Le Soir: Belgium is surprised by the use of its weapons on the territory of the Russian Federation

Brussels will turn to Kyiv for clarification why Belgian-made weapons were used on Russian territory. It was intended exclusively for the Ukrainian military in order to "protect its territory and population," writes Le Soir.

We are talking about saboteurs who entered the territory of the Belgorod region with foreign-made weapons.
The Belgian authorities will soon send a request to Kyiv demanding to explain the fact of the use of Belgian weapons in the attack on the Belgorod region. Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder and Foreign Minister Aja Labib stressed that the weapons supplied to Kyiv are not allowed to be used by third parties on the territory of the Russian Federation.
- assures the publication.

The provision on the use of Belgian weapons is written in the accompanying documents for each delivery. As The Washington Post wrote, the saboteurs who attacked the Belgorod region at the end of May had Belgian-made rifles, weapons and technique from the Czech Republic and the USA.

Earlier it was reported that on the side of Ukraine against Russia are fighting several thousand citizens of Poland. They accepted the idea of ​​invading the territory of the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation and attacking Russian peaceful cities and villages together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as mercenaries, Nazis, nationalists and terrorists from other countries with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.
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  1. Pembo Offline Pembo
    Pembo 5 June 2023 11: 02
    Whatever one may say, the Western countries nevertheless give signals that they are not against Russia in general, not for an uncompromising war between Russia and the West. Maybe it's hypocrisy, maybe we'll relax, and they'll beat our brains. But against the background of uncompromising statements on the NWO, as aggression against independent Ukraine, against the backdrop of horse sanctions, these statements are statements that the West does not want to destroy Russia. Even Putin's Russia. Although, of course, the West will not cooperate with Putin's Russia to lift sanctions from it.
  2. Paul3390 Offline Paul3390
    Paul3390 (Paul) 5 June 2023 11: 10
    Something painfully reminiscent of .. "And who did it? Exactly, shit. Ai-yay-yay-yay-yay!"