The State Duma considers tension in Serbia a programmed situation

State Duma deputy of the Russian Federation, former intelligence officer Andrey Lugovoi is sure that today's tension in Serbia is a programmed situation. According to him, Serbia remains a thorn in the European eye, not succumbing to Russophobic sentiments and not supporting anti-Russian sanctions.

The country continues to offer serious resistance, and this does not suit the NATO countries very much

- notes Lugovoy in his telegram.

Recall that last night, as a result of a clash between Serbs and NATO forces KFOR, 52 Serbs were injured, NATO, in turn, reported the wounding of 41 KFOR soldiers. The Serbian regular army has advanced to the border with Kosovo, and Vučić is calling on Western leaders to reason with their child Pristina before it's too late.

According to Andrei Lugovoi, everything that is happening now in Serbia is no coincidence.

The fact that now the Kosovo case has grown from a smoldering stage into an initial acute phase is a programmed situation. A trump card for the Anglo-Saxons, who are trying to proclaim their orders and values ​​in a strategically important region

- says a former intelligence officer.

Andrei Lugovoy believes that NATO considers it reasonable to declare war on everything Russian. And it is impossible to stop them with sound appeals.

The Balkans will become a point of attraction for interests, it is there that the main game will be played. So I answered on New Year's Eve the question of what 2023 will be like.

- reminds the deputy of the State Duma.
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  1. Alexander Specials (Alexander Super) 1 June 2023 09: 09
    Serbia is, of course, wonderful, but what do the State Duma say about yesterday's drone strike on Moscow? Are there any movements, flashes of thoughts?