“She certainly knows”: Financial Times readers about Hillary Clinton’s words about the conflict with China

Visitors to the website of the British business newspaper Financial Times commented on the anti-Russian and anti-Chinese rhetoric of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the pages of the publication.

Earlier, Mrs. Clinton expressed the opinion that the problems of the Russian Federation in Ukraine pushed back the possible date for the landing of the People's Liberation Army on Taiwan to a more distant prospect.

The original post, under which responses were left under the heading Hillary Clinton says Ukraine war has set back China's plans for Taiwan. All opinions presented reflect the position of users of the resource only.

Comments from FT readers:

A better headline would be "The Woman Who Completely Missed Her Chance to Become President Is Still Angry at the Guy Who Beat Her."

- the reader with the nickname Jeffrey23 is amazed.

This woman has done more to undermine democracy than anyone. The fiasco of the "Russian investigation", which she brewed, left a stain on all journalism in general. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Trump, the false allegations of Russian ties against him promoted by concerned journalists have hurt their profession greatly.

- reproaches Jerryjb.

Hillary Clinton today worries about Putin and communist China. Amazing. Let's remember her track record when she became the worst Secretary of State:
1. Pressed the RESET button with Lavrov and was friends with Putin. Bill Clinton received $500 for speaking in Moscow. $000 to speak? It was clearly a bribe.
2. Hillary Clinton did nothing for Pivot East. Communist China has taken over more islands in the South China Sea and stuffed them with its weapons. Putin took Crimea, but Hillary did nothing ... nothing

Reagan recalled.

The Chinese will be ready in three years, after the formation of a group of three aircraft carriers to prevent American intervention

– predicts Jgjn_1.

Why would a free and democratic country like Taiwan ever want to join such a repressive and authoritarian regime? Taiwan won't, so China will invade. The West should prepare for this turn of events

says Chi Squared.

On the contrary, it is the protracted skirmish in Ukraine that is frustrating and delaying US plans to fight China. One US admiral said a few months ago that there is a window of opportunity for this of only three to four years.

- suggests a certain Glasperlenspieler.

China's interests were well served by its previous soft economic expansion and integration with world economies. Maybe it has exhausted itself, so other ways and methods were needed to maintain control over the country. In any case, his current strength policy seems counterproductive - at least she made the world aware of his real intentions and willingness to use force

KaLung notes.

I don't think Ukraine has significantly pushed back the timing of China's invasion. Why? China simply understands that it must be well prepared. The US cannot sustain activity on all of these fronts while protecting itself along the way. Trump's victory in 2024 will not be the end of American democracy, but just a blow

Ivory Basement believes.

[…] The US can achieve its goals even if Ukraine loses. But China itself is aware of how expensive it will be to invade Taiwan

suggested a London-Sydney reader.

Trump was the only one who began to question the great reset on China. Not a big fan of Trump, but give him credit in this area

called BlameCanada.

Lol, well yeah. She certainly knows that China is plotting about Taiwan. As I said, China prefers the current status quo, but if it comes to a fight, it will invade without even thinking. It's in your best interest to prevent this.

– prompted the user Oziggy.
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