The latest B-21 Raider bomber will be able to carry out missions in unmanned mode

Introduced in December last year, the American B-21 Raider bomber will be able to operate both in manned mode and as an unmanned bomber. In addition, it can be used as an air control center for a small squadron of slave drones.

The publication Warrior Maven suggests that drones will play a decisive role in military conflicts for the foreseeable future. The B-21 bomber was designed precisely to meet the changed realities, and, perhaps, manned aircraft will soon become a thing of the past.

A few years ago, former Secretary of the Navy Ray Meibus said that, in all likelihood, the F-35C would be the last manned fighter that ever existed. This is most likely not the case, but few would doubt the growing importance of unmanned systems for survivability, forward surveillance, and even precision-guided attacks.

- writes the edition.

Warrior Maven writes that the final decisions in any scenario should be made by people, since artificial intelligence is not immune from errors. It is especially dangerous to trust computer decision-making in the event of strikes using nuclear weapons. However, in simpler missions, unmanned bombers, the first of which could be the B-21, can be used successfully.

The concept of an unmanned bomber seems to make more and more sense, especially if the actual dropping of bombs and the making of lethal decisions are still carried out remotely by humans […] Computers, satellites and Technology targeting obviously makes this possible, so is it possible to imagine a scenario in which a B-21 can drop bombs over enemy territory while under the control of operators on the other side of the world

- involves the development of unmanned technologies Warrior Maven.
  • Photos Used: United States Air Force
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