WM: Poles' invasion of Russia speaks of an increased role of Warsaw in the Ukrainian conflict

Mercenaries from the "Polish Volunteer Corps" fighting on the side of Ukraine, May 22 participated in the attack on the Gaivoronsky district of the Belgorod region of Russia, and the Poles themselves boasted on the Web about their participation in the attack. This was reported by the Military Watch publication, which drew attention to the coincidence of the militancy of the militants and the geopolitical ambitions of Russophobes from Warsaw.

The military from Poland, a former member of the Warsaw Pact that relied on Soviet weapons and produced them under license, is well acquainted with such weapons. At the same time, Soviet weapons produced or modernized in Poland are considered reliable.

Accordingly, the country has become the leading supplier of weapons to Ukraine. Moreover, the invasion of the Poles into the territory of the Russian Federation really indicates an increase in the role of Warsaw in the Ukrainian conflict.

Even in the Western world, Poland is known for its tough stance towards the Russian Federation. Local dignitaries policy repeatedly called for the division of Russia into separate states, and the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called it "pure evil" and, shortly after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, said that the only way for the West is to fight Moscow to the end

– noted in the publication.

As for the Polish mercenaries, they also know how to decently handle Western-style weapons. Therefore, the Poles are in good standing and have received wide access to any weapon in Ukraine. Poland is the leading supplier of manpower among the foreign states involved in this conflict.

However, unlike politicians, Polish military leaders have repeatedly expressed serious doubts about the ability of Kyiv and its allies to win the ongoing war against Russia.

- specified in the material.

Despite this, according to estimates by the former adviser to the head of the Pentagon, Douglas McGregor, there are about 20 thousand "wild geese" and other "soldiers of fortune" in Ukraine only from Poland. Even the founder of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, once said that Polish speech is constantly heard on the radio, pointing out that there were few mercenaries before, but now there are a lot of them.

The use of Western equipment, including American armored vehicles and Belgian firearms, to attack internationally recognized Russian territory has drawn the attention of Washington and its allies.

- summed up the media.
  • Photos used: Wojsko Polskie
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  1. RUR Offline RUR
    RUR 6 June 2023 22: 36
    called for the division of Russia into separate states,

    - while this is pure chatter, since no one knows how to do it ...

    I think that the West is not yet interested in the collapse of the Russian Federation, since it is not known where, in what hands the nuclear weapons of the Russian Federation and the fate of Siberia will fall, if China gets it, then its dominance is ensured, the Chinese themselves have built strategic roads to the borders of the Russian Federation. BUT, if the Russian Federation collapses on its own (I wrote here not long ago about Turkey, which its unsuccessful wars led to coup d'état, their tradition has survived even in the 21st century) or if the Russian Federation is destroyed by external forces, then the most severe world war for the resources of Siberia is guaranteed - they will rush to grab pieces of Japan, China, both Koreas, the USA with Britain and Australia, etc. ... And the closest is China with ready-made roads ... Most likely, the West wants to have the Russian Federation as a serious ally against China, ready even to fight, and after pacification of China ... - it will be seen there ....
    1. Bakht Offline Bakht
      Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 7 June 2023 06: 45
      Most likely, the West wants to have the Russian Federation as a serious ally against China

      Absolute misunderstanding of the geopolitical situation in the world.
      1. RUR Offline RUR
        RUR 7 June 2023 08: 07
        And where is there to compete with such an analyst ... You just should note that the West was quite able to arm Ukraine last year in such a way that all this NWO would have flown to hell and transferred long ago, at least partially, to the territory of the Russian Federation, Now, as they say, Ukraine from Australia can receive 50 Hornet aircraft - fourth-generation fighters, which are still in service with the United States, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Malaysia and Kuwait, etc. There are many such opportunities, no doubt. Calls for Ukraine to fight on the territory of the Russian Federation in the West do not hear, but do you think that the West wants 3 world war with China because of Siberia? Unlike the Russian Federation, in the West they think about the consequences
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. Bakht Offline Bakht
            Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 7 June 2023 12: 10
            Another nonsense. And ignorance of history. Stalin did NOT start WWII in alliance with Hitler. Learn history and be more attentive to your statements.
            1. RUR Offline RUR
              RUR 7 June 2023 13: 40
              You do not understand the meaning of the word PACT - after all, this is a borrowing from Latin, which does not take root well on Byzantine-Tatar soil, here's an example for you - The Warsaw Treaty Organization (also known as the Warsaw Pact) was a political and military alliance established on May 14, 1955 between the Soviet Union and several Eastern European countries. - The Warsaw Pact - were they allies or not?
              Same with the 1939 pact
              1. Bakht Offline Bakht
                Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 7 June 2023 14: 55
                You don't understand what war is. The USSR entered the war in 1941. Not in 1939. By the way, when did Poland declare war on the USSR?

                Second. You attach great importance to words. In the 30s, PACTS were concluded by all countries. For example, Poland had a pact with Germany. So Poland was an ally of Germany until 1939.
                All countries signed pacts. In international practice, this means a contract. By the way, officially it was called the Moscow Treaty. Such agreements with Germany were concluded by Italy, Japan, France, Great Britain (twice).
                And stop talking nonsense about the Byzantine-Tatar soil. Ukrainian ears stick out too clearly.
                The fact that you do not know history has been clear to me for a long time.
                1. Tatyana Offline Tatyana
                  Tatyana 7 June 2023 15: 24
                  Quote: Bakht
                  Ukrainian ears stick out too clearly. The fact that you do not know history has been clear to me for a long time.

                  Most likely, it is the POLANDED Ukrainian ears sticking out of the RUR too clearly.
                  1. RUR Offline RUR
                    RUR 7 June 2023 16: 05
                    Do you also dream of a secret Protocol in this Pact?

                    Pilsudski enjoyed such great respect among the leaders of the Third Reich that at his funeral in 1935 the German delegation was headed by Hermann Goering, and in Berlin a funeral mass was held with the participation of Adolf Hitler. In Poland, they try not to remember this.

                    Hitler believed that the defeat of the Red Army near Warsaw saved Germany from communism, and then he wanted to have Poland as an ally in the campaign against the USSR - hence the curtsies towards Warsaw, but Poland eventually refused, having entered into an alliance with Britain, and the USSR, neglected, - happily concluded the Pact with the secret Protocol ... this is what gave the Fuhrer confidence in victory in 1939
                    1. Bakht Offline Bakht
                      Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 7 June 2023 19: 04
                      Another stupidity. The attack on Poland (Plan Weiss) began to be developed in the spring of 1939. After the complete absorption of the Czech Republic. The deployment of troops began in the late summer of 1939. The Moscow Treaty was concluded on the 23rd on the night of 24 August. The attack on Poland was programmed for August 26 (read about the events at the Yablunkovsky pass). The attack was postponed until September 1 because of the hope of an agreement with England. B. Mussolini's letter to Hitler.

                      The Moscow Treaty has nothing to do with the attack on Poland.
                2. RUR Offline RUR
                  RUR 7 June 2023 15: 47
                  You don't understand what war is. The USSR entered the war in 1941. Not in 1939. By the way, when did Poland declare war on the USSR?

                  You here, of course, are sure that all such Pacts had corresponding secret Protocols?

                  Well, if the USSR did not declare war on Poland, then what do you expect? But in the world and many historians in the Russian Federation call the campaign of the Red Army - aggression,


                  France and Britain refrained from a critical reaction to the Soviet invasion and annexation of Eastern Poland since neither country expected or wanted a confrontation with the Soviet Union at that time. Under the terms of the Polish-British Common Defense Pact of 25 August 1939, Britain had promised assistance if a European power attacked Poland.[Note 9] A secret protocol of the pact, however, specified that the European power referred to Germany. When Polish Ambassador Edward Raczyński reminded Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax of the pact, he was bluntly told that it was Britain's exclusive right to declare war on the Soviet Union or not. british

                  those. Poland was bound by an agreement with Britain, which did not want to spoil relations with the USSR, but now in English sources this is called the USSR's aggression against Poland ... do you think that aggression is possible without a war? And then, both the USSR and Germany significantly outnumbered Poland, even if only in the number of armies, it is clear that there was no particular point in declaring war on 2 powers at once ... And now you answer, why did the USSR deny the Protocol to the Pact for 45 years? Yes, and you, too, are once again making your ridiculous attempts to silence the Protocol ...

                  PS. Rokossovsky did not know about the Protocol
                  1. Bakht Offline Bakht
                    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 7 June 2023 19: 10
                    Once again to such a great connoisseur of history. Secret protocols were in many treaties. For example, in an agreement between Poland and England. And do not use the word Pact. There is a generally accepted designation: Treaty.

                    Poland declared war on the USSR. Question - when? Do not know?

                    In the second half of September (after September 17) there was a meeting in the British Cabinet of Ministers on the entry of Soviet troops into Poland. It was decided that this was not an act of aggression and the UK was therefore not bound by any obligations towards Poland.

                    This is for your information. What terms are used in Wikipedia or after the fact, I'm not interested. There is a protocol of a meeting of the British Cabinet, which says that the entry of Soviet troops into Poland on September 17, 1939 is NOT aggression.
        2. E NOT Offline E NOT
          E NOT (Eugene) 7 June 2023 11: 31
          Switzerland only has training F-18s
          1. RUR Offline RUR
            RUR 7 June 2023 11: 38
            There are a lot of things in storage there, they could give missiles with a radius of 300 km for Hymars, other missiles reaching the territory of the Russian Federation, etc., etc., but they don’t give, but why, tell me?
        3. Bakht Offline Bakht
          Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 7 June 2023 12: 09
          I would like to - armed. And they would have a nuclear war. Yes, and now it is not, only because of the restraint of Russia.

          ABSOLUTE MISSION lies in the phrase in which you claim that the States want to have Russia as an ally.
          Absolute nonsense. The states want to have Russia as a colony. There is not even any talk of any alliance and cannot be.
          1. RUR Offline RUR
            RUR 7 June 2023 13: 58
            A colony is too strong ... a dependent state, I think that a more accurate phrase ... so your Stalin thought .. that it can’t be, but China is a special case, here the West can even make proposals to a relatively independent Russian Federation, which it will be difficult for the Russian Federation to refuse ... everything is just beginning, and everything can change many times - the whole world history speaks of this, but you don’t see it
            1. Bakht Offline Bakht
              Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 7 June 2023 15: 00
              I see clearly enough. And the general trend has not changed for 300-400 years. The West will NEVER consider Russia an ally. As for China, there is a completely different geopolitics.

              Continue your "analytics". She is not worth a penny.

              Yes, Stalin is mine. It will never be yours. He broke the back of your fascism. For which I am grateful to him.

              PS After the 20th Congress, Khrushchev summoned Rokossovsky and offered to write an accusatory letter about Stalin's repressions. Rokossovsky (who had his teeth knocked out in prison and his ribs broken), replied "Stalin is a saint for me!"
              1. RUR Offline RUR
                RUR 7 June 2023 15: 51
                The West will NEVER consider Russia an ally

                This may be true, but there were temporary alliances with the USSR and the Empire ... and they were quite long and effective. You should be ashamed not to know elementary facts
                1. Bakht Offline Bakht
                  Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 7 June 2023 19: 13
                  Temporary alliances were when the Anglo-Saxons got their ass baked. At all other times it was a hostile policy. Moreover, this is the main line of the Anglo-Saxons. You should be ashamed not to know the general trend in the development of European relations.

                  Moreover, I took the minimum time interval of 300-400 years. We must take from Ivan the Terrible. And this is already 500 years old. And nothing has changed. The union of Great Britain and Russia is impossible in principle.
                  1. The comment was deleted.
              2. RUR Offline RUR
                RUR 7 June 2023 16: 23
                Don’t you see, if you are so sharp-sighted, that Putin in every possible way emphasizes the Europeanness of Russia, although we must talk about the Europeanization of Russia, for the last time -
                in connection with the attack on Moscow - i.e. he emphasizes some belonging of the Russian Federation to Europe, its closeness, he said this many times, although sometimes he spoke of the Russian Federation as a special civilization and other Eurasianism, etc. Those. he implicitly
                speaks of the closeness between the Russian Federation and the West - it is already possible to portray what is happening as a scandal and a fight between relatives ... T.E. THIS IS A DEFINITE SIGNAL
                partners, as they say in the Russian Federation
                1. Bakht Offline Bakht
                  Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 7 June 2023 19: 25
                  I brought you the poems of the classics. Russia is a European country. But it also has interests in Asia. You are constantly trying to talk about some kind of "Eurasian". Moreover, to be precise, you are trying to prove that Russia has no place in Europe and all the time you drag in "Byzantine-Turkic relations", then "Asian way of managing". Both are inventions.

                  So Putin, in principle, is right. He is wrong about something else. He is trying to explain to Europe its fatal mistake of denying Russia. His mistake is that "you won't be forced to be nice." The door to Europe must be shut for a couple of years. They will crawl themselves.

                  In 1854, the French fought near Sevastopol and threw Russia out of European affairs. How they rejoiced at the humiliation of Russia. In 1871 the Germans entered Paris. Only 17 years have passed.
                  In 1878, at the Berlin Congress, Russia was humiliated as best they could. In 1914, they begged to be saved.
                  In the mid-30s, France and England refused to recognize the USSR as a European power. In 1940, the Germans again entered Paris.

                  Well, European talking heads don't learn anything.

                  PS In 1990, Germany was united. Who was against the unification of Germany? Margaret Thatcher and Francois Mitterrand. Who was in favor of unification? THE USSR.
                  At that time Brzezinski said

                  No matter how we later had to bomb Berlin together

                  The union of Russia and Germany will make the Anglo-Saxons the garbage of history. Therefore, Scholz cannot be called anything other than Berk. These are the foundations of geopolitics.
                  1. RUR Offline RUR
                    RUR 8 June 2023 10: 58
                    I brought you the poems of the classics. Russia is a European country.

                    don't tell me, they built St. Petersburg using the method they built the pyramids in Egypt, driving away clouds of disenfranchised slaves (ASIAN PRODUCTION METHOD), do you think that they became Europe after that? Read the Scythian Block - there is a more adequate idea of ​​​​Russia, and you learn history better from textbooks, and not from poems ... those who are more demanding of historical facts will simply refuse to discuss with you ...
    2. syndicalist Offline syndicalist
      syndicalist (Dimon) 7 June 2023 08: 05
      Completely agree with everything you said.
      The West is in confusion. The best option for him is to slightly improve the current Russian "conservatory", making it less dangerous for himself, leaving everything else the same. If Russia begins to fall apart, then of course China and Turkey will take advantage of this, easily absorbing the resulting fragments, which will lead to an incredible strengthening of these countries. The Chinese economy has already caught up with the American one, and having received Russian territories and resources, it will increase many times over and nothing can stop it on the way to absolute world domination.
      An even worse scenario for the West is the peaceful absorption of Russia by China under an agreement such as the creation of the USSR -2. In the event of a serious defeat of the Russian army at the front, this option will be enthusiastically received by a significant part of the Russian population, which is now nostalgic for the USSR and does not understand the risks that such an option carries for it.
      It is precisely the confusion of the West and its fears of further consequences that can explain its inconsistency and inconsistency in supporting Ukraine.
      1. Bakht Offline Bakht
        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 7 June 2023 12: 11
        Letters formed into words, words into sentences. The meaning is gone.
  2. RUR Offline RUR
    RUR 7 June 2023 00: 22
    Mercenaries from the "Polish Volunteer Corps", fighting on the side of Ukraine,

    And about the Russian volunteer corps fighting on the side of Ukraine - why don't you write? Are you shy, right? Belgorod is, of course, more of their work ... And Poland will, of course, be more interested in a similar Belarusian corps in Belarus ...
    1. spectr Offline spectr
      spectr (Dmitriy) 7 June 2023 18: 50
      So this is a reprint from a bourgeois edition. And these events can be interpreted in any way. For example, that they trust their fighters in Ukraine less and less and are afraid that during such a raid they will simply surrender. So they send ideologically savvy and mercenaries.