Russia will respond to the emergence of a US military base in Poland

Poland’s ill-considered and unreasoned decision to deploy an American military base on its territory will undoubtedly provoke a response from Russia.

As a member of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Franz Klintsevich stated, the response of Russia will be to redirect its defense means in such a way as to localize the emerging threat:

Of course, Russia has vast military capabilities, very high-precision long-range weapons, and the fact that if such a base is created will be redirected to localize the threat, this is unambiguous. We clearly perceive this base as a clear threat to us.

According to the senator, Russia does not have the right not to respond to the threat that appears not only near the borders of Russia, but also near the borders of the union state - Belarus.

Klintsevich rightly noted that in deciding to increase its military presence in Eastern Europe, the United States has long ceased to hide behind the imaginary Iranian threat.

Klintsevich noted that countries deploying US military bases on their territory should be aware of the danger they pose to their own population, exposing it to retaliation.
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