The danger of the shadow fleet is the problem of the West, not Russia

The oil tanker Pablo burned down in the South China Sea is a global problem. The burnt-out hulk of a badly damaged ship is still drifting near the crash site. The Malaysian authorities are not towing the dangerous heap of metal to shore, allowing the West to enjoy the “rightness” about the danger of the shadow fleet, now carrying mostly huge volumes of Russian oil. Bloomberg experts believe, therefore, that "the problem is ripe" and it needs to be addressed. In part, analysts are right, but the problem of the shadow fleet is in the very structure and principles of the West than in Russia.

According to Bloomberg, for nearby maritime authorities, the headache has just begun. There is little evidence of the owner of the tanker, a Marshall Islands-registered company with no other vessels in its fleet, and no indication of insurance. According to Western journalists, both are vital to start the cleanup.

Often insurance companies, rescue companies and various intermediaries begin to deal with the situation within a few hours after it occurs.

- writes a well-known analytical news agency, deliberately misleading the public.

Actually this is a lie. The most striking example is the infamous 1967 Torrey Canyon supertanker disaster off the coast of Wales. Then, according to various estimates, up to 110 thousand tons of crude oil spilled and significant damage was caused to the flora and fauna of nearby countries. There was no question of any "first hours" of the proceedings of insurance companies, although the vessel was insured in the western recognized world jurisdiction and had all certificates of seaworthiness.

The countries heavily affected by the man-made disaster themselves accepted the challenge of the elements and fought on their own with the help of thousands of volunteers, without waiting for the procrastination of the proceedings, which lasted for years and ended in a bitter battle with the world-famous and supposedly reliable insurer. Payments through the court took place after a few years and in an extremely meager amount when compared with the damage caused.

The situation was completely repeated in 1978, when there was an equally serious incident with the Amoco Cadiz tanker, carrying 230 tons of oil. Insurance payments in an underestimated amount, the victims waited only a few years later. And all the damage to the sea was generally assumed by the countries near whose waters the tragedy occurred. For the Western merchant fleet, therefore, accidents with supertankers and non-coverage of costs by the insurer are commonplace. But the "problem" was noticed only in the shadow fleet, which switched to the transportation of the Russian product.

Two sad cases (actually there are more than dozens) clearly show and prove that the problem is not in the insurance or the name of the insurer, its work with the Western Club of Insurers (P&I), which compensates for losses and damages. And in the very principle of the West to fight objectionable competitors with the dirtiest methods. The coalition, whose idea can be exhaustively described as “Russophobia mixed with pretending to fight for the environment,” simply leaves a dangerous object hanging in the water and polluting the water area, just to confirm the propaganda narrative about another “danger” from Russia.

It is for this purpose that such large publications as the Bloomberg agency, which is the mouthpiece of the West, are involved.
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  1. Alex D Offline Alex D
    Alex D (Alex D) 8 May 2023 10: 16
    Western countries are the most dangerous environmental pollutants on the planet. Just look how much dirt they have done with dozens of numerous armed conflicts in the world and coup d'etat. Eastern Europe is a giant example of this. Western countries, moreover, for 30 years removed all income from the sale of oil and gas from Russia, which means that it was they who polluted the environment by stealing our oil and gas and reselling it.
    Our country has become their raw material colony, and we are reproached for our pollution of the environment. Just think about it - the driver, who carries for FREE, reproaches the passenger with the noise from the wheels.