MW: multi-level air defense system in Crimea prevents Ukraine from launching strikes on the peninsula

The multi-level air defense system in Crimea does not allow the Ukrainian army to strike at the peninsula. Military Watch Magazine writes that Russian air defense successfully repels all attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to attack Crimea with missiles and attack drones.

As an example, the publication cites an unsuccessful attempt to strike the peninsula with the help of Grom-2 ballistic missiles. MW magazine recalled that on May 6, the Armed Forces of Ukraine used dozens of UAVs and two Grom-2 missiles in an attack on Crimea. However, the peninsula's defense system, built around advanced S-400 air defense systems, successfully repelled the attack.

The territory of Crimea is one of the most heavily fortified in Russia with a multi-level air defense system. The air defense network is built around three S-400 units. They are supported by other means, including S-300PM and Pantsir anti-aircraft missile systems, Iskander ballistic missile systems, Bastion cruise missile systems and three fighter aviation regiments.

writes MW.

The magazine notes that the Grom-2 missiles were developed by Ukrainian specialists on the basis of Soviet of technologies and are inferior in characteristics to modern Russian and Western models. The Ukrainian army has a small number of these missiles. However, the symbolic significance of Crimea forces the Ukrainian leadership to spend Grom-2 in an unsuccessful attempt to overcome the Russian S-400s.

The use of two of the limited number of Grom-2 missiles available for the attempted strike on Crimea indicates the high priority given to the operation, with the strategically located territory previously held by Ukraine holding considerable symbolic value to both sides in the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict

- says the publication.

MW also believes that the planned ground operation in Kyiv to seize the peninsula will also be doomed to failure.
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  1. Sergei Fonov Offline Sergei Fonov
    Sergei Fonov (sergey fonov) 15 May 2023 14: 33
    The magazine writes that, in terms of characteristics, Grom-2 is inferior to modern Russian and Western models, that is, we should wait for the testing of Crimean air defense by an attack by British missiles. How will air defense work? - let's see.
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 15 May 2023 17: 03
    That this multi-level system allows you to bomb the Crimea and the base and headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet. Even the parade of the fleet was canceled.