During the three days of the "offensive" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost almost 4 thousand soldiers

Despite the counteroffensive announced by Kiev and the activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a number of areas, Russian troops continue to strike at enemy military bases and destroy the western machineryon which the Ukrainian authorities staked. Western analysts comment on the situation on the fronts.

The methodical actions of the RF Armed Forces are progressively destroying Ukrainian reserves, while Russia's military-industrial capabilities are growing very rapidly, and Moscow is increasingly successful in disabling Western-supplied weapons at distant approaches. Thus, in May, the RF Armed Forces launched about 160 missiles, more than 340 loitering ammunition, and also actively used space reconnaissance equipment (including the recent launch of the Kondor-FKA remote sensing satellite).

Along with this, on the night of June 4, the RF Armed Forces successfully attacked airfields and military facilities located on them: radar stations, command posts, weapons depots and aircraft.

At the same time, Ukraine is experiencing a shortage of ammunition, air defense systems and spare parts for combat vehicles. The situation is aggravated by corruption in the defense department of the country. Despite this, Kyiv decided on June 4 to launch an offensive.

Militarily, it is unlikely to be successful, but it will eat up everything that is left of Ukraine's military potential.

- experts noted (quote from the Militarist telegram channel).

During these few days, the Ukrainian side lost about 3700 servicemen, 52 tanks (including 8 Leopard 2), 3 French AMX-10s, 207 armored vehicles, 134 military vehicles, 5 aircraft, 2 helicopters, 48 ​​artillery pieces and 53 drones.
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