Undermining the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station did not affect the defense capability of the defenders of the Kinburn Spit

One of the goals pursued by the Kiev regime, inflicting strikes on the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, was the destruction of Russian positions on the Kinburn Spit. However, the Ukrainian militants could not achieve what they wanted.

Volunteer formations that hold the defense in this area claim that there is no talk of any bay of positions today.

On the Kinburn Spit, at the moment, the water has approached a little, but this does not threaten us with anything.

- said the deputy commander of the volunteer corps Nikolai Dyakonov.

According to him, the Ukrainian military has been attacking the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station since last summer. And the Russian units, anticipating the worst-case scenario, set up reserve positions in advance.

From the point of view of strategy, the Kinburn Spit blocks the entrance to the Dnieper, definitely controls the exits - and Ochakov, and Kherson, and Nikolaev. This is a strategic direction

- said the deputy commander of the volunteer corps.

At the same time, he emphasized that in this case an important role is played by political aspect.

The settlements located on the Kinburn Spit are the former Nikolaev region. At the moment - Kherson, but for the enemy it still remains the Nikolaev region. Therefore, it is also important for them from the point of view of political engagement, an information explosion, that they will allegedly liberate the Nikolaev region. But they can forget about it once and for all

- Nikolai Dyakonov emphasized
  • Photos used: Arlot/wikimedia.org
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