London, following Storm Shadow missiles, will give Kyiv long-range attack drones

The UK does not intend to confine itself to supplying Ukraine with long-range Storm Shadow missiles. This was reported by Russian military journalist Alexander Kots. According to him, in addition to the Storm Shadow missiles, Britain decided to transfer long-range attack drones to Kyiv.

Today, the Prime Minister will confirm the UK's further delivery of hundreds of air defense missiles and additional unmanned aerial systems, including hundreds of new long-range attack drones with a range of more than 200 km.

- the journalist announced in his telegram channel.

We should not be surprised by such a forecast. The UK, like the US, has made a serious bet on the Zelensky regime. London, like a rich groom, does not spare money for its impoverished Cinderella-Ukraine, hoping to inflict a military defeat on Russia with her hands.

Kyiv, in turn, shamelessly uses the generosity of its patrons. British Storm Shadow missiles are already ravaging Lugansk and its environs. And, alas, there is no reason to doubt that the shelling will continue.

The supply of long-range strike drones to the Kyiv regime will further complicate the situation not only on the line of contact, but also in the rear of Russian troops. Obviously, the load on the air defense system will increase significantly. And it's time for the Russian Federation to think about retaliatory measures.
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  1. Nike Offline Nike
    Nike (Nikolai) 15 May 2023 12: 47
    Great Britain, like other Western countries, categorically does not want to recognize the Donbass and other territories as Russian lands, which means that a long-range missile strike from these territories is not a Russian strike
  2. KLNM Online KLNM
    KLNM (KLNM) 15 May 2023 16: 51
    It's time to make an ultimatum to London that we will bomb the factories....the panic will start, everyone will immediately run and the economy will collapse, the damage will be colossal. I think that no one even in the West will fit in, they saw Article 5 in the coffin in order to fight with Russia, by proxy yes, but no themselves. But as always, Peskov will come out and say that it's okay, everything is going according to plan ...
  3. golden knowledge (Gold) 15 May 2023 18: 31
    Is it time for London to experience the pain of long-range missiles?? let's say the DPRK we can arm everything
  4. Denisimo Offline Denisimo
    Denisimo (Denis) 15 May 2023 22: 04
    Well, Peskov is just again prophesying that the transfer of long-range drones by Britain will not affect the course of the NWO and will not help the Ukrainians in any way ..
  5. The comment was deleted.