"Russians don't make sense." The United States admitted that Ukrainians were to blame for the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station

Former CIA analyst Raymond McGovern said that the Ukrainians were more than likely to blame for the explosion of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station. In a YouTube interview with Steven Gardner, he clarified that the Russians didn't feel like doing it.

Look at this. This is an incredible lever that the Russians controlled. If they wanted to flood this part of Ukraine, they would open the floodgates, but they would not blow up this thing.
— argued the expert.

And if you blame the Russians for blowing up the power plant, then you could just as well blame them for blowing up Nord Stream, even if it makes no sense. According to McGovern, the Russian side could simply not supply gas.

But the most interesting thing, the former CIA officer noted, the USA, Great Britain, most of the NATO countries were much more restrained in their assessment and did not blame the Russians. As opposed to "a clown in charge of NATO" or "a clown in charge of EU agricultural policy".

And there's really something going on here. Because Zelensky, of course, blamed the Russians. But we don't support Zelensky? This is one of the signs that they are ready to throw Zelensky under the bus, as we say in Washington.
the analyst concluded.

In other words, the US authorities will sacrifice Ukrainian President Zelensky in order to hide their own crimes related to sabotage at the Nord Stream and the explosion of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station. This is confirmed by the fact that the United States is now shifting the blame for the explosions at Nord Stream to the Ukrainians and is actively leaking this information to the American media, McGovern considered.
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  1. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 12 June 2023 11: 04
    Cool headline!
    In the West, the question of who is to blame is no longer discussed at all. Only two options are discussed - internal undermining and poor operation of the dam. In both cases, the responsibility lies with the Russian administration.
    1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
      k7k8 (vic) 13 June 2023 14: 09
      Quote: AlexZN
      internal undermining

      Brad at the level of Kyiv.

      Quote: AlexZN
      poor dam operation

      Oh! Kyiv licked the dam ... according to the residual principle of financing, and the "cursed Muscovites" came - and everything got worse in a year. Brad is no less than the first.
  2. new.ad Offline new.ad
    new.ad (Alexander Draka) 15 June 2023 20: 49
    Well, of course, Russian Little Russians are at war with Russian Great Russians. And what about America? What are you about? Yes, and there is no NATO, and the Russians do not have the Internet. Ukrainians are willing to buy weapons from the United States. If Russia is compared in the West with Pakistan or Nigeria, then it is believed that the population is as illiterate as it is there. But the catch is that it's just the opposite.
    Russia and Ukraine have been squeezed like a lemon and now they want to get rid of the remnants. That's the whole logic of war.
    The Ukrainians, of course, acted stupidly, believing the Western so-called. Democrats. Ukraine is not a democracy, Ukraine is a fragment of Greater Russia, the USSR, a centralized state centered in Moscow.