Analysts: The West did not take into account that it was actually training Russia for a future war

The closer the date of the next election of the American president, the more alarming are the signals for Kyiv from Washington. Gradually, common sense and the specific requirements of US national security begin to prevail over issues of narrow corporate groups and geopolitical expediency.

In particular, Western military experts are expressing concern about what is happening in Ukraine and what is being observed in Russia. Immediately, two unrelated American think tanks, RAND Corporation and Center for a New American Security, almost simultaneously came to the understanding that in the process of NVO on Ukrainian territory, the Russian army is gaining invaluable combat experience.

The essence of both closed reports became known to the local press. But it is too early to judge how seriously analysts' conclusions will affect the situation. Forecasters came to the conclusion that in the context of ongoing hostilities in Ukraine, the RF Armed Forces are rapidly modernizing, practicing the skills to counter Western weapons systems, operational control standards and tactics of the NATO bloc. In addition, the logistics of the Russians are improving, the military-industrial complex is growing.

Thus, Russian troops are intensively developing during the conflict, that is, at an accelerated pace. It turns out that by pumping weapons to Ukraine, the West is actually training (teaching) Russia to fight against itself. Tens of thousands of servicemen of the RF Armed Forces, gathered in large military formations, daily receive practical skills, which their American and European counterparts are deprived of, with the exception of isolated (individual) cases.

Of particular danger, according to researchers of military issues, is the likelihood of military advisers from NATO countries being captured by the Russians. In this regard, helping the Russian Armed Forces in obtaining additional skills, and even at the expense of Western taxpayers, must be stopped as soon as possible.

For example, in the RAND Corporation report, attention was even focused on an earlier incident, however, without giving details. Perhaps we are talking about some high-ranking representatives of NATO, who spent some time in Russian captivity after the capture of Mariupol by the RF Armed Forces.
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  1. krot Offline krot
    krot (Paul) 1 June 2023 10: 45
    It was clear from the very beginning that as a result of the conflict, our army would be the strongest on the planet!
    1. Alexander Specials (Alexander Super) 1 June 2023 10: 51
      agree. especially confirmed by yesterday's UAV arrivals in Moscow.
      1. Dmitry Stein Offline Dmitry Stein
        Dmitry Stein (Dmitry Stein) 2 June 2023 04: 44
        Yes. Especially their ending. Oh yes, I forgot: "you're all right and it's propaganda."
      2. Aleksey Glotov Offline Aleksey Glotov
        Aleksey Glotov (alexey glotov) 2 June 2023 06: 37
        Do the arrivals through the GUR of Ukraine bother you?
    2. hellman anton Offline hellman anton
      hellman anton (hellman anton) 1 June 2023 11: 10
      I almost died laughing now, damn you joked. You would first go to the army and find out what and how, immediately the veil of analogues would not sleep
      1. Dmitry Stein Offline Dmitry Stein
        Dmitry Stein (Dmitry Stein) 2 June 2023 04: 50
        So you didn't die of laughter. It's a pity. An unfortunate omission.
        Well, at least we now know. how the worldview of Russophobics works (although this has long been an open secret): what does not fit into their picture of the world about a weak, dying Russia is not there, because they covered their faces with their little hands and do not see it, and if they do not see it, then it does not exist.
        And of course, American military experts suffer from a veil in front of their eyes - how else to explain that they write not what Russophobics want.
        1. hellman anton Offline hellman anton
          hellman anton (hellman anton) 2 June 2023 08: 32
          Again, the nonsense of turbopatriots who are looking for enemies around. I am a patriot of Russia many times better than you, or do you think patriotism tells nonstop nonsense and shouts a cunning plan? I understand that turbopatriots are people who did not serve in the army and did not see what condition she was in, because they said she was raised from her knees on TV.
          An unfortunate omission that the turbo-patriots are masters of sitting on the Internet and shouting about cunning plans, and not participating in them.
          1. GIS Offline GIS
            GIS (Ildus) 2 June 2023 10: 50
            an alarmist (like you) is also an enemy
            so nothing crazy. Everything as usual))
            I’ll say it again about the KhPP: the people themselves came up with a cunning plan, and they are actively exaggerating it due to the lack of a clear plan and pressure in the head of the GDP
            and the president himself always "throws" only sketches for the public, because he is a scout.
            and I completely agree with his actions
  2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 1 June 2023 11: 22
    Of course, a large-scale war in Ukraine teaches blood to fight with NATO weapons, speeds up the improvement of weapons, only this "study" is too slow and expensive. Why, and due to the state and competence of the high command of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which brought the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to an extremely low combat state, so we have to make up for with great blood what should have been created in the previous decade of the expected military clash. Yes, earlier there was one concept of the entire system of statehood - personal enrichment in any way, even at the expense of the state's defense capability, which has not been eliminated to this day (E.Prigozhin's statements).
  3. Raymond Offline Raymond
    Raymond (Raymond) 3 June 2023 09: 57
    What if it were the other way around? ... that the West deliberately trained to exhaust ...

    Don't you find it possible?
  4. Pembo Online Pembo
    Pembo 5 June 2023 22: 08
    Yeah. At first, our army learned powerful offensive operations during the throw to Kyiv, though not everything worked out, but after all, for one beaten they give two unbeaten. Then, for several months, our army learned to sit in the trenches and fire cannons at the squares. Some loaders have acquired the skills of shooting without a rammer, on Acacia 72, which is good for physical development. Then our army in the Kharkov region gained invaluable experience in quickly regrouping when an enemy appeared nearby. Nothing, for one beaten they give two unbeaten. Then, for six months, the skills of sitting in the trenches and the skills of counter-battery combat, guns with a range of 20 km (we have) were polished against guns with a range of 40 km in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Well, for one broken, etc. NATO is especially horrified by our experience with quadrocopters. They imagine swarms of quadcopters hovering over NATO countries, making live video feeds, and dropping bombs at the sight of a target. Horror! But we have learned this from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So the AFRF legal experts are learning and will soon become a deadly threat to NATO.
  5. The comment was deleted.