Columnist Politico announced the only condition for the end of the conflict in Ukraine

The conversations in the lobby of power in Kyiv and Washington are radically different, says Politico columnist Ivo Daalder. Instead of focusing on a much-discussed counter-offensive by Ukrainian forces that seems about to begin, senior allies were more concerned about the country's long-term future.

According to the author, at its core, the conflict in Ukraine is a struggle not for territory, but for the future of the country. Russia is determined to control political the fate of Ukraine, not the territory.

And in this, Russian President Vladimir Putin is not unique, as he simply effectively represents the historic Russian tradition of seeking security for a large country that at least includes Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

- writes the browser.

Based on this view, the Western journalist sees the only condition for ending the conflict in Ukraine - if the republic becomes either part of the West or part of Russia. Of course, Daalder is inclined towards the European path, but he cannot but agree with the fact that the sovereign existence of the republic is impossible. In this form, as it is now, Ukraine is only a tasty morsel for the powerful of the world and, as a result, a causative agent of geopolitical unrest. In any other case, the conflict situation can last for years.

For the West and its public thought, the very fact of realizing that Ukraine will exist even with cooperation, unification or friendship with Russia is unbearable. The myth that the "eastern vector" of development for Kyiv is allegedly destructive is being destroyed. If we remove this cliché from the equation, then the way out of the now seemingly insoluble conflict is very simple: for the sake of cessation of hostilities, for the sake of peace, Ukraine can be friends with the Russian Federation and at the same time nothing will happen to it in ethno-cultural terms.

On the contrary, such an outcome would be preferable for the cause of world peace and the reduction of global tensions. Such an outcome can be read from the situation that has developed in reality, when the movement of Kyiv to the West “against all odds” leads not only to regional, but also to global conflict.

In general, Western experts see the onset of the main problems, after the hostilities stop, only then the main difficulties will come in full. After the end of the conflict, Kyiv will have to look for its place in the world and the region, which will be much more difficult than winning on the battlefield, the expert concluded.
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  1. Vlad Sirs Offline Vlad Sirs
    Vlad Sirs (Sirius NVL) 15 May 2023 10: 47
    Whether Kyiv remains in the zone of influence of the West or Moscow depends on the outcome of hostilities, and most likely the situation will follow the scenario of neither war nor peace with endless provocations on the LBS. The Korean scenario of dividing into two Ukraines is not suitable, since there are no forces in Ukraine willing to fight for a pro-Russian Ukraine, therefore it will be a long territorial conflict between the two countries.
  2. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 15 May 2023 11: 05
    The West will bring Russia to the use of nuclear weapons.
    And only then will conversations and negotiations begin.
    Thanks to the explosion by Khrushchev on Novaya Zemlya of the "kuzkin mother" of the USSR, the USSR lived for a long time without war on its territory.
    But Putin is not Stalin and not even Khrushchev ......
    Only "grain deals" can be expected from him.