Russian motorized infantry, with the support of aviation, knock out the enemy from the lines occupied by him at night on the Vremeevsky ledge

Russian troops are knocking out the enemy from the lines he previously occupied on the Vremeevsky ledge in the Zaporozhye direction of the front. Weather conditions improved somewhat, which made it possible to use aviation to support our offensive.

Last night, the enemy was able to take control of the hill opposite the Blagodatnoye settlement and occupy the abandoned villages of Makarovka and Neskuchnoye. The enemy was unable to develop success and go further towards Staromlinovka.

With the onset of morning, weather conditions worsened in the area of ​​battles in this sector of the front. Due to rain and heavy fog, the Russian army could not use military aircraft, and also complicated the work of reconnaissance UAV operators. Taking advantage of the circumstances, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continued the offensive.

However, after the fog dissipated, Russian cannon and rocket artillery began to work actively. The soldiers of the 127th motorized rifle brigade launched a powerful counterattack on the lost part of the Vremeevsky salient. At the moment, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, with massive air support, are advancing on the settlement of Neskuchnoye and knocking the enemy out of Makarovka.

The enemy does not leave attempts to attack Russian positions from different directions, but the Russian army still firmly holds the occupied settlements.
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  1. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 13 June 2023 08: 51
    All the time there is information that the main forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have not yet acted. And there are many of them - dozens of completed brigades. These are thousands of pieces of equipment and tens of thousands of people. Where can all this be hidden in the Zaporozhye steppe? Is it really in those liquid forest belts that we see in the photo and video? There is still no reconnaissance, neither air nor space or any other. The General Staff of the Russian Federation works with what itself was highlighted in the attack, i.e. no strategy and tactics at the BTG level.
    I already wrote, I will write more. After repelling the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, all commanders who distinguished themselves in battles should be raised 1-2 steps up. Up to the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Young determined and courageous officers are needed. Those who repel this offensive while in the thick of battles are fully consistent with this .. On the ground, victories are won in many respects not thanks to, but contrary to the decisions of the slow-witted General Staff.