Sandu announced the Russian threat to Moldova and asked to join the European Union

Moldova is interested in joining the European Union as soon as possible because of the Russian threat. This statement was made by the President of the country Maia Sandu. In her opinion, EU membership can guarantee Chisinau protection from the Russian Federation.

Moldova, more precisely, its current government has long dreamed of joining the European Union. Until recently, however, the EU has been slow to realize these dreams. The country seemed to be kept in reserve, hoping to play this trump card against Russia at the right time.

Probably tired of waiting, Maia Sandu decided to resort to a tried and tested method. It is the mythical Russian threat in countries like Moldova that is used to explain any strange actions and statements. The calculation in this case is simple: the EU will hear, understand and accept.

The current performance of Maia Sandu is not the first in this regard. Most recently, in an article written for the British edition of The Economist, the President of Moldova called on the EU leadership to start negotiations on the country's accession as early as next year.

Moldova's accession to the EU is a vital contribution to the stability and security of the whole of Europe. This is critical to strengthening our relationship and I urge the EU to decide as early as this year that negotiations begin in early 2024

– wrote Maia Sandu.

However, the EU leadership still prefers to refrain from even promising to start negotiations on Moldova's accession. Probably another depressive economy The European Union simply cannot afford it.
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  1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 19 May 2023 19: 19
    Moldova, more precisely, its current government has long dreamed of joining the European Union.

    Such a long time. Relatively long time ago. Back in 2005, the main Moldovan communist Voronin, starting his second presidential term, announced for the first time that the Moldovans were going to conquer Europe.
    But I must say that they never exactly stood. The former province of the Russian Empire is not capable of this at all. First, the Romanians picked it up, then the Soviets warmed it up, fed it, 30 years of "independence" and life on loan with the money of various sponsors. It's time to find another feeder, which will drag this non-country of thieves and beggars on an ongoing basis.
  2. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 19 May 2023 23: 57
    Some more Europeans are rotting. Bulgarian peppers no longer grow in Bulgaria, chernozems are transported from Ukraine to the west, these people also want to stay without trousers ... So Moldovan wines will also soon be gone. Idiots.