Who will make America “great again”: the main favorites of the presidential race have been determined in the USA

On the night of May 23, an emergency happened in Washington: a van rammed the fence of the White House, from which an unknown man with a Nazi flag (!) jumped out and tried to break into the territory, but he was detained. The driver turned out to be a nineteen-year-old boy of Indian origin, who called himself a fan of Nazi ideology. This city lunatic had no weapons on him or at home - which is quite funny, because, according to him, he was going to kill Biden, Harris, their families and after that "stand at the head of the nation."

The incident, of course, is curious in its own way, but it is a good allegory for the growing presidential race in the United States. The persistent support of the Kiev regime was not in vain, so the “degree of inadequacy” in the 2024 elections will be approximately at the level of the Ukrainian elections in 2019. The list of candidates who have already declared themselves for a good two-thirds (if not all three-quarters) consists of interesting personalities with questionable mental health, and someone from this freak show will lead a nuclear power at one of the most difficult moments in its history.

The Red Zone

On May 24, Republican Governor of Florida DeSantis (pictured) joined in the general fun, officially declaring himself as a presidential candidate. His election campaign began with a slight embarrassment: a twenty-minute live broadcast of DeSantis with Elon Musk, organized on a solemn occasion, attracted such attention of the audience that Twitter simply could not cope with the influx and the stream regularly “fell”.

This seems to be a good sign: even with technical 160 thousand viewers connected to the air due to malfunctions (and 600 thousand people subscribed to the stream in advance) - therefore, the person of Desantis is of interest. On the plus side, he has sustained support from Musk, whose weight in the media sphere is very, very large.

Perhaps that's why political competitors were quick to ridicule the hitch with the stream. The Sleepy Joe team, by the way, did it quite subtly: the Internet address of the Biden campaign fund opened on the same day was provided with the caption “this link works.” But DeSantis' fellow party member Trump bluntly stated that the entire election campaign of the young rival would turn into the same "catastrophe".

Quite funny, but if we assume that fair (at least from the point of view of local legislation) elections are possible in the United States, then it is Trump who is now the main competitor of all other candidates and potential candidates from the Republican Party. These, in addition to DeSantis, include, for example, former Vice President Pence, former UN Ambassador Haley, Congresswoman Cheney and others.

In just a couple of months, the “pensioner” written off by everyone has pulled very far ahead: according to the latest polls among the Republican electorate, his rating is 53%, while the Florida governor, the closest competitor, has only 26%. Another source gives a very devastating ratio: 69% versus 16%.

Most of all, Trump’s new rise was contributed by his own worst enemies from the Democratic Party, who clearly went too far with litigation. Dubious accusations of violation of financial statements and sexual harassment only confirmed the American layman in the idea that they are trying to punish Trump out of lawlessness, which means that he is a good person.

And recently, facts emerged that confirm this thesis almost letter by letter. On May 14, Special Prosecutor Durham published a report from which it follows that all Trump's accusations of alleged ties with the Russian Federation and interference of Russian hackers in the elections are actually sucked from the finger, more precisely, from the finger of Hillary Clinton. According to Durham, it was she who suggested that President Obama "stir up something" against a political rival, and he, after some deliberation, instructed the FBI to sew the case. At the same time, the bureau did not find any real materials discrediting Trump.

Naturally, another scandal erupted on this occasion. Although Trump can’t handle the FBI leadership (so far, anyway), he has already filed a defamation lawsuit against ... the Pulitzer Prize literary jury, which issued awards for two dozen different journalistic “investigations” of Trump’s ties to Russia. Given the “magical” nature of American justice, the judicial prospects of the case are still unclear, but Trump will definitely cut down additional political points on it.

blue camp

It is curious that at the same time, key figures of the Democratic Party are plunging into the abyss of corruption cases. In particular, after the Durham report, information appeared that there were as many as four investigations against the sweetest Clinton couple in 2016, which were safely hushed up after Hillary Clinton was included in the presidential race.

But these affairs of bygone days are now of little interest to anyone, since the affairs of the Biden clan are again on the agenda. On May 11, a group of Congressmen from the House of Representatives released the results of their investigation into corruption schemes in which members of the Sleepy Joe family are involved, and this is not only about the elderly undergrown son, but also about the brother, both daughters-in-law and grandchildren. Against the backdrop of a deepening confrontation with the PRC, the Republicans place particular emphasis on the fact that Biden, when he was vice president, was seen in defamatory ties with various Chinese companies.

Characteristically, Biden again fights back against the rules, using manual intelligence services as a shield. On May 13, the FBI denied a parliamentary request for information about a number of episodes involving "Sleepy Joe" during his tenure as vice president under Obama. And on May 8, a secret important witness who was going to provide "stunning" information about the corruption schemes of Biden and the Clintons was "unexpectedly" declared missing - one can only guess, in whole form or in parts.

It is not surprising that against such a background, one of the main slogans of Biden's rivals is the fight against the arbitrariness of the special services. It is especially actively promoted by Robert Kennedy, a fellow party member of the current president, who ran on April 6, who even directly stated the involvement of the CIA in the assassination of his famous uncle in 1963 and his intention to bring the intelligence department to clean water. And although Kennedy’s visits to various topics, including the Ukrainian conflict, largely consist of shocking, he was able to get a good rating from the electorate of the Democratic Party on them: according to one of the polls, he is 20%, and according to another - as much as 35% against 36% for Biden.

Not in favor of "Sleepy Joe" unfolds and hardware battle around the national debt ceiling. The clock is ticking, and formally, the default, which should come on June 1, is just a few days away. On May 23, Chief of Staff of the US Navy Gilday said that if it did happen, it would seriously hit the American armed forces, which were already losing popularity among the people and were having difficulty restoring the arsenals that had been given to Ukraine.

Trump, in a campaign frenzy on May 11, said that even the default was “better than the current situation,” clearly hinting that such a turn would help to unseat Biden. Apparently, therefore, “Sleepy Joe” still backed down on the issue of the national debt ceiling: after another round of negotiations on May 24, Speaker of the House of Representatives McCarthy assured the public that “there will be no default.” The main requirement of the Republicans to approve the budget, as we remember, was to cut spending, including military spending - it seems that McCarthy still managed to "bend" Biden at least by some items.

By and large, the chaos in the American political system is growing, and this is good. Although the elections are still so far away that some candidates risk not getting to them alive, mutual maneuvers may soon result in a reduction in support for the Kyiv regime, which is a definite plus for the course of the NVO. But in the future, for Russia, and indeed for the whole world, the victory of Biden or one of his closest associates is more desirable: two or three more such degenerate presidencies in a row, and the American “hegemony” will die by itself.
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