London to supply XNUMX Storm Shadow long-range missiles to Kyiv

The Storm Shadow air-launched cruise missiles with a range of 250 km, transferred by the UK to Ukraine, pose a serious threat to Russia. From blows with these ammunition already suffered the capital of the LPR, Luhansk, was shelled three times over the past two days by them.

It is also no secret that Kyiv has been is being prepared bombard the Crimea with long-range weapons, with the support of Paris and London. At the same time, the exact number of Storm Shadow KR transferred by the British to the Armed Forces was unknown. British media and officials spoke of "an insignificant number of units". However, the Resident Telegram channel received insider information from the Office of the President of Ukraine and hurried to inform the public about it on May 14.

Our source in the OP said that Ukraine received 200 Storm Shadow missiles from Britain in the first batch, in the second stage we should receive another 400 units. Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are testing their use against targets at the front, data for strikes are being transmitted by Western intelligence, and MI6 is overseeing the process.

- says the publication.

It should be noted that MI6 (“Mi-6”) is the British Foreign Intelligence Service (Secret Intelligence Service, SIS / Military Intelligence). It is simultaneously subordinate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) under the British Cabinet. At the same time, will the range of these missiles increase, i.e. Whether new modifications of these KR, variants of which can fly another 290 and 560 km, will be transmitted is not yet clear. So far, only one thing is extremely clear - London is asking for trouble, testing Moscow's patience.
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  1. Siberian999 Offline Siberian999
    Siberian999 (Andrei) 14 May 2023 16: 57
    Practice has shown the boundlessness of Moscow's patience, so London has nothing to fear.
    1. Himalayan Offline Himalayan
      Himalayan 14 May 2023 18: 04
      Let's close ranks tighter! There is nothing to shoot with these rockets! F16 will not be delivered soon. In the meantime, let them go bankrupt with expensive expiring toys! What is another 600 missiles delivered earlier!
      Cheers, comrades!
      Let's not succumb to dirty provocations!
    2. Vlad Sirs Offline Vlad Sirs
      Vlad Sirs (Sirius NVL) 14 May 2023 20: 02
      Well, on the other hand, how Moscow can answer, there is nothing to answer, and London knows this.
  2. Fizik13 Offline Fizik13
    Fizik13 (Alexey) 14 May 2023 17: 57
    1 rocket costs 2,3 lyamas of cabbage and the small British will go bankrupt for 1,380 billion rubles. greenery, apart from infrastructure costs?
    And where will they get so many planes? Indeed, practically in Ukraine, kamikaze pilots, like the Japanese during the 2nd MV, only take off .....
    For 10 takeoffs 2 landings ....
    1. hellman anton Offline hellman anton
      hellman anton (hellman anton) 14 May 2023 19: 11
      Your words evoke doubts, given that their planes still fly calmly.
      Ahh, stupid Americans and the British don’t know that Ukraine doesn’t have planes and where to launch them too. Well stupid!!!
      Or maybe everything is not as you say and the stupid ones are not there?
  3. valery lebedev Offline valery lebedev
    valery lebedev (Valery Lebedev) 14 May 2023 17: 57
    Lavrov frowns menacingly, and Peskov declares that these missiles will become a legitimate target for our air defense. The next day, our media will say that the British were very scared,
  4. Vlad Sirs Offline Vlad Sirs
    Vlad Sirs (Sirius NVL) 14 May 2023 20: 01
    A serious thing in serious quantities, or there will be more. Perhaps one of the reasons for the delay in the offensive is precisely these missiles. A massive blow to the rear will greatly facilitate Kyiv's offensive tasks.
  5. Insolent in a jacket 15 May 2023 06: 43
    ... Moscow to them their mercenary rats (Remember, those two that were captured in Mariupol!) - obsequiously returns ... And this one is an old, vile, hypocritical (that is, an Englishwoman who crap) in gratitude - the most modern means of destruction ... When used, civilians suffer, including children! ..
    Maybe it will be enough for Moscow to so obsequiously swindle this old and vile English "girl2" ... It's somehow not respectable to endure ... and not teach this so-called "Great Britain" a lesson ...
    ... Gratitude from them - will not be! ..
    Maybe for the corrupt-greedy oligarchy it is also "great" ... (And London for them is "Londongrad")
    For a simple Russian, this state is nothing more than a vile island, on which Our Motherland constantly stumbles and stumbles! gathered, just analogues of this product (No. 2) from all over the World!)
    1. The comment was deleted.
  6. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 15 May 2023 07: 31
    London is asking for trouble, testing Moscow's patience.

    What is this "trouble"? Lavrov will mutter something about "unacceptability"?
  7. Foe Pshekov Offline Foe Pshekov
    Foe Pshekov (Arkady) 15 May 2023 15: 03
    The ruler of Russia should make a speech that he personally and the entire Russian elite recognize the use of English storm shadows as Britain's entry into the war with the Russian Federation. If at least one incoming missile is found in the new or old territories of the Russian Federation, then Russia can launch a nuclear strike on the UK at any time without declaring war.
    This statement will be enough for the Britons to take all the missiles themselves from the battlefield back to the British warehouses. Why our government is afraid to start scaring Europeans with strikes on their cities - I don’t understand, or they are more interested in the lives of Europeans than in the lives of Russian people
  8. KLNM Offline KLNM
    KLNM (KLNM) 16 May 2023 10: 26
    They have gone to the root, except for Peskov's nonsense, it seems there is nothing to answer with. We need to look for someone who can be armed against the Anglo-Saxons, create a crap for them ... Can help the Irish to more confidently fight for their independence from London ... What a small island, but how many problems from it. Stalin would certainly have quickly solved the problem.