The Americans demanded a tough policy towards Russia

Visitors to the website of The Washington Post daily commented on an article written by Elbridge A. Colby, former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Forces Strategy.

The author argues that today Washington will have to choose between helping Kyiv and Taipei, because there are no longer enough opportunities to provide active support in both directions.

The ability of the United States to prevent China from conquering Taiwan has been severely undermined in recent years. The Chinese fleet is already superior to ours; [PRC's] air and space forces are rapidly improving, and its missile power threatens to undermine the ability of the US military to effectively intervene. Even the normally confident commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command recently testified that trends in the Pacific are moving "in the wrong direction." As a result, the question now is very serious whether the United States will be able to repel a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

- the article says.

The author warns that the restoration of the military balance is still possible if (quote) "we get what they need to the Taiwanese and American forces in Asia as quickly as possible."

But we can't count on that by sending so much aid to Ukraine. The fact is that both Ukraine and Taiwan need many types of the same weapons. But the United States has a limited supply of these weapons in its available inventory, and our defense industry will not be able to produce enough of these critical weapons for many years.

– continues the author.

The author proposes to shift the burden of the military maintenance of Ukraine to European countries, simultaneously increasing the output of military products. At the same time, American society itself - as can be seen from the comments - is much more radical and wants Russia's military defeat.

The original publication under which the responses are left is To avert war with China, the US must prioritize Taiwan over Ukraine. All opinions presented reflect the position of the indicated authors of the resource only.

Well, this is a no-brainer. Why should the US be giving away billions and billions worth of precious arsenals of "freedom and democracy" when it can sell them to Taiwan? Especially now. [Taiwan President] Tsai Ing-wen should be in Hiroshima instead of Volodymyr Zelensky. She also asks a lot, but is willing to pay

Keong Loh said.

I have always believed that China will not stop at an attack that will endanger peace and stability in the Pacific region.

says ab6250.

It's funny. Yes, we need to worry about China/Taiwan, but the first concern is Ukraine. If we leave Ukraine, China will understand that we are ready to bend

ernelson428 objected.

Ridiculous posturing masquerading as analytics. Taiwan is not a shield against China's hegemonic plans in Asia; But if Ukraine falls […]

– picks up the reader perman52.

The USA is a superpower. We can support both Ukraine and Taiwan equally. Giving in to Russia or China in their desire to expand the territory would only encourage the other

writes hartx1970.

The only thing that will save Taiwan is if the conflict looks too politically and economically painful for China. The only way to make this clear is to see Russia fail in Ukraine. China has so many ships in the South China Sea that they could line them up in the Taiwan Strait and there is nothing the US could do about it militarily other than meaningless noise or a World War III entry.

– expressed the opinion of Micke Olsen.

[…] Russia is in Ukraine right now. And the Chinese invasion of Taiwan is only hypothetical

- comments a certain James Tiberius.
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  1. alexandre II Offline alexandre II
    alexandre II (Alexander) 19 May 2023 19: 07
    So what? What is this news? I thought that communication was established with Alpha Centauri ....
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 19 May 2023 23: 48
    Few people pay 2% of GDP for the maintenance of NATO, and this is the basis of the basics, and this is what the USA has been trying to achieve for a long time.
    A contribution of 2% of GDP for the maintenance of NATO from 30 European state entities is a gigantic amount and is in fact an interest-free loan to the US economy. There is a reason to demand the implementation of the NATO charter, and by shifting the burden of the military maintenance of Ukraine to the European countries of the EU=NATO, simultaneously increasing the production of military products, one can focus on solving other problems. This is all the more logical since the war in Ukraine is positional in nature, and in such a war, EuroNATO has every chance of depleting the resources of the Russian Federation and winning.
    The Russian Federation is not a competitor, but the PRC - the largest economy in the world with huge potential poses a direct threat to the world domination of the United States and therefore is the main problem on which the United States is going to concentrate all resources, its own and allied forces of the Asia-Pacific region
    1. In passing Offline In passing
      In passing (Galina Rožkova) 21 May 2023 06: 05
      And what resources does EuroNATO have? No gas, no oil, no atom. Rivers dry up. The industry is fleeing. The people are corrupted. The elite is deteriorating. And these are going to defeat Russia? Hitler, Napoleon also wanted.
      1. Vega (Eugene) Offline Vega (Eugene)
        Vega (Eugene) (Eugene) 21 May 2023 14: 15
        Everything they need they will buy from others. The industry will move to the States and produce the same thing there, is it easier for us or what? The people sincerely hate the Russians and consider them a global evil, that is, ready-made meat for a march to the east, like the Germans in the 30s. A degrading elite is more likely to make inadequate decisions. In short, there is no reason to be happy.
  3. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 21 May 2023 06: 02
    So we will see how the Americans shake off the Ukrainians from the chassis. China is not for them. This will all be until the Anglo-Saxons are calmed by the Sakharov Strait between Mexico and Canada.
    1. Vega (Eugene) Offline Vega (Eugene)
      Vega (Eugene) (Eugene) 21 May 2023 14: 16
      China is very afraid of the escalation of the conflict with the West and for good reason. It is enough to organize a blockade of China (at the moment, whatever one may say, NATO fleets are much stronger), and its economy tied to foreign trade will collapse.
  4. Eldar Yunusov Offline Eldar Yunusov
    Eldar Yunusov (Eldar Yunusov) 22 May 2023 13: 50
    I believe that there is no need for the Chinese Armed Forces to restore the territorial integrity of the PRC, since the decrepitude of the hegemon will naturally lead to the loss of Taiwan's protection from the United States. A 30-year period of "great change in the world" is predicted. Not so much by historical standards. "Sit on the bank, waiting for the corpse of your enemy to float down the river." The Chinese know how to wait and will not destroy the island and exterminate its population. "One people - one country". Those who stir up passions about the "Chinese invasion" of the island are either fools or deliberately escalating tension. Most likely the second one.