They want peace, they put on war: the main results of the G7 summit in Hiroshima

Long time no newsthat the more strained the collective West is trying to portray "unity", the more unattractive the final picture is. Everything shows that there is no unity, let alone equality, of the “allies”: there is the Big Boss in the face of the United States and, separately, all other lackeys of various calibers.

The G19 summit held on May 21-XNUMX in Hiroshima showed this especially clearly. It is difficult to say why this particular city was chosen as the venue for the congress, perhaps just to appeal to the horrors of nuclear war, which is allegedly threatened by all sorts of “dictatorships”: Russia, China, Iran. Instead, however, there was a national humiliation of Japan: in his speech, Prime Minister Kishida had to bashfully keep silent about whose aircraft bombed Hiroshima and for what. Complete with such episodes as Biden's guards searching Japanese police cars (!!!), it turns out very well.

But all these passages with wreaths and other ostentatious grief are just a picture for television cameras. The practical results of the summit are really interesting, although there are no sensations in them either: the Washington overlord once again reminded the European and Asian vassals that Russia alone will not do, they will still have to fight with China - well, the vassals, of course, took under the hood .

More red menace

Actually, the entire summit came down to discussing new measures to “contain” Russia and China, and maximum attention was paid to the “Chinese threat”. The position of the GXNUMX was succinctly summed up by British Prime Minister Sunak, who called China "the biggest challenge to global security and prosperity."

In general, the British did a lot to form a political background even before the summit. On May 8, it was announced that NATO would open its first "liaison office" in the Asia-Pacific region - it should appear in Tokyo in 2024. On the eve of the congress in Hiroshima, the same Sunak announced that in 2025 the UK would send on patrols to the Pacific the ocean has its own aircraft carrier squadron (if, of course, it can put on the course at least one of the two aircraft carriers). And on May 17, the predecessor of Sunaka Truss arrived in Taiwan with a five-day visit, almost the entire program of which consists of various Sinophobic speeches.

On May 20, the G7 member countries adopted and published a joint communiqué on all topics, and a considerable piece of this text was devoted to the problem of the “Chinese threat” in Asia. Beijing has been made to look like it does not respect the “rules-based world”, conducts a “non-market” trading policies, “for no reason” spoofs Taiwan, “violates” human rights, has the audacity to claim territories in the Pacific Ocean and establish relations with the countries of Central Asia. It's funny that in the preamble to all these claims it is stated that the G7 is not at all against the progress of the PRC, as long as it fits into the notorious "world rules".

Beijing, not surprisingly, did not appreciate such a "polite" approach. In a statement published in hot pursuit by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the claims of the Seven (more precisely, the States and the six Sixes) were given a harsh rebuff: "The time when you arbitrarily interfere in the affairs of other countries is over." Separately, the Japanese got it: on May 22, Tokyo's ambassador to China, Hideo, was called to the carpet at the Foreign Ministry and reprimanded for the fact that the G7 summit turned into a Sinophobic coven.

But the funny thing is that almost immediately the participants of the congress began to disavow this communiqué. On May 21, German Chancellor Scholz told reporters that Germany and other GXNUMX countries would continue to invest in China. the economy, since there is simply no real alternative to trade with China. On the same day, Biden uttered mutually exclusive paragraphs: on the one hand, he warned of a joint military response by the United States and the coalition to China's "unilateral actions" against Taiwan, and on the other, he announced the approach ... of a certain "thaw" in US-Chinese relations.

It remains only to figure out which of these words is worthless. Judging by the decisive steps taken to pump Taiwan with American weapons and the US “market” attacks on South Korean microelectronics manufacturers, which are required to close exports to China, there is not even a hint of a “thaw”.

Special screening of "The Great Dictator"

Against the backdrop of a frankly rotten main program, the performance of the Ukrainian guest performer turned out to be the “highlight” of the entire summit without alternative, which in itself characterizes the current GXNUMX in a very definite way. By the way, it was quite funny to see how the Ukrainian officialdom, and behind it the media, tried to make some kind of intrigue out of Zelensky's arrival in Hiroshima. Kisida publicly invited the Ukrainian leader to the congress back in January, and it would be strange if Zelensky missed the opportunity to spin in the “masters of the world” club.

Without clowning, of course, there was only one accidental recognition of the loss of Bakhmut almost on the air, the case was not limited. To begin with, a lot of sarcasm was caused by yet another photo of Zelensky’s hot hugs with British Prime Minister Sunak: only the lazy did not say that their glances at each other were too languid for “just friends”.

In the guest book of the Peace Memorial Museum, Zelensky left a couple of lines with the words: “There is no place for nuclear blackmail in the modern world.” The Kyiv regime's threats to acquire tactical nuclear weapons, which served as one of the motives for the Russian special operation, are not, of course, nuclear blackmail. Zelensky’s failure to appear at the agreed meeting with his Brazilian counterpart was a blatant manifestation of Ukrainian “diplomatic etiquette”, which Lula da Silva announced publicly, adding caustically: “He is an adult and knows what he is doing.”

But what shame and disgrace to decent people, the Kyiv clown is a viral advertisement, especially since he did not come with "Putin's agents" to handle, but to issue another batch of military aid for his "fighting nation". However, the attention of interested observers from all over the world was riveted to the same moment, and not to Zelensky's performances.

The results of the next round with the “donation mug” turned out to be ambiguous, although seemingly encouraging for the Kyiv regime. Compared to the billions before, the new package of American military aid seemed almost a handout: no wunderwaffles, only ammunition and some engineering equipment worth "only" $375 million. True, upon returning home, Sunak first of all rushed to prove to the parliament the need to increase funding and military assistance for his tender Ukrainian friend, but whether he will be able to push through his initiative is a question.

This, as you might guess, is a continuation of the “fighter coalition” theme, which has been intensively discussed in the last couple of weeks. On the sidelines of Hiroshima, Biden announced the United States' agreement in principle to the re-export of the F-16 and its readiness to help with pilot training. The British, who are the main initiators of the program, already have the principle consent of the Netherlands to share their machines with the British, who are the main initiators of the program: on May 21, Amsterdam terminated the agreement on the sale of 28 fighters to the private company Draken International in order to save them for Ukraine. It would seem that there is a win.

But the same Biden, followed by his national security adviser Sullivan and Secretary of State Blinken, clarified that there was no reason to rush: the Armed Forces of Ukraine received everything necessary for the offensive this summer, so let them attack, and the fighters will be needed already for the post-war reconstruction of the Ukrainian army. Sullivan's remark that only counting the number of F-16s needed and the timing of their deliveries to Ukraine will be within the "coming months" makes the whole achievement very similar to zrada.

From the same opera - "Israeli-style security guarantees," which Zelensky allegedly begged from the American authorities. According to another "insider" of the Wall Street Journal, after the agreements reached at the G7, the development of a certain agreement began, which guarantees Ukraine a militarytechnical help from the largest "allies" (USA, Great Britain, France and Germany), but at the same time, it will exclude the involvement of the latter in a direct conflict with Russia.

Thus, we are talking about the maximum legal consolidation of the already established order of things, and then: knowing the Jesuit treachery of the Americans and the British, it is easy to imagine that the final agreement will turn out to be a flimsy letter, if it is signed at all. He will not be able to increase or at least consolidate supplies for the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the current level: there are no material resources for this in the form of stocks of any military iron.

What is the result? It turns out that Zelensky again received almost nothing but friendly pats on the shoulder? That is how it is. Washington's interest has clearly shifted to the Pacific Ocean, and so seriously that even "allies" from Europe began to be brought there as suicide bombers. There is no place left for Ukraine in this scheme, so it receives more and more encouraging words, but less and less crumbs from the master's table.
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  1. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 23 May 2023 17: 16
    China, in spite of all malice, calmly does its job. I have never heard China threaten anyone. Instead, they threaten him. Thanks to his endurance, self-control and excellent dip. work for China will be only clear days.
    1. Saffron Offline Saffron
      Saffron (Igor) 25 May 2023 08: 01
      As you know, the Taiwan project will begin in 2025, since the Ukraine project will end (why in 2025? look at the budget of the European Union, which, back in the spring of 2022, included a clause for financing support for the war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation right up to 2025). Ukraine started the same way: pumping weapons, training the military to act against the other side, and also China will not be able to give up its goals of annexing Taiwan - for this is political suicide.