How to securely close the Russian-Ukrainian border with a padlock


The attack on the Belgorod region, carried out a few days ago by Ukrainian militants and despicable Russian collaborators, put on the agenda the question of how exactly the border of our country should be guarded in the conditions of NWO (not war). The fact that the existing system cannot cope is obvious to everyone who is ready to take off their rose-colored glasses and stop “guarding”. But what specifically needs to be changed in order to lock up the Russian-Ukrainian border?

In a recent long interview dedicated to the results of the "Bakhmut meat grinder", the founder of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, once again stated that it is necessary to create Teroborona in Russia. Numerous comments and even publications of quite serious military experts immediately rained down, explaining that all this is empty and we (whom we?) do not need any armed people. In this regard, I would like to bring some clarity to this difficult issue and separate cutlets from flies.

"Green caps"

Since we are talking about a violation of the state border of the Russian Federation, it is quite obvious that all claims are now addressed to the Border Guard Service of the FSB. As it turned out, the border guards failed to stop the invasion of an entire enemy armored group from the territory of a neighboring state and had to involve the RF Armed Forces and the National Guard. “Unexpectedly” it turned out that in the fifteenth month of the NWO (not war) the “green caps” standing at the checkpoint near Ukraine, which was at war with us, did not have any heavy weapons - no anti-tank systems, not even RPGs, and the armored personnel carrier that was available was not on the move and went to the enemy as a trophy. How did it happen?

Recall that even in ARTICLES dated May 1, 2023, we told in detail what blow was dealt to the defense capability of our country. Then the Border Troops were completely liquidated, and instead they formed the Border Service as part of the FSB. The ideology of this, so to speak, "reform" assumed a departure from the military component in favor of the operational one. This was a big mistake.

In the Soviet period, the "green caps" had, perhaps, the best training at the same time according to the standards of motorized riflemen and the airborne forces and were elite special forces that were supposed to be the first to take the blow of the enemy advancing across the border. In Afghanistan, mobile groups of border guards were engaged in hunting for the most dangerous field commanders of the "mujahideen" and did it successfully. The fact that twenty years after the "optimization" our border guards have nothing to stop enemy armored vehicles, we told in detail in article from 5 May.

In other words, instead of the border troops, we got the “border police”, which calmly checks documents and hunts with dogs for illegal violators of the state border. Perhaps President Putin was inspired by how in the United States in the same 2003 it was created by combining the Customs Service, the Immigration Service, the Animal and Plant Health Control Service and the Border Patrol, the Border and Customs Service. Indeed, the American border guards will not have to hold back the attacks of the enemy's mechanized units, and the Kremlin wanted to see constructive partners in the NATO bloc.

Let it be. However, NWO (not war) has been going on for fifteen months. Moscow, Sevastopol, Belgorod and other settlements were attacked by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, not to mention the "new" Russian regions. Twice, strike drones flew at the facilities of the "nuclear triad". Warships of the Russian Navy are sinking in the Black Sea. And the "green caps", standing a few kilometers from the Ukrainian border, still do not have heavy weapons. How so?

To this they answer that the border guards in the state do not have either RPGs or ATGMs. And now what? Recall history about how the Russian Guard fought off attacks by Ukrainian armored groups in the Kharkiv region in 2022. Its fighters burned several enemy armored vehicles using the Konkurs ATGM. An important nuance is that these anti-tank missile systems in the state are not in service with the National Guard, they were captured from the Armed Forces of Ukraine as trophies and were very useful. Why this story?

Moreover, the leadership of the FSB was simply obliged to resolve the issue of equipping the border guards with weapons adequate to the threats in more than a year in one way or another. It is quite obvious that it should put before the head of state the question of recreating full-fledged Border Troops in the most threatened directions, giving them artillery, tanks, and infantry fighting vehicles with armored personnel carriers. Of course, the border with Ukraine and the countries of the NATO bloc, in particular in Karelia, where Shoigu wants to put an entire army corps, from now on must be kept shut by “green caps”, organized according to the military principle, and the RF Armed Forces should systematically move towards the Polish borders.


With TerO it's even more difficult. On the need to create Territorial Defense Forces, we stated, perhaps the first in Russia, back in April 2022. In response, there is criticism that the Teroboronists are cannon fodder, from which there is no sense, and, in general, there is no need to arm the people. The governor of the Belgorod region announced the day before that he had gathered seven battalions of TerO, numbering 3000 people, but without weapons. The problem here is this.

In accordance with Russian legislation, territorial defense is not troops, but a system of ongoing measures to protect and defend military, important state, special and other significant facilities, carried out during the period of martial law. Since there is no martial law in Russia as a whole, or in the Belgorod region in particular, all this Belgorod TerO is an initiative of the regional authorities. It is quite understandable why no one distributes any weapons to these local volunteers.

We, speaking of Teroborone, are voicing a proposal to take as a model not even Ukraine and Poland, but Belarus, where the Territorial Defense Troops are one of the branches of service in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus. The difference is fundamental, since subordination and supply is carried out within the military vertical of power, regardless of governors and local oligarchs. The Belarusian TerO is convened during the threatened period from among the reservists who have previously served in the army. Its strength can be increased to 120, that is, many times more than is available in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus. It is important to understand what the real tasks of Teroborona are. They are auxiliary: guarding and protecting facilities, strengthening the protection of the state border, maintaining the martial law regime, combating the enemy’s DRG, conducting guerrilla warfare in the event of an invasion, as well as performing individual combat missions together with formations and units of the Armed Forces when repelling an act of armed aggression. That is, no one intends to use TerO as cannon fodder, as is done in Ukraine.

In Russian conditions, Teroborona fighters, trained, well-coordinated and armed, could assist in patrolling the border, maintain operational communication with the RF Armed Forces and the Border Troops, relieve excess load from the National Guard, guarding bridges, power plants and other infrastructure facilities, and so on. The very fact of the presence of armed rapid reaction units in the border area will act as a deterrent for the enemy DRG. No one expects from the local militia that it should go to the bone, but stop the armored group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It will be quite enough to signal a higher authority in a timely manner and, remaining in touch, act according to the situation, if necessary, firing back from rampant saboteurs, tying them up in battle until the “green caps” and the army men approach.
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  1. +8
    25 May 2023 17: 59
    Why is it necessary to reinvent the wheel all the time? The border troops in terms of the staffing of the Union are the best solution. The border has not become much smaller.
    1. +5
      26 May 2023 12: 04
      Quote: Strange guest
      Why is it necessary to reinvent the wheel all the time?

      In response, there is criticism that the Teroboronists are cannon fodder, from which there is no sense, and, in general, there is no need to arm the people.

      Simply put, the defense is a people's militia. In 1941, when the government was popular, such incidents could not arise. To admit that the armed people will go to throw off power when the enemy is at the gates, no one, even in a nightmare, could have arisen.
      Now there is another situation - the children of "servants of the people", in the West, like everything else, the welfare "trained by overwork" is enough for "great-grandchildren." What militia (teroborona)? Here all the thoughts are how to surrender Russia, and remain whole ourselves.
      I am afraid that with such leadership, the people themselves will have to arm themselves, because our houses are burning, and not Rublyovka and villas in the Bahamas.
  2. -7
    25 May 2023 18: 01
    Under the conditions of Russia, the militarization of the population will not lead to anything good. It is easy to predict that after a short time, the terodefense fighters will go to smash the markets and “put things in order”. And the border can be closed without the involvement of civilians, since we live in the 21st century. These are drones loitering along the border, hidden surveillance cameras and motion sensors. Naturally on duty operators and rapid response teams equipped with the necessary equipment and weapons. All!
    1. +5
      25 May 2023 19: 33
      Will they begin not only to "smash the markets", but also ... with weapons in their hands to "divide spheres of influence"?
      Citizens of the Russian Federation - without exception potential criminals? ;-(
  3. +5
    25 May 2023 18: 08
    Until, instead of an inferior and incompetent border service, we do not restore in full the border troops, thoughtlessly and criminally optimized by the liberals in the early 2000s, we will not have safe borders.
  4. +3
    25 May 2023 18: 29
    instead of the border troops, we got the "border police"

    Which in general for 2021 was right.

    Now - it is necessary not to reinvent the border troops, but to create a full-fledged army line of defense.
    (unless there are more recruits and post-hospital veterans in the personnel, to train, train and recover until they shoot especially)
    With a foreground of mines, ditches and other barbed wire, in order to exclude quick attacks.
    Relocate the local population to the rear.

    The fact that such a defense with a foreground has not yet been created is the wildest cant.

    The same Ukrainians have fully equipped the defense throughout, including the border with Belarus.
  5. +4
    25 May 2023 18: 37
    Again without end "must", "should", "should", "should" ...

    Meanwhile, I remember, the clerk once clearly said: "The state doesn't owe you anything" (literally)
    This is not godfather Medvedchuk, not Chubais, not Abramovich, not Usmanov and not Prokhorov, not Rogozin or Volodin.

    And the course of events so far confirms this.
  6. +2
    25 May 2023 18: 46
    Sergei, I'm worried about the status of the Teroboronite, if he is captured. If a soldier is captured, he is a prisoner of war, in relation to whom the enemy has obligations under the Geneva Convention. What does this convention say about Teroboronists? Second. Not just armed people are fighting, but organized people, as part of certain units and formations capable of operating in isolation from the home cooking pot of borscht and bed and who do not have to go to work. Even in the most difficult moments of the Second World War, it was not possible to combine civilian and military life. Terodefence as a trained mobilization reserve (OMR). OMR is a mobilization reserve called up and pouring into ordinary military formations, and not like that, went to war and went home.
    1. +6
      25 May 2023 19: 15
      Sergei, I'm worried about the status of the Teroboronets, if he is captured. If a soldier is captured, he is a prisoner of war, in relation to whom the enemy has obligations under the Geneva Convention. What does this convention say about Teroboronists?

      If the Conventions "work" and the "terrorists" are captured in military uniform or with distinctive signs on their clothes and with openly carried weapons, then they are ordinary prisoners of war.
      On the second question, the following seems to be the case: territorial defense as separate units in our conditions is more expedient as military units (from "age" persons in the reserve who have previously served their time) for the protection and defense of the front rear ...
      1. 0
        25 May 2023 21: 20
        In the convention, military personnel are unconditionally considered prisoners of war, and the recognition of non-military personnel as prisoners of war is accompanied by a bunch of reservations.

        .... volunteer units, including organized resistance movements, meet the following conditions:
        a) are headed by a person responsible for their subordinates,
        b) have a specific and clearly visible from a distance distinctive sign,
        c) openly carry weapons,
        d) comply with the laws and customs of war in their actions.

        Any reservation can be used against a Teroboronian even if he acts correctly in form, but those who killed him will cite a violation. Let's say our court condemns them, but what about the Western one, not to mention the Ukrainian one? Such a convention is a bad defense. No, you can't set people up.
        1. +2
          26 May 2023 12: 52
          So I immediately wrote:

          If the Conventions "work"

          Aren't the most ordinary prisoners of war ever killed?!
    2. +1
      25 May 2023 19: 28
      Theoretically: the relevant Geneva Convention applies to combatants (not military personnel) who outwardly identify themselves as participants in hostilities.
      But for example: during the Second World War, the fighters of the Tula Workers' Regiment - who fought together with regular units - were considered partisans by the Germans and were not taken prisoner.
  7. +1
    25 May 2023 18: 49
    No, guys, that's not good. If you equip the border troops with tanks and armored personnel carriers, then these will no longer be border troops, - these will be units of the Russian army. The first task of the border guards is to establish strong relations with the local population. Border reconnaissance is needed at the border. This already belongs to the competence of the FSB. Yes, yes, to have a connection with a neighboring state. There "across the river" must have their own people. Without this, at least make a fortress, everything will be in vain. If the enemy sees that each violator is being detained, then their communication will be disrupted. And risk, hardly anyone will take it into their heads. Big is born from small.
    1. +3
      25 May 2023 19: 09
      Your proposals are quite reasonable, but one does not interfere with the other: the border detachment behind the "backs" of several outposts should be armed according to the state as a motorized rifle regiment. During a threatened period (or, for example, a NMD) in the border circle, units reinforced by reservists and equipment are required for the operational advancement in the directions of the breakthrough of enemy military units across the border (until the RF Armed Forces approach).
    2. +2
      26 May 2023 12: 20
      Quote from: unc-2
      The first task of the border guards is to establish strong relations with the local population. Border reconnaissance is needed at the border.

      You argue by the standards of peacetime, on sections of the border, with friendly states, but not with a state whose armed forces NATO is conducting full-fledged military operations. Your ideas are, at the moment, good on the border with North Korea and so on.
  8. +4
    25 May 2023 19: 37
    Are problems only at the border?
  9. +5
    25 May 2023 20: 07
    It is enough to change the Minister of Defense and a number of people whose professional suitability causes a feeling of humiliation.
  10. +5
    26 May 2023 12: 15
    Quote from Nelton.
    Now - it is necessary not to reinvent the border troops, but to create a full-fledged army line of defense.

    Well, if such a "drink" rolled, then the "urgent" army - the Dandelion pioneer camp? No one suggests throwing boys to Ukraine, but they are called upon to defend their homeland, or what? If army units with heavy weapons, air defense block the border areas - what's that? Mothers do not say? Or what mileage of the ashes of Russia should become a turning catalyst, the beginning of the organization of defense?
  11. +5
    26 May 2023 12: 34
    It is not the Russian-Ukrainian border that should be locked up, but the Russian-Polish, Russian-Romanian, Russian-Hungarian ......
    And no Baltic endangered dwarfs. There is also the experience of the resettlement of peoples, European bathrooms are waiting for their plumbers and cleaners ..
  12. +4
    26 May 2023 14: 46
    Quote: Colonel Kudasov
    Under the conditions of Russia, the militarization of the population will not lead to anything good. It can be easily predicted that after a short time, the terodefense fighters will go to smash the markets and “put things in order”

    - Do you think that it is not necessary to "destroy the markets and put things in order" in Russia? That people's appeals to the authorities about the dominance of migrants are just "a bunch in a puddle"? That bureaucratic-oligarchic-Cop lawlessness is normal? Do you doubt the sanity of the "man with a gun"? But in 1917 - no doubt! And I still remember how anyone could buy a gun in any village store for 18-20 rubles, but I don’t remember cannonades and shootings on the streets!
    1. +3
      26 May 2023 21: 43
      That bureaucratic-oligarchic-Cop lawlessness is normal? Do you doubt the sanity of the "man with a gun"?

      Yes, good. Because it is "their" for her. Because the current government is afraid of its own people to the bone in the knees ... It is more afraid than any enemy DRG. And from the events of 17 years I drew certain conclusions.
  13. +2
    27 May 2023 07: 37
    if you forgot how to protect the border, then it’s worth at least for general acquaintance to read the charter of the border service of the times of the USSR, everything is very competently and intelligibly written there as
    1. +1
      27 May 2023 08: 19
      Here Marat Khusnullin will be "rejoiced" that the border territories of Russia will be closed for his "Maskvabad" people, massively imported by him from Central Asia (and in general for all "guests from the South" - markets, construction sites, all kinds of "shabashkin offices" with a dominance of migrants) with their strict registration, registration, compliance with the regime - if everything is done in a smart way, like "in the days of the USSR" ... with its strict status of "border territories".
  14. +1
    27 May 2023 13: 58
    Serdyukov, at the suggestion of the chief, destroyed the PV, now we are reaping the fruits of the mental activity of "great minds"
    1. -1
      27 May 2023 17: 44
      It's funny, given that Serdyukov can be thanked for modern SLAs for infantry fighting vehicles and tanks, Tigers, mraps, eagles are all thanks to him, since he made the army aka the European one.
      If not for Serdyukov, the army would ride on loaves and UAZs instead of tigers and mraps. Well, there were still inflatable churches of Shoigu. Tanks would be blind moles
      Yes, and 10 years have already gone and a year and a half of the conflict, who prevented the restoration of that? Again Serdyukov is to blame for everything)
    2. -1
      30 May 2023 11: 16
      Blame it immediately on the heavy legacy of the tsarist regime. Almost a generation has passed since the time of Serdyukov.
  15. 0
    1 June 2023 07: 21
    A year ago, it would have been necessary in strict secrecy to prepare a shock fist of 250 thousand fighters in our deep rear and, by lightning-fast transfer of it to the NVO, take the border of Ukraine with the West under our control.
    NATO, even seeing the transfer of such a force from the east of Russia to the West, would not have had time to do anything. equipment could be transferred in advance, and manpower within 5 days.
    Why is no one developing anything like this, which would be unexpected and take the enemy by surprise?
    War is strategy and deception of the enemy. And an unexpected attack, as a rule, is a VICTORY.