Israel builds the longest gas pipeline in the world

After solid deposits of natural gas were discovered in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, active discussions began about the construction of a gas pipeline from those places to Europe. At the same time, a fresh and promising statement by the Minister of Energy of Israel Yuval Steinitz on this topic just confirms this trend.

He informed the public that his country was already building this main gas pipeline, which should go along the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. And he did the right thing, by the way, because the main thing is to exaggerate some “fact” in the media space, while the essence does not matter. Since humanity now lives by what the media is treating it. You don’t even have to strain.

So, Steinitz said so bluntly that the Israeli “longest and deepest gas pipeline in the world” will supply gas to Europe, and almost very soon (tentatively, the launch will take place in 2025). Although he made, at the same time, some sad clarification.

We will have only a small part of the European market, but still, it is very important

- said Steinitz.

It should be noted that they started talking more or less substantively about this gas pipeline only recently, in April 2017. Then his project received preliminary approval from the Israeli Ministry of Energy and a number of interested European countries. These include Turkey, Cyprus, Greece and Italy.

The approximate length of the gas pipeline will be 2 thousand km. But its throughput will be relatively modest. Only 12 billion cubic meters. m. gas per year. The construction cost is (preliminary and very rounded) 6 billion euros. And it’s still premature to speak about the final price of gas.

There are several important tasks that need to be addressed on the project path. The sea depth there is really decent and in some places reaches 3 thousand meters with high seismic activity. But these are quite solvable technical issues. Turkey is another matter, with which Israel has somewhat strained relations. Everything is more complicated here.

The Turks naturally do not mind the project, they need gas and the "extra pipe" will not hurt. But what they will ask in return is not yet clear. But Israel can bypass Turkey, although the Turkish market is very promising. As for Europe, it is by all extremities in favor of diversifying gas supplies. However, the more time is spent on coordination and other “accelerations” of points of view, the later this pipeline will generally appear.
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  1. gorenina91 Online gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 21 November 2018 18: 47
    -Ha ... -obviously Israel just wants to "grease" with Russia ... -Having hopes Russia with the possibility of a future "counterweight" .., on the subject that Russia may "have a situation" .. will begin to dictate to Russia "its terms" on Russian gas, which will go through the Russian-Turkish gas pipeline ... -Should the Israeli gas pipeline be supposed to somewhat reason with the Turks in this matter ... and keep them "within the framework" ... potentially useful "for Russia ...
    -But .., all this ...- "on the water with a pitchfork" ...
    1. Greg57 Offline Greg57
      Greg57 (Greg57) 24 November 2018 20: 13
      I think with this "forecast" you would take the leading place among the most bizarre: =))
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 22 November 2018 14: 11
    So what? There is gas, there is demand, there is apparently technology.
    And everyone needs money.
  3. Greg57 Offline Greg57
    Greg57 (Greg57) 24 November 2018 20: 38
    Actually, this is a project within the framework of a strategic alliance with Greece, Cyprus and Egypt, to which Italy adjoins.
    Turkey has nothing to do with it.
    All Turkey’s actions to block the project and this route have failed.
    The route project through Turkey was rejected completely.
    Participation in this project of Russia?
    There are various reports, but so far they are within the rumors.
    Perhaps that is why it is so important for Russians to control the territories of Latakia and next to the Golan. For its future pipelines to the Israeli hub.
    Next year, Israel will supply gas on an ongoing basis to Egypt and Jordan.
    Various rumors circulate about the transformation of Israel as a major hub of gas and oil, including sources from the Arab countries of the Gulf, BUT!
    As far as I know in Israel this is not what they want.
    Moreover, in Israel, to pass a law that 66% of Israeli gas should be spent domestically, which means that 34% will physically depend on how much these 66% will be physically !!!
    In Israel, with a pace of 4.5%, industry, energy, agricultural, railway transport and so on are developing.
    There are plans to convert cars to electric and more.
    They themselves need cheap energy. Today, exports of 120 billion. How much will give gas? 5 billion! Agriculture gives 4 ++ billion and is growing and for its development money is needed and it is untwisted.

    This pipeline is rather an arm twisting where the raw materials from the Cyprus and Egyptian shelf and others will mainly swing.
    Why is Israel Because they don’t have anything, but Israel already has an infrastructure that continues to develop, technologies, people, etc.