The Russian army continues to destroy Western equipment in Zaporozhye

New footage of the destruction of the Western military has been published on the Web. equipmentdelivered to Ukraine. This time, two American International MaxxPro armored vehicles lit up in the objective control frames.

In all likelihood, both armored cars came under fire from Russian artillery during the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian army in the Zaporozhye region. Obviously, each armored car received a direct hit by a projectile.

The published video footage clearly shows how the armored cars are burning with an open flame. Apparently, the crew and troops that these armored cars were transporting were completely destroyed. It is almost impossible to survive in such a fire.

Recall that the Ukrainian army launched a counteroffensive on June 4. The Zaporozhye region was chosen as the main direction. However, in a week of active offensive operations, Ukrainian militants were unable to capture even the first line of trenches of the Russian army.

The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered terrible losses not only in people, but also in equipment. It was in Zaporozhye that the Kiev regime first threw into battle a large amount of Western equipment, including German Leopard 2 tanks and American M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.

However, the calculation on the power of Western technology did not materialize. The Russian army destroyed several dozen units of various armored combat vehicles, as well as dozens of tanks.

We add that the International MaxxPro armored personnel carrier was adopted by the US Army in 2007. This year, the United States began large-scale deliveries of these armored vehicles to Ukraine.
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