“He goes astray”: airblogger estimated the probability of intercepting the Kinzhal missile of the Ukrainian air defense

Russian blogger, ex-pilot of the Aerospace Forces Fighterbomber commented on the information that the Russian hypersonic missile "Dagger" was shot down by Ukrainian air defense. Such data spread Ukrainian resources.

According to the blogger, such messages should be treated critically. However, even if we accept on faith the statements of Ukrainian sources that the “Dagger” was indeed shot down, it is not worth sprinkling ashes on your head.

In general, in principle, I didn’t really understand the hysteria around a heap of various garbage collected throughout Ukraine, on which Ukrainians stuck the “Tse Dagger” tag and dance round dances around it. I kind of clearly and clearly wrote that under certain conditions, the "Dagger" goes astray. I will not describe these conditions, but they are. This is an axiom that does not require proof

Fighterbomber explains.

According to him, the Russian air defense system trained to shoot down hypersonic missiles on Kinzhals. So one should not be surprised that this missile can be shot down by some kind of NATO air defense system.

However, the total victory made from this event by the Ukrainian media, according to the blogger, looks simply ridiculous. After all, we are talking about just one downed missile, which is still unknown, shot down or not.

But today, not a single air defense of the planet will beat off a group attack with hypersonic

- Reminds me of Fighterbomber.

According to him, it is far from the fact that the Ukrainian air defense shot down the Kinzhal missile.

In Ukraine, "Daggers" have been hitting for a year, so finding the wreckage from it is not difficult. And not all ammunition works properly, so relatively intact parts can also be found. It is difficult to figure out that this is exactly the "Dagger", and not the "Iskander", for example, and given the huge number of missile modifications, this task is not easy even for a specialist

the blogger explains.
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  1. Nikolaevich I Offline Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I (Vladimir) 11 May 2023 13: 12
    Shot down "Dagger" ... or not shot down ...? Why guess by the type: "Is there life on Mars, or not ...?" Or like here...........

    Can't experts guess how the wreckage of the "Dagger" shot down "should" look like: a) at supersonic speed; b) at hypersonic speed? Moreover, there are statements by "experts" that this "vabche" is not a "Dagger" and even not an "Iskander"! Why was this not enough for an unambiguous conclusion? (When a certain commandant of the fortress justified himself to the emperor why the fortress did not salute the royal person, he wanted to name dozens of reasons ... starting with the first: There was no gunpowder! ... The emperor did not let the commandant voice the second reason, saying that the first was enough !)
    1. vik669 Offline vik669
      vik669 (vik669) 12 May 2023 07: 19
      So even if they were shot down, it might happen that they accidentally collided once or turned out to be too close to each other.
    2. Wooh Offline Wooh
      Wooh (Barmaley) 18 May 2023 10: 25
      Shot down "Dagger" ... or not shot down ...? Why guess by the type: "Is there life on Mars, or not ...?"

      Yeah, as many as 32 Patriot missiles hit him. belay
      And all by, and he unpacked their installation. drinks
  2. ALCA056000 Offline ALCA056000
    ALCA056000 (Sergei) 12 May 2023 21: 07
    The crash itself crashes. There is nothing unbreakable. That's just to shoot down such a stray, the chance is scanty small at the present stage of development of air defense-missile defense. Of course, if you do not take into account these terrible grandmothers with jars of cucumbers - these can laughing
  3. duvacello Offline duvacello
    duvacello (dude from the hillock) 12 May 2023 22: 59
    Well, actually, if the performance characteristics of the Dagger at least approximately correspond to those declared and this is not another props and eyewash ala armata, then it is extremely incomprehensible how he is able to bring down the available air defense systems in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, even with the help of the latest Patriot modifications, and even more so considering that there are no modern air defense interceptors in the Ukrainian Air Force (there are almost no more of them anyway)? probably another desire to "thank" and promote another super waffle: first Bayraktars, then Hymers, etc ..
  4. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 13 May 2023 11: 46
    The dagger is best knocked off the sofa.
  5. Boniface Offline Boniface
    Boniface (Leo) 17 May 2023 16: 17
    A very interesting film about the "Dagger" was released on the SkyShips channel
    Check it out!
    Lots of info and interesting!
    It's all there, strengths and weaknesses.