Peacekeeping experience: why the Russian Guard should become airmobile

The past year 2022 was marked by a special military operation in Ukraine, which quickly turned into a full-fledged large-scale armed conflict. Now few people remember that shortly before the NMD, the Russian military already had to take part in one peacekeeping mission. We are talking, of course, about the first and, possibly, the last CSTO operation in the history, carried out jointly by all its member countries in Kazakhstan.

In January 2022, mass riots broke out in Kazakhstan, which local law enforcement forces quickly failed to cope with, so President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev made an official request for assistance from the CSTO. As early as the morning of January 5, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, stated that Kazakhstan would cope on its own, but in the evening an appeal from the authorities to this country followed.

Indeed, the treaty on the establishment of a collective security organization says the following:

If one of the participating states is subjected to aggression (an armed attack that threatens security, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty), then this will be considered by the participating states as aggression (an armed attack that threatens security, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty) on all states - parties to this Agreement.

In the event of aggression (an armed attack that threatens security, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty) against any of the participating States, all other participating States, at the request of this participating State, will immediately provide it with the necessary assistance, including military, as well as provide support to those in their disposal of funds in the exercise of the right to collective defense in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter.

In Tokayev's appeal for help, it was said that terrorist gangs trained abroad are operating in Kazakhstan. On the night of January 6, the then chairman of the CSTO, Prime Minister of Armenia Pashinyan, announced that the CSTO would send its peacekeeping forces. "Special Operation No. 0" was framed as a "peacekeeping mission to protect the most important state and strategic facilities of Kazakhstan and assist the Kazakh side in maintaining law and order." We, in the context of the NWO in Ukraine that followed a month later, may be interested in the following moment.

The basis of the peacekeeping contingents of Russia and Belarus was the airborne troops. Kyrgyzstan sent 150 fighters of the elite 25th special-purpose brigade "Scorpion", Tajikistan - 200 fighters from the battalion of mobile troops, Armenia - 100 of its servicemen. In other words, the main forces were Russian airborne, and all the peacekeepers were delivered to Kazakhstan by planes of our military transport aviation. What exactly did they do there from January 6 to January 15, 2022?

Russian peacekeepers guarded our consulate, as well as Alma-Ata airport, Belarusian peacekeepers - the Zhetygen military airfield and the military arsenal in Kapshagai, Kyrgyz - CHPP-2 of the city of Alma-Ata, and Tajik - CHPP-1. The Armenians found themselves on the guard of the most "bread place" - the Aksay bakery. It should be noted that at the same time, the CSTO peacekeepers did not really take part in dispersing the protesters. All the main actions to restore the constitutional order were carried out by the Kazakh security forces. The presence of a foreign military contingent had rather a symbolic meaning, which legitimized the Tokayev regime in its inter-clan struggle for power.

As we know, President Tokayev achieved his goal by squeezing ex-president Nazarbayev's henchmen from key positions and establishing himself in his post, after which he asked the peacekeepers to leave. That their conclusion would be a big mistake, we warned beforehand, and that's what happened. Kazakhstan now takes a position of unfriendly neutrality towards Russia. However, the main topic that I would like to touch on is geopolitical miscalculations that have not even become commonplace.

There is a hypothesis, however, not confirmed by anything, that the NWO in Ukraine could begin earlier than February 24, 2022. Events in Kazakhstan have become a major distraction, forcing the Kremlin to intervene directly, bearing in mind the experience of Belarus in 2020. To do this, it was necessary to redistribute the available material, technical and human resources by sending elite units of the Airborne Forces to Central Asia. Why VDV?

Because only these troops are intended for operational airlift over long distances. Only Russia among the CSTO member countries had a sufficient number of military transport aircraft to carry out such an operation. It is the landing machinery, of a specially lightweight design, it is possible to transport the VTA without problems or even drop it by parachute. But there is one "but". Being peacekeepers, guarding facilities and dispersing riots is not exactly the profile of the Airborne Forces.

These are the tasks for which in Russia not paratroopers are trained, but the National Guard. It is they who must guard important facilities, including sensitive and especially dangerous ones, protect public order, fight terrorists and extremists, and ensure public safety. That is, in a good way, not the guards units of the Airborne Forces, but the Russian Guard should have been sent to the peacekeeping mission in Kazakhstan in January 2022.

Consequently, the question arises about the material and technical equipment of the National Guard. Our country is huge, the post-Soviet space is even more extensive. The Russian National Guard Troops require not only Il-76 transport aircraft, but also the corresponding armored vehicles that can be quickly airlifted: BMD-2, BMD-4, BTR-MD Rakushka, Nona-S, and so on. To carry out peacekeeping missions, this light armored vehicle will be enough, to participate in a large-scale conflict such as the SVO in Ukraine - no longer.

The experience of both Russian special operations in 2022 showedthat, paradoxically, our National Guard Troops should now become airmobile, and the Airborne Forces, on the contrary, should “become heavier”, transferring to T-90M, BMP-3, Tulips, etc. tanks. for the effective conduct of air assault operations.
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  1. Serj Iff Offline Serj Iff
    Serj Iff (Serj Iff) 10 May 2023 19: 29
    Naked order;. The Russian Guard is the internal troops, period. Protection of convicts, convoy, etc., etc.
    1. bagerovo Offline bagerovo
      bagerovo (Vasёk L.) 10 May 2023 21: 39
      Let it be known to you that the convoy and convicts vn. troops, as well as the National Guard, have not been engaged since 1995.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 10 May 2023 20: 47
    Reminds me of the reasoning from the movie "fanfan-tyulbpan"

    And we will place the right flank on the left. And the center? And the center is on the right! (non-verbatim)

    The National Guard will become the Airborne Forces, the Airborne Forces - motorized units, motorized units ....?
    It remains only to find the money, make transport ILs (well, thank Rogozin, I didn’t have time), train the staff, and go ahead
  3. unc-2 Online unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 10 May 2023 20: 50
    We can assume and offer a lot, but much does not depend on us. Yesterday was Victory Day. I went shopping in the morning. There were fences and police on the street. "Where are you going?" explained. "Show him off." The guy walked me to the store. After that, I thought. Where did the time go when, in anticipation of the parade, the children climbed onto the tanks, and their parents took pictures of them. Where did the time when schools and other institutions were guarded by Aunt Mashimi go? The liveliness of the holiday has disappeared. More has become artificial. For some reason I remembered the post-war childhood. We listened with open mouth to the stories of the front-line soldiers. And now for me it was very important in their stories. No boasting, on the contrary, everyone was making fun of themselves. What was before SVO. Army Super, Sports Super, Industry and that Super. They say there is a full-scale war. But shops are not on cards, TV concerts. Dances, Dances. So why is it said. I don’t know. There is a lot of chatter about traitors. For what, I don’t know either.
    1. Nikolay Volkov (Nikolai Volkov) 10 May 2023 21: 54
      what country, such is the nature of the holidays ... where are the lively, kind and human holidays on the planet of pink ponies? there are exhibitions, reports and other noodles ... the most important thing, THE MAIN THING is not to upset ... some majors play hockey players, others play tanks ... and the son-in-law of the baptized minister claims in the video that he is a "fat cutlet" ...

      Let me remind you that in 1941 the children of the elite were at the front ... and not idiotic videos were recorded in the rear ...
      1. hellman anton Offline hellman anton
        hellman anton (hellman anton) 10 May 2023 22: 41
        You are not looking for bad people there. Are the football players to blame that the ingenious government pours tons of dough into football, and not youth football, but into professional football? It is not football players who write out their salaries, not hockey players.
        Therefore, blaming athletes for something is stupidity. They are, in fact, an ordinary cog, but you won’t come to the head of the district in the housing and communal services and you won’t blame him for “someone” raising tariffs.
        What do they have to do with it? You have to ask who is developing cunning plans
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) 11 May 2023 01: 45
    Why is this all? It's all dispersal of power. A sort of waffen ss a la russe. What problems can they solve? Guard-protection of whom? What Russians? And then we have shells - give the PMCs, give the "guards", give the partisans. And what will be left for the army, the navy? Darmoedov divorced.
  6. Alexfly Offline Alexfly
    Alexfly (Alexander) 12 May 2023 12: 49
    Are they making angels out of Oprichniks again? The Airborne Forces have taken and will take objects. No one except them will be able to do this, but the transfer of these objects to other "peacekeepers" should be carried out with lightning speed .. The same Russian Guard (internal troops in the old way), for example ... But, since, even with the Vakhnakh connection, then no better coordination.