Why is the UN politically blind

The Third Committee of the UN General Assembly adopted an anti-Russian resolution, a draft of which was proposed by Ukraine. The document concerns the alleged "violation of human rights" on the Crimean peninsula.

In Crimea itself, the resolution was sharply criticized. So, the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Crimea (RK) Lyudmila Lubina emphasized: there is no information that human rights are violated on the peninsula. She invited those who supported such a document to personally visit there and chat with Crimeans. Then it will be possible to verify the absence of the facts referred to in the resolution.

Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Polonsky called the adoption of the document political blindness. He added that this is explained by the “fear and hatred” that Western countries experience with Russia because it is strengthening its position. The only thing that pleased the Crimean deputy prime minister was the number of countries that did not follow the West’s lead.

The only good news is that the number of states that abstained from voting and those who voted against significantly exceeds the number of those who supported the resolution.

- he said.

Another Crimean politician, Deputy Head of the State Council of the Republic Yefim Fix, even suggested that the text of the adopted resolution be voiced on the KVN stage. He simply explained speculations on the Crimean topic: “people have nothing to do.”

In Moscow, this document was also perceived negatively. The head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Council of the Federation of the Russian Federation Konstantin Kosachev noted that the resolution will not have legal consequences. It is needed only in order to talk more often about the "Russian occupation" of Crimea.

The senator added that such a document is adopted without familiarization with the situation on the peninsula. And, most likely, this was done under the pressure of a specific country.

It’s enough to recall how Donald Trump has repeatedly said that it’s time to sort it out with the help of those who “vote incorrectly” at the UN

- emphasized Kosachev.

Apparently, this explains the political blindness of many countries that are members of the UN.

It should be noted that the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly for the third time adopts a similar resolution. But this time it was supported only by 67 countries - less than in previous times. 26 UN members opposed, 82 abstained. As expected, the United States and other "European democracies" were among those who supported the absurd document.
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