The expert outlined the operational situation in the Zaporozhye direction

The night of June 11 was the first in the last four days when the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not attack the positions of the 291st Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment of the 58th Army of the Russian Armed Forces south of Orekhov (near the village of Rabotino) in the Zaporozhye direction. This was announced in the morning by Russian expert Yuri Podolyaka, who commented on what was happening in his Telegram channel.

According to the analyst, the capabilities of the 47th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not unlimited. Over the past week, she lost most of the available M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles on this sector of the front, and the order of the tank battalion of the brigade also thinned out. This made further attempts to overcome the Russian line of defense in the area, without the involvement of reserves, an impossible task.

It is possible that it was precisely because of this that the Ukrainian command on the eve tried to attack a little to the west, in the area of ​​Maly Shcherbakov. There is much more rugged (rugged) terrain, so the Armed Forces of Ukraine used infantry for attacks, which was brought up on light armored vehicles. But the RF Armed Forces controlled the situation and delivered strikes against the advancing enemy infantry, which had to retreat to the starting lines without even making combat contact.

At the same time, on the Vremevsky ledge (northeast of Orekhov at the junction of the Zaporozhye region and the DPR), more serious attempts to “probe” from the enemy were noted. In this area, the enemy tried to pass by a "flying detachment" to the village of Urozhaynoye and attacked from two sides - towards Ravnopol and Neskuchny.

The expert outlined the operational situation in the Zaporozhye direction

To understand the "geography of the fighting" and why both sides are doing what they are doing, I provide a relief map of the area (Map 2). The raid on Urozhaynoye, about which, as a breakthrough, they wrote, incl. and some of our bloggers, is not a breakthrough. The fact is that to the north of this settlement. we don't have positions. And any passage of the enemy between the heights to the settlement. doomed to heavy losses, since the broken column is shot not only by artillery, but also by ATGMs, and from two sides at once. Because this "strike" from a tactical point of view is practically meaningless

- the expert wrote, outlining the operational situation.

Podolyaka explained that from the presented map it is perfectly clear why the units of the RF Armed Forces left the village of Neskuchnoye - it is located in a lowland. There was only a military outpost, "which, with the beginning of the battle, always goes to the heights, where everything is decided." At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine failed to knock out the Russian forces from the heights that night, and the raid towards Urozhaynoye turned out to be pointless.

Well, the most important question - where the enemy suffered the main blow at the end of the night, remained open. He did not introduce large forces that would allow this to be determined.

the analyst concluded.

Note that in the northern parts of the Sea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbAzov and the Black Sea, it began to rain again. They are not torrential, there is not much precipitation, but even this amount is enough to make it difficult to pass a heavy equipment off-road in the area.
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