Aviation expert: on May 13, four aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces in the Bryansk region were shot down by Patriot air defense systems

May 13 in the sky over the Bryansk region were amazed Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber, Su-35 fighter and two Mi-8 combat helicopters. The victims of these tragedies were 11 pilots. Information about the cause of the incident appeared on the Web.

A former Su-34 pilot, and now an expert and blogger Fighterbomber, reported in his telegram channel that 4 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces were shot down by the American Patriot air defense system. Practice shows that information from this source is usually true.

If this information is correct, it turns out that the Ukrainians managed to quietly transfer the American anti-aircraft missile system to the border with the Russian Federation, deploy it, turn on the radar and shoot down Russian aircraft.

Earlier, a number of sources put forward a version of the activities of Ukrainian saboteurs who penetrated the territory of Russia and shot down aircraft with the help of MANPADS in the Klintsovsky district of the Bryansk region. It was also assumed that the destruction of the flight equipment RF Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out from the Chernihiv region.
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  1. Kuramori Reika (Kuramori Reika) 24 May 2023 18: 05
    Significant fault here lies with Putin, his clique and his desire to sit on two chairs. This desire is so great that it has long exceeded the limit. Obviously, they figured it out a long time ago and now the enemy can supply any weapon, since such power is not a threat to them.
    1. Brother Offline Brother
      Brother (Serg) 25 May 2023 05: 28
      .... and nothing to add!!!
  2. Boniface Offline Boniface
    Boniface (Leo) 24 May 2023 18: 28
    That's bullshit! RTS troops would detect radiation
    After all, first the radar is included in a "circular" or fairly wide "sector" - target detection
    After detection, the "beam" of guidance is turned on - only then a volley

    Probably for 1 target it would have worked - but for 4 targets it would definitely have been our bearings!
    especially since our planes were high enough (non-shaving flight)
    The flight recorders (black boxes) must remain marked with the exposure detection system.
    1. Kristallovich Offline Kristallovich
      Kristallovich (Ruslan) 24 May 2023 19: 00
      Probably for 1 target it would have worked - but for 4 targets it would definitely have been our bearings!

      They were all shot down with a slight difference in time.
    2. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
      Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 24 May 2023 20: 49
      There are also satellites, and the firing azimuth is approximately known. Those. the command post of the Armed Forces of Ukraine gave a signal about the presence of the target. The radar was turned on for 2-5 minutes and the missiles immediately left. Shooting in the back.
    3. Herman 4223 Offline Herman 4223
      Herman 4223 (Alexander) 25 May 2023 15: 05
      This is not nonsense. Of course, it’s not a fact that it was a patriot, but it was definitely an air defense system. The only question is what. MANPADS disappear immediately, there is a weak warhead, and the Su-34's armored cockpit was blown to dust, the helicopter has the same history and a bunch of through fragmentation holes. The fighter would have been detected by the Su-35 which was in the group, and the Su-34 could also do this. Only the air defense system could go unnoticed until a certain time. Some experts are inclined to believe that it was a beech. He has optical guidance, and he could monitor the situation quietly, turning on the radar at the last moment.
      1. Stanislas Vanboring (Stanislas Vanboring) 27 May 2023 08: 41
        A video was posted on Mash, with a helicopter hit in decent quality, a missile similar to the PAK 3 SAM is clearly visible. Only the PAK 3 SAM uses direct target engagement, and explosives in the warhead with pressure in the 2GPA shock wave front (capable of "biting off" the armor Su-34 capsule - breaking through it and exploding inside), and this explosive is enough to cause such damage.
  3. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 24 May 2023 19: 39
    How many times they talked about mediocrity in the Moscow Region, and here again, almost according to Chernomyrdin. And it seems that the less brains - the more stars on shoulder straps ...
  4. Spasatel Online Spasatel
    Spasatel 24 May 2023 22: 27
    The cost of one SU-35 is 2 billion rubles, SU-34 is 1,5 billion rubles, one MI-8MTPR is 250 million rubles.
    In total, one volley of air defense systems (no matter which one) claimed the lives of nine pilots and four billion people's rubles.
    Who will answer, dear guarantor?
  5. Sergey3939 Offline Sergey3939
    Sergey3939 (Sergei) 25 May 2023 11: 08
    Lies or otherwise fake. After the destruction of the Patriot in Kiev, this is a pathetic attempt to whitewash this air defense system.
    If they shot down 2 helicopters and 2 planes (in fact there was a video for 1 MI helicopter and a Su34 plane). There was no other confirmation, another plane and a helicopter, possibly a lie. Just another air defense system. There is no trust in the Ukronazis, they have already destroyed all Our planes and helicopters twice, and according to them, We have no missiles.
  6. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 25 May 2023 13: 08
    The Ukrainian source is obliged to show that the Patriot is a force. It's more like a common lie. OBS
  7. wladimirjankov Offline wladimirjankov
    wladimirjankov (Vladimir Yankov) 25 May 2023 13: 26
    discreetly transfer an American anti-aircraft missile system to the border with the Russian Federation, deploy it, turn on the radar and shoot down Russian aircraft.

    well, very doubtful. In any case, our planes would have reacted to the exposure of the patriot's radar. Especially the rocket approaching them. But the incoming information, the planes did nothing to evade and get away from the threat. It looks like something happened to the "friend or foe" identification system. Either its frequency was blocked by the electronic warfare of the Nazis, or ours messed up something when changing its codes. As a result, they could come under friendly fire. Our s-350 knight works in automatic mode.
  8. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 25 May 2023 13: 28
    If there is no info. from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, then the version of the Patriot air defense system is close to the truth. It makes no sense to discuss the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, since the armed forces, their power is a continuation of the policy of the leadership of the Russian Federation. The fish rots from the head.
    1. Anatoly21 Offline Anatoly21
      Anatoly21 (Anatoly21) 25 May 2023 14: 41
      On May 13, four aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces were shot down, and already the 25th, but the Defense Ministry is silent like a fish, which means they admit that they missed the attack.
  9. Dmitry Volkov Offline Dmitry Volkov
    Dmitry Volkov (Dmitry Volkov) 25 May 2023 14: 57
    No, that's not true, it was one installation near the border with Russia, and the target indication was from a satellite, or AWACS ...
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Paweł Offline Paweł
    Paweł (pawel) 25 May 2023 18: 25
    If it was Patriot, Ukrainian and US propaganda would be happily crying all over the world. They are not.

    But if it was friendly fire accident... neither side would be interested in the narrative. Official propaganda of both the sides is keeping silent about the issue, so...
    1. In passing Offline In passing
      In passing (Galina Rožkova) 25 May 2023 23: 09
      especially silent. It's two weeks already.
  12. MakStVik Offline MakStVik
    MakStVik (Maksim) 25 May 2023 20: 03
    Certainly! When this happened, everyone wrote that they shot down with IRIS. And now, when, after the deadly adventures of the patriot in Kyiv and the fall of the stock company producing it, they shot down laughing
  13. Stanislas Vanboring (Stanislas Vanboring) 27 May 2023 08: 25
    The planes were shot down by external target designation, from RTR and AWACS satellites. In the USSR, such a system has been in service since 1965 and worked in real time. It is foolish not to understand that after 58 years the enemy will not have the same system, and a miniature receiving and retargeting system on weapons.