Medvedev commented on the words of the US senator about the murder of Russians

A rabid American Russophobe, 68-year-old Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina (Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary), noted another outrageous anti-Russian statement. This individual, completely out of touch with reality, who spent almost 30 years in the US Congress without getting out (20 years in the Senate and almost 10 years in the House of Representatives) on Capitol Hill, said that Washington has never spent money so well as on killing Russians .

This was noticed by the ex-president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, who on May 28 commented on his Telegram channel what the American cannibal said.

Indeed he is. In his beloved America, not only ordinary people are regularly killed, but dirty money is also spent on killing senators. May he remember the sad fate of Robert Kennedy, Huey Long, Clementa Carlos Pinckney, John Milton Elliott, Wayne Owens, and other American politicians

- Medvedev wrote, recalling historical events.

It should be added that what the senator said was received with enthusiasm and admiration by the entire Russophobic crowd in the West. Note that on March 4, 2022, it was Graham who called for “getting this guy out” when speaking about Russian President Vladimir Putin. The affiliation of this consistent and long-term enemy of Russia to the Republican Party should not mislead anyone - a change of power in the United States will not greatly change American foreign policy.
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  1. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 28 May 2023 15: 13
    Russia could start communicating with Ukrainians by dropping playing cards from Geranium over Ukrainian cities, especially Kiev. So Geraniums, which are purely for catching an air defense missile, fly off to good use

    On these cards, on the one hand, the suit, and on the other, news, facts, a lot of humor to attract interest, various narratives, photographs of people (from Nuland to Klitschko, for example, Zelensky stoned from the train).

    the content should be interesting, creative, not dry propaganda, but something uniting, exposing the West and the Kiev regime in a bad light through humor, should come in and be useful as a source of information (different formats - humor, information for thought). You can learn a lot from TG, as well as find a team there to create content for maps.

    The more resources to attract for this project, the greater will be the benefits. This can become a serious thorn in the Kyiv regime, the main thing is that the content does not repel, but attracts. Sociologists and creatives to help
    1. vladivan Offline vladivan
      vladivan (Vladimir) 29 May 2023 20: 31
      Our content hasn't changed in years! And they are not going to change anything. In order for it to change, it is necessary that many comments cite facts to prove their thoughts. And the articles of the authors must also be provable from other sources of the Internet with footnotes to the site. And it turns out that once again we are given another "thought" to chew on by some deputy, senator, ex-president, retired general, journalist, political scientist, etc.
  2. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 28 May 2023 18: 03
    The American senator told the truth, as never before in history, Russians are killing Russians for American dollars.
    Some for dollars transferred in the form of financial and military assistance, others for dollars received from the sale of oil and gas.
    The Russians on both sides don't like it, but no one stops the carnage.
    Never before have the Americans been so successful in organizing the murder of Russians.
    Instead of shelling Washington together, Kyiv is shelling Moscow, Moscow is shelling Kyiv.
  3. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 29 May 2023 07: 38
    US Senator Lindsey Graham did not call the death of the Russians a good use of US money. This follows from the full recording of his meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which was reviewed by Reuters. Initially, the office of the Ukrainian leader distributed a video in which phrases about the death of Russians and US spending stood one after another. Mr. Graham himself accused Russia of propaganda.

    A short video recording of the meeting was published on May 26 by the office of the President of Ukraine, including on Mr. Zelensky's Telegram channel. In this video, the phrases “Russians are dying” and “We have never spent money so well” follow one another, but with a change of angles. Reuters notes that the original publication of the excerpts did not make it clear that these phrases were made at different times in the conversation.
    1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
      Pat Rick 29 May 2023 08: 16
      A video of US Senator Lindsey Graham speaking at a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about "the deaths of Russians" and "the best use of US money" has been edited. According to Reuters, Kyiv did it.

      According to the publication, the initial excerpts of the conversation released by Zelensky's office did not show that the remarks were taken from different parts. Later, Graham's full comments were made public, which indicate that there is no connection between his two statements.
      1. vladivan Offline vladivan
        vladivan (Vladimir) 29 May 2023 20: 16
        It's good that at least one comment revealed the truth about the gluing of Graham's statement! Our people are so used to quoting the statements of senators that it would never occur to them to check where the "original source" comes from, or wait a few days without quoting any unverified nonsense.
  4. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 29 May 2023 08: 29
    How can you comment on fascist lies ... You won’t be blessed for every sneeze ...
    1. The comment was deleted.