The State Duma explained the raid of Ukrainian drones on Moscow by the presence of a loophole in the air defense system

Today's attack by Ukrainian drones on Moscow and the Moscow region is an attempt to create a wave of panic among the population. About it RBC said the head of the State Duma Defense Committee, Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov. According to him, the Russian authorities should do everything possible to prevent this.

This became possible because we have a very large country and there is always a loophole where a drone can fly by bypassing air defense areas.

– said Kartapolov.

The deputy called for a thorough analysis to identify the launch site and route of the drones, and also stated the need to establish the type of UAVs used to attack the Russian capital.

The main thing for us is to prevent this. This is an act of intimidation aimed at civilians.

- emphasized the general.

It is difficult to disagree with him: our country is really big. But under no circumstances should there be any loopholes in the air defense system of the Russian regions. And if we are talking about Moscow, then here even a crow should not fly unnoticed.

Recall that on the morning of May 30, several Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles attacked Moscow and the Moscow region at once.

According to the Telegram channel Shot, air defense systems shot down 13 UAVs in the Moscow region (Rublyovka, Krasnogorsk and Istra districts), as well as over New Moscow. 3 UAVs hit residential buildings: on Leninsky Prospekt, as well as on Profsoyuznaya and Atlasova streets. 4 drones fell in the Odintsovo district, catching on trees, they flew at a distance of 500 meters from each other at a height of about 60 meters.
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    1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
      k7k8 (vic) 30 May 2023 13: 15

      Read the entire list, please
  2. imjarek Offline imjarek
    imjarek (imjarek) 30 May 2023 13: 11
    In the Great Patriotic War, there was the concept of "VNOS posts". With the help of a simple acoustic horn, connected to the human ear through a rubber tube, it was possible to detect aircraft with piston engines at a very decent distance. And this is without any "radar". That's what Russia needs now to fight the inconspicuous "rattling" drones! The new is the well-forgotten old!
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  3. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 30 May 2023 14: 05
    General Kartapolov did not convince him, was he a general or just went out for a walk? When Matthias Rust's small plane landed on Red Square, a whole crowd of generals immediately lost their positions. Kartapolov ready to retire?
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    2. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
      Pat Rick 30 May 2023 16: 02
      October 5, 2021 by decree of the President of the Russian Federation was relieved of his post Chief of the Main Military-Political Directorate and retired from military service in connection with the transition to work in the State Duma.

      Kartapolov ready to retire?

      I like how you are trying to scare a general dismissed from military service with some kind of resignation :))
    3. Dingo Offline Dingo
      Dingo (Victor) 30 May 2023 17: 17
      When Matthias Rust's small plane landed on Red Square, a whole crowd of generals immediately lost their positions.

      There is no need to be proud of this - it was the purest provocation of the "Marked Bear" and his accomplice "Iron Lady", carried out at the highest level against the then Minister of Defense Sokolov and a group of senior officers who hated the "Stavropol combine operator" and his wife Raika ...
      The entire air defense leadership was beheaded, including the air marshal, air defense commander-in-chief, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, front-line combat pilot Aleksandr Ivanovich Koldunov. I am proud of my personal acquaintance with this man, at the Sary-Shagan training ground, at Soyuz-79, to me, a conscript sergeant, an ACS operator of the 1st class, who shook hands, thanking for his service and speaking warm words. Me and my crew of operators who have found a "cure" for the "axes" of these, whatever they are, "respected partners." Right there, in the steppe, in position.
      What did this future "pizza advertiser" do in terms of damage level comparable to the "Stool" -Serdyukov and his girl-artist Vasilyeva, who disbanded entire corps (corps !!!) of air defense - Yaroslavsky, Rzhevsky, Gorkovsky ... Destroying a continuous field of p-location coverage of the northwestern, southwestern and central directions. To restore which is long, expensive, laborious ... And the "farts" dragged onto the roofs of Moscow skyscrapers are simply ridiculous ...
      I spoke about this more than once here, on the pages of Sergei Marzhetsky. Honestly, I expected this arrival earlier, considering HOW and BY WHOM this so-called NWO is being carried out ... Therefore, for me personally, there is nothing surprising in this, no matter what all sorts of "Uryaya-quacks" are shouting there.
      1. Raymond Offline Raymond
        Raymond (Raymond) 31 May 2023 20: 00
        Except that Matthias was just a 19-year-old young private pilot, completely naive but kind of "brave" who made the 800-kilometer flight from Finland...

        Its feature: gasoline canisters on the seats, providing the aircraft with a range that is not in its data sheet ...

        And since he regularly submitted a flight plan with the end of autonomy in Finland, everyone naively believed that it was impossible to continue the flight, since the aircraft did not have the necessary autonomy ...

        Thus, the driver is not the problem, even if his actions are illegal. The problem arises for everyone who has to control the airspace with the wrong equipment, but which is sold as highly effective to those who receive income from its production.

        In 2023 it will be easier, there will be less science, less technology, more uneducated people, people surf the Internet too much to criticize observations.
        And so, when they see a picture of a drone with a battery that does not allow more than 2 hours of flight, they are not surprised when some stupid official says that he is from Ukraine (800 km at a speed of 40 km/h = 20 hours).
    4. Offline (xyz) 31 May 2023 19: 22
      Then it turned out that the plane discovered at the border was not perceived as dangerous. He was flown around twice, but they did not land, when he suddenly flew to the center, to Krasnaya, the generals froze in surprise.
    5. sap Offline sap
      sap (Alex) 1 June 2023 07: 07
      Gorbachev landed Rust at the command post just in order to crack down on the military-patriotic opposition in the army and the then authorities. Is it embarrassing not to remember this, or was he not yet born then?
  4. valery lebedev Offline valery lebedev
    valery lebedev (Valery Lebedev) 30 May 2023 14: 07
    I would like to remind our builder general of the proverb: do not brag about going to the army ... Otherwise, our air defense is the best in the world. Maybe. But not for targets flying above the ground itself. Can special motion sensors be hung on balloons along the border? As an option.
    1. Dingo Offline Dingo
      Dingo (Victor) 30 May 2023 19: 00
      But not for targets flying above the ground itself

      I disagree ... We beat the KR "partners" deployed in Western Europe, at an altitude of 50-70 m, with an enveloping terrain, at a speed of about 1 Max ...
      Ground launches, launches from "carriers" - the ZRV brigade worked.
      The same thing - only pointing to the front hemisphere, to the rear hemisphere - the IA pilots were already working ... At an altitude of about 400 m, at a speed of 1,5-2 MAX (indirectly, on the screen). Smear it across the steppe at the slightest mistake in pointing - like two fingers on the asphalt ...
      Shooting down was not a problem back then. It would be WHAT and WHOM ... The rest of the lyrics ...
  5. Dingo Offline Dingo
    Dingo (Victor) 30 May 2023 17: 31
    At least take off your "iconostasis" ... Or, as an example, you take from your chief foreman, who put on a "badge" "For distinction in the census" of some year ...
    Moscow is already being hammered in full program, it would not be time to put on field camouflage and finally arrive "for war" ...
  6. Dingo Offline Dingo
    Dingo (Victor) 30 May 2023 17: 54
    ... Or will you not finish drinking the champagne, kilometers of warehouses of which Prigogine Yevgeny Viktorovich left you in Artemovsk?
  7. Dingo Offline Dingo
    Dingo (Victor) 30 May 2023 18: 26
    air defense systems shot down 13 UAVs in the Moscow region (Rublyovka,

    They even hit Rublyovka - in the most "sick" for hucksters - in the pocket and personal property ...
  8. Dingo Offline Dingo
    Dingo (Victor) 31 May 2023 12: 27
    More about arriving in Moscow...

    "SP": Will the military be able to reliably protect the Muscovites?

    - Arrivals of Ukrainian drones, of course, will continue. The troops will conduct training on such targets in real conditions. The army commander will decide to concentrate the main and additional forces and means in the most dangerous directions: southwestern, western and northwestern. New echelons will be added, blocked areas of destruction. Add "Shell". Probably, they will use additional aircraft.

    It is precisely those directions from which the "Stool" was "removed the air defense corps. About which I have been talking for many months here and on other forums ...
    What did the "political" hucksters do with their selfish interests and the "hrenerals" from the "Kremlin-Arbat" district? Did you sew stripes on your pants? Were you engaged in tank "ballet"?
    Here is the link, read it for yourself:

    Here in the same topic
    "SP": How can you evaluate the effectiveness of our air defense ...

    - The effectiveness of the air defense system is evaluated in terms of probability. For example, the efficiency of hitting an S-300 or S-400 on any target is 0,98. I note that in the Soviet period from Ukraine to Moscow along the Kyiv highway there were 8 anti-aircraft missile regiments. Today there are only two large affected areas. The first - anti-aircraft missile regiments near Belgorod, Bryansk and Voronezh, and the second - in the Moscow region.

    Yes, neither the 300s nor the 400s see them ... They don’t see them! They could be seen by the r / technical center with subordinate low-altitude companies ... Covering their "zone of responsibility" like a net with their r / location field ...