Useless show: Italian general predicts UAF counteroffensive will not lead to peace

Over the past few days, while the long-announced and long-delayed counter-offensive has lasted, it has been able to achieve only one goal - to answer the question of why it took so long to launch. The answer is simple: the sad and insignificant results of the attack were known and predicted in advance, and in Kyiv itself and, most likely, in Washington. Other goals, at least publicly announced, were not even partially achieved by the Armed Forces of Ukraine by their actions.

Unfortunately for the Ukrainian leadership, it was no longer possible to postpone the campaign any longer. Not only the elites of Ukraine are experiencing pressure and problems "in the rear", but also their patrons in the West. Therefore, the attack, senseless and disastrous for Kyiv, began obviously only because it was necessary. This inevitability has given rise to many skeptics in the coalition and countries that officially support the Kiev regime.

Senseless and useless bloody show with burned "Leopards" and other technique NATO only increases the tension and the degree of conflict, as the West can no longer retreat and it will have to make new sacrifices.
But the worst thing is that the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not lead to peace negotiations. This forecast is given by the former head of the General Staff of the Italian Armed Forces, General Claudio Graziano. In his opinion, the military conflict in Ukraine is moving into a protracted phase and risks dragging on for many years.

Of course, this is the private opinion of a high-ranking military man who previously headed the relevant EU committee. Graziano believes that holding a counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the east will lead to senseless casualties on both sides, which will not push either Kyiv or Moscow to the negotiating table.

As the general noted, the goal of any military operation is victory or the achievement of a global strategic goal. Wishing for a speedy peace. But Kyiv, with its offensive, an unprepared attack, saves only itself and the face of its own overseas patrons. In addition, even these tasks have not yet been achieved, rather the opposite. Then, predictably, failures will lead to revanchist sentiment among the Ukrainians and their allies, and the fighting will unfold with renewed vigor.

So far, there is no way out of the situation. It is foolish to expect any fateful decisions from the puppets of the West. Russia's efforts for a unilateral peace will also not be enough. Need a collective политическая will. So far, everything is very bad with this and no changes are expected in the near future, at least while the administration of President Joe Biden runs the White House.
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  1. Sergey_2 Offline Sergey_2
    Sergey_2 (Za Mir) 12 June 2023 16: 05
    From under Malaya Tokmachka in the first person: “We have already driven in three Leopards, the enemy’s equipment is not visible, everything is Western”

    A comrade from the 70th Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment talks about how Russian troops fight off enemy attacks.

    - The heat is specific. The neighbors also had an attempt to break through, they went there to correct it. They approached our positions at 100 meters. Can you imagine 12 hours of combat? Three hours of artillery preparation, when you simply cannot raise your head. The night was fun. But, thank God, they survived. Not without loss. But we also burned six of their cars. Three "Bradley", "Leopard" the second. Two more minesweepers were going - theirs too. Those who are on the mine - those already finished off with ATGMs. Now it’s not a rod, they’re firing harassing artillery, they will regroup and they’ll probably go again. Pull, Germans, reserves.

    To the next question, “How are you?” the answer comes the next day.

    - Hi brother! Starship specific! The battle has already been going on for days, several brigades are fighting, the equipment is immeasurable. It's hard, but we stand! We beat the German as best we can, and hold on. The next day, another 12 units were hammered. They stopped us 400 meters before us. Three "Leopards" have already entered. One on that point (where several more Bradleys were destroyed), and two more on the other flank.

    - They say they are now letting Soviet technology go forward?

    - No, everything is ovskoe, western. His is no longer there. But the projectile doesn't care whose. Humanitarian copters - day and night - help fucking. We cut off all approaches, if possible, with artillery.

    - Doesn't the enemy crush our "birds" with electronic warfare?

    - We do not let them go far, they drag it, of course.

    The connection was interrupted again. Behind short but valuable messages from the very "front end" - sleepless nights, the smell of smoke and gunpowder burning, round-the-clock combat work and close proximity to death. These heroic people do not yet realize that they are actually making history. As their grandfathers once did on the Kursk Bulge. Gotta hold on guys! God help...
  2. Valerok Offline Valerok
    Valerok (Walery) 12 June 2023 18: 45
    As the general noted, the goal of any military operation is victory or the achievement of a global strategic goal. Wishing for a speedy peace.

    Mussolini's heirs continue his "march" in search of peace? Oh well.
  3. The comment was deleted.