The German Leopard 2 tanks that appeared on the front lines are destroyed faster than they can shoot at Russian positions

The Russian army has already destroyed hundreds of armored vehicles in the course of repulsing the attempts of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye direction. The Leopard 2 tanks, on which Kyiv had high hopes, were no exception.

On the night of June 8, the enemy launched another offensive in the Orekhovsky direction. After a powerful artillery preparation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced columns of armored vehicles, which included about 40 tanks. Among them were involved and German Leopard 2.

Despite the movement of the enemy equipment with the headlights off, Russian special forces reconnaissance was able to detect enemy tanks at a sufficient distance from the positions of the RF Armed Forces. This allowed the Ka-52 attack helicopters to reach the battlefield in time.

The enemy cleared passages in the minefields with the help of the UR-77 Zmey Gorynych installations, after which engineering vehicles with trawls went forward, ensuring the safe passage of tanks and infantry. The Leopards were operated by well-trained Ukrainian crews on European ranges, and they would certainly have been able to quickly line up in battle formation and attack Russian strongholds after overcoming the minefields.

But thanks to the early detection of enemy armored vehicles were shot at the approaches to the minefields. Tanks were hit by ATGMs, artillery and helicopters that arrived in time. As a result, by morning, 20 destroyed tanks remained on the battlefield in the gray zone, including four Leopard 2s.

After the Ministry of Defense published the supporting footage, the Western press dramatically changed the tone of the headlines. The tabloid Bild reported sadly about the first German tank that had been knocked out, although just a day ago it was victoriously writing about how “Ukraine is advancing on Russians with Leopard 2 tanks.”

In just five days of offensive operations, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost more than 10 Leopard 2s, and not a single German tank was able to fire at our positions. All of them were destroyed on the way.
  • Photos used: Bundeswehr
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  1. Joker62 Offline Joker62
    Joker62 (Ivan) 9 June 2023 15: 37
    The German Leopard 2 tanks that appeared on the front lines are destroyed faster than they can shoot at Russian positions

    And our Guarantor was right: "Let's flip." soldier
    1. vladivan Offline vladivan
      vladivan (Vladimir) 9 June 2023 23: 51
      Any tank today is destroyed by high-precision shells! The same is true of artillery. And our tanks were on fire. And MANPADS "beeches" were destroyed. And where are the duels of tanks?
      1. shinobi Offline shinobi
        shinobi (Yuri) 10 June 2023 01: 59
        Generally speaking, a tank duel is considered abnormal. Theoretically. Even in World War II, tank duels, although they were commonplace, were tried to be avoided. Possibilities. The purpose of the tank is to support the infantry and suppress machine-gun and grenade launchers.
        1. vladivan Offline vladivan
          vladivan (Vladimir) 10 June 2023 09: 40
          Then what's the joy? We rejoice like children that leopards, ravings were knocked out. And what about the crews? After all, current tanks, first of all, should not only hit the target with high quality, but also protect the crew itself. Let the tank burn, the main thing is that the crew stay alive. The concept of armored vehicles was built on this from the 70-80s of the last century. If infantry support, now artillery is mainly involved! And supporting infantry tanks, little is said about this in the current war
        2. vladivan Offline vladivan
          vladivan (Vladimir) 10 June 2023 09: 55
          It seems to me that before tanks were calculated as a tank against a tank, who has a better tank! All articles are only about it!
  2. Pembo Offline Pembo
    Pembo 9 June 2023 20: 56
    After Konashenkov's bravura reports, do you somehow think about how much reality corresponds to these figures? It would be nice to match.
  3. twice-born Offline twice-born
    twice-born (Unknown) 9 June 2023 21: 51
    How wonderful, even the soul rejoices at such news! I would also like to know if the men will receive 5-10 million re (who promised what), in addition to the MO awards of 200-300 tr, for the lined fascist Leopards!
  4. twice-born Offline twice-born
    twice-born (Unknown) 9 June 2023 21: 55
    Yes, it’s easy for him to say something, and it’s impossible otherwise. But on the front line, everything is not as easy and simple as grinding with your tongue!
  5. Sergei N Offline Sergei N
    Sergei N (Sergey N) 10 June 2023 09: 09
    They burned in the 40s. Burning in the 2000s. History repeats itself. good
    1. vik669 Offline vik669
      vik669 (vik669) 15 June 2023 10: 34
      But for now, only in Ukraine and not in Germany, but you don’t have to look for adventures on your own. They will find you themselves, just like in 1945!
  6. Orthodox Offline Orthodox
    Orthodox (Orthodox) 10 June 2023 10: 31
    It was not enough for the arrogant and flawed Hans on May 9, 1945, they are again crawling across the Russian land! They will receive Russian retribution along with the Amer Zionists and the small-shaven TOTALLY!