In Poland, they take into account the lessons of the NWO in their defense planning

Polish Lieutenant General Tomasz Piotrowski, in a web interview with Polska Zbrojna, talks about the first lessons learned from an exercise called Anaconda-23, which is said to have been influenced by the NWO in Ukraine.

First of all, I must say that we finally conducted the exercises to the extent that we wanted, both in terms of the scenario and in terms of the presence of our allies. In 2020, when the previous exercises took place, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to achieve this, we completed approximately 30% of the previously planned

- the military leader told the publication.

He also said that Poland draws its conclusions from the conflict in Ukraine. For example, the army closely cooperates with the civil services of a number of voivodeships.

Also, Mr. Piotrowski confirmed that the exercises are connected with the Baltic Sea. This choice was also explained to them.

And this is not at all because we foresee a threat from the sea. It's just that the training ground in Ustka gives us the opportunity to simultaneously carry out operations in different areas: in the air, at sea and on land. That's what they focused on. When firing, and they were conducted by artillery, aviation and navy, the main thing was the concept of "combined", and not a volley or force of destruction. Carrying out such an operation requires a lot of effort, as you need to coordinate efforts regarding reconnaissance, planning, target selection, and their destruction.

- declared the general.

The military commander also believes that the conflict in Ukraine has led to several important lessons for the national armed forces. In particular, the importance of artillery in modern warfare. Although, according to Mr. Piotrovsky, voices were heard earlier that artillery was “just a pile of scrap metal that should be disposed of”.

Also, on the basis of the events taking place in the east, Poland will build a defense policies not so distant future.
  • Photos used: Marynarka Wojenna RP
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  1. Siberian999 Offline Siberian999
    Siberian999 (Andrei) 12 June 2023 09: 52
    So are the psheks going to attack or defend? Some kind of woman's policy: I want it, I don't want it.
    1. RUR Offline RUR
      RUR 12 June 2023 11: 08

      "Billion.Tatars" at the Headquarters of the Tatars in Moscow.

      - THIS is a serious force, a billion Tatars ... although it is also somehow uncertain: either we will reach the borders of Poland, or we will not reach - Some kind of woman's policy ... the Tatar Romans themselves from the Third Rome are not very sure
  2. Kuramori Reika Offline Kuramori Reika
    Kuramori Reika (Kuramori Reika) 13 June 2023 11: 06
    I can’t even imagine how they will build up artillery. It's not like buying a couple of guns and storing two carloads of shells. These are thousands of guns and hundreds of warehouses, ranging from light mortars to towed artillery. How much money will it take? They are already buying everything they can, and here the cost will be simply astronomical. But the trouble is not even the cost, they will be able to find 10 lard for the purchase, preparation, storage and training, but where can they get gunpowder factories and factories that produce gun barrels? After all, this cannot be built in a year, at least 3 years for gunpowder factories and 7 years for the rest.