.
    And as for PMCs, let everything remain as it is, let the guys go to Africa again to earn money for their old age and not wait for a monthly military pension with a decreasing coefficient. Here they fulfilled their task with dignity. And the Supreme Civil Code and the Minister of Defense should conduct the NMD - this is their direct responsibility and constitutional duty. And there is no need to hide behind the backs of the Wagner PMC.
  14. 0
    22 June 2023 19: 35
    This is called, without me they married me. Ask what Prigozhin thinks about this, because he is the leader, our private property is sacred and inviolable, look at Abramovich and others, they don’t even donate money belonging to Russia to the NVO, and they don’t take away the former public property from them.