Russia launched its first all-weather and round-the-clock observation satellite into orbit

Satellite reconnaissance, which is provided to the Ukrainian Armed Forces by Kyiv's Western allies, greatly expands the enemy's capabilities in the NVO zone. However, surveillance of our military facilities began long before the special operation in Ukraine, as evidenced by the numerous photographs of Russian bases “walking” on the Web.

It is worth noting that we also have Earth remote sensing satellites. However, in terms of their total number and resolution, we are still seriously inferior to Western competitors.

At the same time, Russia is doing its best to narrow the aforementioned gap as much as possible. At least in the resolution of the devices.

So, literally two days ago, the Condor-FKA satellite was launched into orbit - the first Russian all-weather and round-the-clock surveillance device capable of obtaining highly detailed images of the earth's surface with a resolution of up to 1 meter. In turn, the satellite can survey the surface in a band of up to 120 kilometers in an overview mode.

But that's not all. This year, it is planned to launch the Obzor-R device, which will make it possible to obtain images with a resolution of up to half a meter in any weather conditions.

In general, in the "permission race" we are gradually overtaking opponents. In turn, there are options for narrowing the quantitative gap.

For example, increasing their own production, interacting with other countries in the field of research or attracting private companies, as, in fact, they do in the United States.

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  1. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 29 May 2023 16: 44
    Finally thought about it. And then our MO didn’t have enough time to spend money on empty, they can find another use.
    1. prior Offline prior
      prior (Vlad) 31 May 2023 10: 33
      Instead of shooting another blockbuster in orbit, they finally launched a reconnaissance satellite.
  2. calligrapher Lev_Nikolaevich (Dmitriy) 29 May 2023 17: 08
    Resolution at 1m, to put it mildly, is not impressive.
    The line of fortifications, at best, will be guessed, but without detail.
  3. RUR Offline RUR
    RUR 30 May 2023 12: 30
    However, since 2022 Ukraine has been using such all-weather / night vision satellites of the Finnish-Polish company ICEYE, whose services are also used by the Pentagon

    ICEYE President and Founder Rafał Modrzewski
    says their resolution is 25 cm
  4. Human_79 Offline Human_79
    Human_79 (Andrei) 30 May 2023 16: 07
    Great news. Only one satellite is catastrophically small.
    And the resolution - do not judge strictly! We did not have such satellites at all, and now at least one has appeared.
    The question is different - any satellite has its own resource!
    What resource does our satellite have?
    2-3 years or more?
    1. Nelton Offline Nelton
      Nelton (Oleg) 30 May 2023 16: 25
      Quote: Human_79
      2-3 years or more?

      Claimed 5 years.

      all-weather and round-the-clock surveillance device capable of obtaining highly detailed images of the earth's surface with a resolution of up to 1 meter

      an important clarification was omitted - "radar".
      It has a radar on it.

      the first Russian device

      was Kondr-1 (launch 2013) and Kondr-E (launch 2014, for a foreign customer).
  5. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) 31 May 2023 02: 25
    Honest mother! Young technicians have reached Roskosmos! The knee assembly still gives the result.