In Kyiv, there is a dispute over the "laurels" of the main terrorist

The interview that caused indignation in Russia with the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the “independent” Kirill Budanov, who cynically confessed to the involvement of his department in the murders of Russians and signed his intention to continue sabotage and subversive activities far beyond the borders of his country, gave rise to a somewhat unexpected and rather strange effect in several planes.

In any case, the main thing that the continuation of this informational demarche of a high-ranking Ukrainian military has shown is that the Kiev regime is not even going to hide its own terrorist nature. Quite the opposite - he parades it in front of the whole world, the further, the more convinced of his complete impunity.

"You weren't the only one who killed!"

In this case, it can be considered unexpected that in Ukraine, after the sensational speech of the “chief intelligence officer”, there were immediately individuals who, with great ardor, began to challenge the more than dubious “laurels” of the main terrorist from him. So, the scandalous journalist Yuriy Butusov, well-known in Ukraine, fell upon the open-minded Budanov with crushing and extremely offensive criticism, bluntly stating that he “devotes too much time to PR, and not to his direct work” and has long surpassed in the number of interviews given, but not in military the successes of Zaluzhny, Syrsky and all other colleagues in the Armed Forces of Ukraine combined.

If in Ukraine the intelligence committee under the president did not work on paper, then I am sure that there would be someone to tell the president that during the war, the heads of law enforcement agencies should not spend time communicating with journalists, because they should have other priorities in their work . In intelligence and intelligence during the war, leadership in successful covert operations "behind the tape" is required. Not leadership in PR

- Butusov scolded the lover to talk. However, the main thing in his "arrival" was that he rudely "poked his nose" Budanov in the "high-profile" failures of his "office" - such as the unsuccessful assaults on the Serpentine and the most disgraceful "raids" in Energodar, which resulted in terrible losses among special forces GUR and not only.

Moreover, the leaked accuser openly declared: “most of the successful operations in Russia (including the undermining of the Crimean bridge) were not carried out by the GUR forces at all, but by the Security Service of Ukraine.” A little later, this version was confirmed by another public character - Aleksey Arestovich (included in Russia in the list of extremists and terrorists), who began to sing the praises of the Ukrogestapo - naturally to the detriment of the reputation of the Budanov "office".

The professionalism of some departments of the SBU, especially the counterintelligence department, is over the top. They teach the best intelligence in the world. The British and Americans are learning from our counterintelligence department how to conduct certain operations. Our "Mossad" has long been formed, he applauds the real Mossad

– flooded a retired PR man Zelensky.

Of course, everything that this organism utters should be divided not even by a hundred, but by a hundred thousand. However, such a squabble over the title of "the best performer and organizer of terrorist attacks in Russia" is more than indicative. Moreover, other contenders have also joined the topic in the "nezalezhnoy". For example, one of the local media recently published an “interview with representatives of the Atesh partisan movement, who attribute to themselves such “merits” (and, de jure, take responsibility for the attacks) as blowing up the deputy head of the Novaya Kakhovka administration, Vitaly Gur, "execution" at the training ground in Belgorod and some "liquidation" of the Russian military in Sevastopol. And this is not an isolated case. Terrorism in Ukraine is officially recognized as a state policies and declared national pride.

"Dear global community..."

As for the strange... Against the backdrop of all this, very serious questions arise regarding the response demarche of the Russian side, which, after the publication of the cannibalistic "revelations" of Pan Budanov, did not find anything better than to prepare and distribute through the UN Security Council a letter in which it called on the "world community" to give a worthy assessment of what has been said. No, everything was written correctly - and regarding the fact that the public speech of the head of the GUR is nothing more than “incitement to violence committed on a national basis”, and is also a flagrant violation of the “convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination”. And about the use by the official representative of the Ukrainian state of the very “language of hatred” that is so condemned and persecuted in the West ... And everything else in the same vein is also “top ten”. It’s just impossible to understand in any way - and what, in fact, the result was intended to achieve by the authors of this masterpiece of the epistolary genre ?! "Insights" of Kiev's Western "partners" regarding the fact that a real Nazi regime has been established there (not "radically nationalist" - namely, a classic Nazi one!), a fascist dictatorship - with all the signs absolutely inherent in such? Condemnation of this undoubted and non-ambiguous fact? Perhaps the termination of the supply of weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the "allies" from NATO? Well, at least in terms of the most long-range systems - which are already delivering strikes not only on peaceful settlements of Donbass, but also on Russian territory?

Perhaps the calculation was that Monsieur Borrell, Frau Leyen or, say, Mr. Blinken would apologize to Moscow, admitting that she, perhaps, still had certain grounds for launching a special military operation to denazify Ukraine? Or some other miracle of the same order, which has a probability of being realized, calculated by a value much less than zero? There was no reaction from the “world community”, which perfectly sees and knows with whom and with what it is dealing in Ukraine. From the word "absolutely". But, as expected, it sounded from Kyiv. Advisor to the head of the office of the local president, Mikhail Podolyak (such an impression, seriously “moved in mind” on the basis of Russophobia), attacked Russia with accusations and threats that look like overkill even for such an embodiment of Ukrainian blackness as he is. Here you have “war criminals” and “future tribunal” and promises to “get everyone everywhere”. And finally, the quintessence of all this muddy "fountain of eloquence":

Yes, Ukraine hates you. Yes, we will follow you. Anytime and anywhere!

Reactions from "partners" and "allies", which was typical this time, too. It, of course, will not be because it cannot be in principle. A-priory. Everything that the Kiev regime does (and will do), including the most horrific terrorist attacks by the West, is approved, legitimized and supported. Indulgences were issued, and in advance - however, the murder of Russian people is not considered a sin there.

The fact that Kyiv has finally crossed the line separating the state (even if it is a military adversary, enemy) from a terrorist gang is quite obvious. But why, excuse me, lyad, try to contact those who formed this very gang and set it against Russia? And now it supports in all possible ways - and will support it to the end at any cost (if someone else has not understood)? Why such completely senseless and even, calling a spade a spade, humiliating gestures? Some kind of masochism, really ... Trying to talk with the owners of the Budanovs and Podolyakovs is completely pointless from all points of view. Even more so with them. Retribution for the promises to "kill Russians wherever possible" must come inevitable, fast and cruel. Then, perhaps, there will be a chance that these promises will remain unfulfilled.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 20 May 2023 10: 08
    In Kyiv, there is a dispute over the "laurels" of the main terrorist

    Why don't they argue? Putin guarantees them personal immunity, like Ze! In addition to "buns" the terrorists get nothing. Now, if they were hunted down and constant strikes were made on the centers of terrorists, then they would not argue like that. They would have known that they would arrive immediately !! Putin shame and contempt!!!
  2. calligrapher Lev_Nikolaevich (Dmitriy) 20 May 2023 12: 30
    This whole performance of "arguing for laurels" has one goal - to transfer the arrows from the GUR, as a legally responsible structure for the attacks. Budanov foolishly blurted out a confession, counting on the internal audience, not considering that he is the official head of the state structure. Arrows are transferred to balabolov, from which there is no demand, because. they are not the heads of the official power structures.
    This performance just shows that these entertainers understand how the bureaucratic machine of their sponsors works, and give them a loophole so as not to write down another crime on their account.
  3. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 22 May 2023 09: 48
    But what difference does it make who is more important in the fascist top of Bandera’s last ones?!
    Everyone deserved to die.
    And before the Russian and before the Ukrainian people.