Global Times: Thanks to Russia, the whole world learned that America does not have to obey

The controversial unipolar world that created a favorable environment for the United States is fading into oblivion. This is very clearly seen in one fact that only a few of the more than three hundred countries have joined the United States in imposing sanctions against Russia and are involved in arming Ukraine. The rest of the states either abstained or, after strong pressure from the West, formally voted in the UN General Assembly to condemn the Russian Federation, but still cooperate with Moscow. This is written by the Chinese English-language newspaper Global Times.

As the editors write, this simple observation is all the more impressive when one considers that many of these neutral states are relatively small or even small in size, and their economy not nearly as high as in the US. What is surprising, however, is that the US has not been able to successfully pressure them into imposing sanctions on Russia. Which, in turn, speaks of the very limited real limits of America's influence at the present time.

Russia and China are already the main trading partners of virtually every country in the Global South, which gives them confidence that they can political US demands, and submission to yesterday's hegemon is no longer mandatory.

Now, thanks to Russia, the whole world has learned this common truth. In fact, all the influence and weight of the United States was based on a kind of sacralization and awareness of hopelessness, lack of choice. The struggle of the Russian Federation against the West proved the opposite, and the spring of resistance is straightened out, releasing all the previously accumulated, but restrained energy of counteracting monopolarity.

The myth of Washington's steadfastness, power, and lack of alternatives has been destroyed; it has ceased to be untouchable.

Without a doubt, America has a history of abusing the position of developing countries in a variety of ways, including through information warfare, political interference, and loans tied to national economies. But their time has passed, the fetters, primarily mental and psychological, have been removed. Most of the countries and peoples of the world seemed to have freed themselves from the yoke, they saw, felt and realized another world, multipolar and diverse, without the dominance of any one force. A return to the previous world order is simply impossible under any conditions or intimidation.
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  1. Nikolay Volkov Offline Nikolay Volkov
    Nikolay Volkov (Nikolai Volkov) 13 May 2023 10: 36
    I want to remind you that there is at least one country in the world that openly showed Trump for several years that it was possible not to obey America ... how Trump did not threaten Kim Jong-un, but could not do anything ... but all he needed was a couple SOME missiles demonstratively launch SOMEWHERE ...

    second, do not tell me, when did Russia withdraw from the WTO, WHO and other international structures? maybe they stopped tormenting the production workers with the stupid green agenda of the West and the carbon footprint? No? And what then is a demonstration of intentions? oh yes, the grain deal was extended not on May 5, but on May 14 (conditionally) ... oh, what a terrible disobedience ...
  2. Vasya_33 Online Vasya_33
    Vasya_33 13 May 2023 10: 47
    over 300 countries already?
    - divided...
  3. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 13 May 2023 19: 38
    Former Secretary of State Clinton made it very clear that the interests of the United States are the whole world, but putting the whole world in a Procrustean bed is problematic.
    Other state entities cannot refuse the political demands of the United States and submission to the hegemon due to natural reasons - the development of the economy, the technological level, social relations, territory, natural resources, etc., etc.
    Sanctions are supported by all economically developed state formations, and non-aligned ones do not play a significant role and therefore do not attract everyone's attention, which allows them to be guided by their own selfish interests. gallows. This is the foundation of the so-called. gray and parallel imports of Western dual-use goods.
    The PRC considers the Russian Federation an aggressor, and the war in Ukraine is predatory, but at the same time maintains neutrality due to economic relations and political tensions with the United States. As V.V. Putin once thanked, thank you for abstaining from voting, i.e. that the UN did not vote against the Russian Federation.
    The economy of the PRC has become the largest in the world, and this has shaken the uncontested and undivided dominance of the United States, splitting the world into two ideologically hostile camps, the ideology of socialism and the existence of the USSR. After the coup d'état and the restoration of capitalism, all proletarian institutions were destroyed, and the proletariat was declassed. The emerging talk about the abolition of the ban on ideology by the Constitution of the Russian Federation is fueled by big capital and the political illiteracy of the population - ideology always has a class character and you have to be a cubic idiot to believe that big capital will allow you to revive the absolutely alien and dangerous ideology of the proletariat.
    The main indestructible fetters of the world are the worship of the golden calf, and these fetters have become stronger, entangled everyone regardless of race, religion, social status in any corner of the world, which a priori excludes the so-called. “multipolarity”, equality, fair world order.
  4. Raymond Offline Raymond
    Raymond (Raymond) 14 May 2023 14: 38
    So, you write that a multipolar world already exists, that this is not an invention of Putin or someone else, which has yet to be done.