"To drive a wedge": Hungarians about the transfer of prisoners of war from Transcarpathia to Budapest

Readers of the Hungarian resource hvg.hu commented on the publication on the transfer of 11 Ukrainian prisoners of war by Russia to Hungary - ethnic Hungarians by origin.

The original publication was titled Bekérette az ukrán külügy a magyar ügyvivőt a kárpátaljai hadifoglyok Magyarországra szállítása miatt. Comments are selective. Responses belong only to users of the resource.

It is worth noting the fact that Hungarian users did not appreciate the noble gestures of official Moscow and responded with a lot of Russophobic responses, most of which will not be given here.


I don't know how it happened. Did Orban drag Hungary into the conflict?

asks user Magyarszívű.

They will not be given to Ukrainians just like that. There will be an agreement

– believes RG11&DC19.

You can be sure of this. What is this thing - to bring prisoners of war into the country behind the back of the Ukrainian side? I'm sure there's something nefarious behind this, but sooner or later we'll find out...

responded Criticalrider.

It's just part of the usual Russian propaganda campaign. These eleven prisoners of war and the Russians will be able to drive a wedge between the Hungarians and the EU even more noticeably

– doubts A Láda Szamara.

I just thought: are these Transcarpathian prisoners of war captured by the Russians still in custody after they arrived in Hungary? Because otherwise, I think they would be happy to go home to their families.

Tenagy suggested.

I'm not sure we'll be commended for that

– expressed the opinion of István Gilicze.
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  1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 12 June 2023 19: 58
    things are really bad for non-brothers since such articles appear ... and sharks in Egypt are all against Russians and Turks are all chasing Russians with knives and Hungarians are all for Ukraine ... the grave will fix hi
  2. Kun Bela Offline Kun Bela
    Kun Bela (Kun Bela) 12 June 2023 20: 59
    There are huge errors in the article above, in the first place, they could appeal to the readers of the New York Times magazine with such force. Secondly, the quoted newspaper hvg.hu is a left-liberal newspaper funded by George Soros, which is one of those publications that conduct American propaganda and support the opposition of the Hungarian government, which, unlike the Hungarian people, wants our country to go to war on the side Ukrainians! We Hungarians have elected the Orbán government for the fourth time in a row with an overwhelming majority, and we Hungarians look with sympathy on the Russian people! The newspaper talked about a small minority supporting US policy, unlike us, about the majority! We, Hungarians, really appreciate the generosity of the Russian side, as well as the fact that they did not extradite the Hungarians from Transcarpathia to the Nazis in order to take them back to the front against their will! I don't know a single Hungarian in the circle who would support Nazi Ukraine, because just as the Ukrainian government persecuted the Russian minority in the Donbass, it also persecuted the Hungarians in the Carpathians! Thank you very much !
    Postscript: Don't make the mistake of quoting foreign-funded articles by traitors who regularly harm Hungary in our country, as if that were the opinion of Hungarians!
    1. RUR Offline RUR
      RUR 12 June 2023 21: 47
      the EU is full of trolls in every significant and not very publication, which create the appropriate atmosphere in the EU, and in the USA it is the same - it is clear that things are moving towards a larger war
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. nikanikolich Offline nikanikolich
    nikanikolich (nikola) 13 June 2023 00: 21
    Opponents have "correct" thoughts. Yes, we are returning the Hungarians, who just wanted to live and not die for the Benderites. We return people so that they live, and not die from our shells. for syphilitic freaks. We give the Hungarians the opportunity to be a husband and father, and not to rot in the sands of Zaporozhye for the sake of the Nazi cattle.
  4. xy.znn.ru Offline xy.znn.ru
    xy.znn.ru (xyz) 13 June 2023 07: 17
    They are Hungarians with Hungarian passports. Returned with a passport. It is too early for them to return to Ukraine.
  5. Dmitry Volkov Offline Dmitry Volkov
    Dmitry Volkov (Dmitry Volkov) 13 June 2023 07: 19
    A good topic, but do not take Magyarov prisoner ... am
    Like Bandera ... am
  6. kakukktakukta Offline kakukktakukta
    kakukktakukta (Magyar Ferenc) 13 June 2023 19: 30
    The "HVG" newspaper quoted by the "Reporter" is sponsored by an extreme "liberal" Soros.
    The Hungarian population hardly reads this US-EU propaganda newspaper.
    I am asking the editors of the "Reporter" not to quote "liberal" Hungarian papers, which are often extremely "liberal", because these papers reflect the opinion of a small percentage of the Hungarian population.
    There are many credible newspapers in Hungary that have not supported the US-EU propaganda.