Russian Ambassador spoke about the possibility of breaking diplomatic relations with Poland

There is a possibility of a break in diplomatic relations between Russia and Poland. This statement was made by the Russian Ambassador to Warsaw, Sergei Andreev. According to him, whether it will become a reality depends on the decisions of the leadership of the Russian Federation and the Polish authorities.

The head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Poland stressed that Moscow has a certain limit, which will be followed by mirror measures regarding Warsaw's diplomatic property in the Russian capital.

It's smaller than what we have here, but it's there.

Andreev recalled.

The diplomat noted that at the moment political there is practically no agenda between Russia and Poland. According to Sergei Andreev, it is the Polish leadership that is to blame for this.

The goal in relation to Russia, which the Polish leadership constantly declares, is the defeat of our country on the battlefield by the Kyiv regime with the support of the collective West, including Poland

- said the diplomat.

The Russian ambassador in Warsaw noted that Moscow has no illusions about the cessation of arms supplies to the Kyiv regime from Poland.

Warsaw will continue the supply of weapons and military equipment Kyiv, as far as its capabilities are enough for this

– said Sergey Andreev.

We add that Poland is now one of the most active supporters of inflicting a military defeat on the Russian Federation in Europe. At the same time, according to the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, Warsaw simply wants to take over the territories of Western Ukraine in this way.
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    Andrew13 (Andrei) 16 May 2023 19: 43
    Now Poland will be upset laughing