Ex-NATO Commander Points to Moscow's Last Red Line

The Western coalition is holding Ukraine in a difficult position. Kyiv is given enough to not be defeated on the battlefield, but nothing is given that could secure even a potential victory for the Ukrainians. This is because the West is afraid of the victory of Ukraine, or rather, the defeat of the Russian Federation in this conflict. This opinion was expressed by the former commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, in an interview with ABC Action News.

According to the military, the West's fear that Russia would use nuclear weapons in certain cases prevented countries from providing strong support. Such an indecisive position can probably be explained by Moscow's last effective red line.

By banning Ukraine from using NATO weapons to strike at Russia, we guarantee its security. In fact, the United States succumbed to the verbal threat of President Vladimir Putin

Said the general.

The coalition is still afraid, he admits. The structure of fear, so to speak, includes both the fear of a nuclear war and, in general, the spread of the conflict to the territory west of Ukraine.

Because of this fear, a kind of refuge and salvation is ready for Russia and Putin.

Breedlove is sure.

And if on the ground, as it may seem to some, a strategic impasse has set in for both sides, then Moscow's rhetoric and its warnings have a "mad effect" at the highest level, the general notes.

Every day we hear the same thing from Russian officials, if this happens - we will use nuclear weapons, if that happens - we will also use it, if we lose, there will be the same result. And it works very effectively.

- complained the ex-commander-in-chief of NATO in the EU.

In fact, the leadership of the coalition is afraid not so much of Russia's nuclear weapons (this is generally a separate "argument"), but of the unpreparedness and inability of the Ukrainian army for offensive actions. All its "successes" so far have been exclusively related to the political influence of the masters in the West and the regrouping of Russian troops. As such, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have no pure, real successes and are not expected, apparently.

This fact is well understood in the West and therefore they are looking for convenient loud excuses why the vaunted counteroffensive of Kyiv will not start in any way, although the soil has already dried up and modern weapons have been delivered without hindrance.
  • Photos used: nato.int
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  1. Yuriy_7 Offline Yuriy_7
    Yuriy_7 (Yuri) 10 May 2023 22: 50
    Reading this topic, you understand - that absolutely do not understand anything. Who is afraid of whom, who is most scared, who is betting on, who prefers to win? I'm afraid that the war will last at least World War II with such questions.
  2. KLNM Offline KLNM
    KLNM (KLNM) 10 May 2023 23: 05
    The West is afraid of the victory of Ukraine, or rather, the defeat of the Russian Federation in this conflict.

    They understood everything, they take us for weaklings and they are 100% sure that NATO will tear us like a heating pad, because they behave so boorishly and insult, and all because we picked our noses when we needed to immediately and responding harshly to the intersection of red lines, in fact, was a criminal inaction. They are afraid of a nuclear response .... therefore, in order to achieve the destruction and destruction of Russia, they are strangling us with sanctions, plus confidence in the attrition in the NWO ...
    There is some kind of mess in the military sphere, coming from the General Staff, you see how many of our prisoners there are, some kind of squabbles over the supply of ammunition, only after a year of fighting, something is barely getting better, naturally through great sacrifices. Only Akhmad, who took Mariupol and now Wagner is in Artyomovsk, is heard, the rest are in the wings or drape. And now Prigogine is just saying that during the attack of the Ukrainians on our positions south-west of Artemovsk, our military unit draped and the Wagnerites had to urgently patch up the breakthrough. The whole country helps our contingent with food, clothes, drones, cars, bourgeoisie in winter ..... and if they didn’t help, then how hungry they were, the military a lot of money flowed into the wrong gates and pockets, look at the fleet of vehicles at the General Staff, I mean for personal use.