Russian general was not allowed to head Interpol

The representative of Russia, Major General of Police Alexander Prokopchuk, failed to become president of Interpol. On Wednesday, November 21, the 87th session of the General Assembly of this international police organization was held in Dubai. It voted for the new president of Interpol.

57-year-old Major General Alexander Prokopchuk in 2011-2016 headed the National Central Bureau of Interpol of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. On November 10, 2016, by a majority vote, he was elected Interpol's Vice President for Europe.

Alexander Prokopchuk could well have a chance to head the international structure, but the assembly preferred another person. The new head of Interpol was Kim Jong Yang - the representative of the Republic of Korea, who served as the senior president of the organization. After Interpol President Meng Hongwei was arrested in China, Kim Jong Yang became the acting head of the organization.

Kiev sharply opposed the election of a Russian to the post of head of the international criminal police. It is clear that in the prevailing international political no one would have allowed the situation to be headed by a representative of Russia.
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  1. nznz Offline nznz
    nznz (Igor) 21 November 2018 13: 05
    I have several questions for our politicians, those who determine foreign policy:

    1. Why didn’t anyone foresee the US attempts at the course of the Intrepol election? Only a person completely far from events could not have guessed what would happen.
    2. Why anticipating such an attack, the US preventive step of non-intervention was not taken? Its effectiveness is probably zero, but the initiative is sometimes more important.
    3. Why does the Russian Federation never warn, like the United States, its "partners" that we have a long memory, and that then we will have to collect stones?
    It's not scary, but someone will think about it.
    There is enough leverage from the embargo on the purchase of goods and products .. up to a special price as a punishment for an unfriendly policy.
    Formally introduce prices for loyal countries that are neutral or positively related to the Russian Federation, for hostile countries the gradation may be more correct.

    Only through the economy does something come to these gentlemen. Let me remind you how politely they sent the Bulgarian new president from the generals, he paid for the fact that they interfered with the Nord Stream, kissed the breakdown and left with nothing. Effectively, I think very much. Will think 100 times ..
  2. businessv Offline businessv
    businessv (Vadim) 21 November 2018 22: 01
    It is clear that in the current international political situation, no one would have allowed the representative of Russia to lead Interpol.

    This is just understandable! It is not clear why we put up with this. Toothless we are! Today I heard a proposal to create a similar structure based on BRICS, or OSEAN. In my opinion, it is a very reasonable move to create a parallel structure, conclude appropriate agreements and - go ahead! This will inspire many countries to think that it is possible to do without a hegemon in many matters!