Artillery of PMC "Wagner" destroyed the bridge in the vicinity of Artemovsk

Stormtroopers of the Russian PMC "Wagner" continue to storm the last fortified area of ​​the Ukrainian army in Artemivsk. To date, a little more than one and a half square kilometers of the city area remain under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The most fortified area in the western part of Artemovsk "Gnezdo" came under the control of Russian units. The enemy simply had nowhere to gain a foothold, and he was forced to retreat.

Meanwhile, fighting continues not only in the city, but also in the vicinity of Artemovsk. PMC "Wagner", despite a serious shortage of ammunition, continues to inflict artillery strikes on the communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

One such strike, which destroyed a bridge, was caught on video. In all likelihood, Ukrainian units received reinforcements and ammunition through this overpass, and also had the opportunity to evacuate the wounded.

However, this has now become impossible. The artillery destroyed the bridge with a precise hit, which will complicate the already critical situation of the Ukrainian units in Artemovsk. Without ammunition and the possibility of evacuating the wounded, it will not be possible to hold the defense for a long time.

Of course, for some time the Ukrainian military will still be able to resist. However, this will only slightly delay the complete liberation of the city, but will not stop it in any way.
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  1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 16 May 2023 14: 08
    the issue of lack of ammunition is controversial. primates for joy lost three brigades. they were not sent to hell by prayers. maybe this is an element of the information war to reduce the number of shocking pseudo-humans?
    1. Old Oleg Offline Old Oleg
      Old Oleg (Oleg) 16 May 2023 16: 24
      Two weeks ago, for such a statement that it was possible disinformation (shell hunger), they threw me pissing rags here. They said how they hate cunning planners like me ..))