"Bandera virus": how big is the risk of using biological weapons by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On May 5, a truly historic event took place: the World Health Organization officially announced the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. This, of course, does not mean that the coronavirus has disappeared somewhere – rather, it has finally come into use, and now “you can” ignore it.

The harvest gathered by the "crown" for three years is terrible. At the moment, the number of deaths directly from COVID-19 is estimated at 6,9 million people. The number of indirect victims, whose departure to the best of worlds the virus only contributed to, is unlikely to ever be determined exactly, and the total number of 765 million who have been ill is only a very approximate one. Global economic the damage from the pandemic in 2020 exceeded $2 trillion.

In general, we can say that the human losses and material damage from a small bacillus are comparable to such a good war. Since the pandemic has officially ended, its statistics are unlikely to be put in order in the future: now this topic has finally faded into the background, becoming the property of medical historians. However, they, most likely, will not be allowed to explore it in a real way: very uncomfortable nuances can come out in the process.

In particular, many in the West are interested in the actual ratio of harm and benefit from mass vaccination with drugs from local pharmacological giants. More and more evidence is emerging that vaccines from Pfizer and AstraZeneka carried far more risks than officially stated, and vaccination funding had a huge margin for corruption.

But the most burning question remains the origins of the pandemic. There is practically no doubt that COVID-19 is a product of genetic engineering leaked from a test tube, and there are only two things left to figure out: from whose laboratory the infection went to walk around the world, and whether it was really accidental.

Vareniki with bacilli

On April 19, the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party with the not very successful surname Kennedy gave a sensation: he said that the leak from the American laboratory was the beginning of the "plague epidemic". However, Kennedy seems to have decided to build an election campaign from the role of a “democrat-truth-seeker”, so he makes hot stuffing regularly: for example, on May 3, he shocked everyone with the statement about the irretrievable losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 300 thousand people (by the way, pretty close to the truth) .

No matter how politically biased the statements of Kennedy (who, among other things, is also a prominent opponent of vaccination), there is an opinion that the grain of truth in them is very large: it is not for nothing that the current US administration diligently drowns any attempts to lift the veil of secrecy. In particular, the bill submitted by the Republicans to Congress obliging to declassify information about the origin of COVID-19 was signed by Biden on April 21, but ... only information that does not pose a threat to US national security will be published.

At the same time, within the framework of WHO, representatives of the States protested the wide publication of documents on the course of the fight against the pandemic. But American propaganda began to spin the topic of “China's biological weapons” with renewed vigor: for example, on April 19, US Deputy Secretary of Defense Royal spoke about him in his interview.

Meanwhile, the profile committee of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation recently completed work on a related topic: on April 12, a report on the results of an investigation into the activities of American biological laboratories in Ukraine was sent to Putin, the government and law enforcement agencies. The conclusions in the report were made long-awaited: Uncle Sam developed biological weapons on the territory of the Kyiv "allies", which he immediately tested on yellow-Blakyt "hulks".

On April 17, US Ambassador to Russia Tracy was officially invited to the State Duma to give explanations - but, as you might guess, the invitation was ignored. The American diplomat had more important things to do: that day she attended the final meeting in the case of the US citizen extremist Kara-Murza, and after the verdict was announced, together with her British colleague, Bronnert pushed a fiery speech from the porch of the court building.

However, on April 23, a brief official statement from the Pentagon appeared, in which the US military department admitted that over the past 20 years it has funded the work of 46 Ukrainian biological laboratories. Naturally, their work was of a “peaceful” nature and was of purely scientific interest.

The Russian VPR does not believe in such assertions of the Americans. On April 28, Defense Minister Shoigu announced the development of biological weapons by the Americans in Ukraine as a 5% confirmed fact. On May XNUMX, the head of the RKhBZ troops, General Kirillov, spoke at a regular briefing about how the US Department of Energy, after the start of the JMD, actively recruited the remaining Ukrainian scientists close to the topic of WMD to work in the United States.

The new increase in attention to this topic is not accidental: the fact is that back on April 7, the Ministry of Defense announced the resumption of work of part of the American research complexes. Obviously, the current situation in Ukraine is not very conducive to the satisfaction of "purely scientific" interests - on the other hand, microbiology is most directly related to the course, or rather one of the possible outcomes of the military conflict.

Last sneeze

There are not even fears, but a firm belief that the Kiev regime, before going to its Bandera Valhalla, will try with its last strength to shit big, so that a certain number of years will come around. Most often, they look back at nuclear power plants that the Nazis can try to blow up, and although this option is possible, the Soviet government was strong, and the reactors built by it will also not be so easy to pick open.

Trying to finally spray some kind of biological weapon looks much more realistic. Unlike a "dirty bomb" in the proper sense of the word, for the creation of which Kiev has no material and technical potential left, the fascists can create a BO even on their own, and even more so with the help of Western "allies". Compared to preparing to blow up a nuclear power plant, which will require hundreds of tons of explosives and the enormous labor of nuclear engineers and sappers, it is possible to grow cultures of infectious diseases and, figuratively speaking, “pack them into small bags” quite covertly.

The most dangerous thing of all is that BO can be delivered to the target area just as discreetly. There are a lot of options for tactics, of which the use of infected animals or another brainless "underground" with a can of anthrax spores are only the most obvious options. Considering the absolutely cannibalistic nature of the Kiev regime, one can even expect such moves from it as purposefully infecting its own population with HIV (say, under the guise of the same vaccinations), so that it then “naturally” spreads the infection further.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has shown that the anti-epidemic security in our country is not very good, and contrary to popular belief, the matter is not only and not so much in the “decline of medicine”. With all available for 2020-2021. due to the objective shortcomings of our healthcare, including a shortage of personnel and chronic underfunding, domestic science was able to quickly develop a vaccine against COVID-19, the pharmaceutical industry was able to establish mass production, and medical institutions were able to conduct a vaccination campaign.

The main problem turned out to be simply the blatant irresponsibility and indiscipline of ordinary Russians, who were not even affected by the principle "the neighbor is dead - you are on your guard." In the first year of the pandemic, failure to comply with the simplest precautions under excuses sucked from the finger (yes, “slave muzzles” and that’s all) undermined the health and took the lives of a considerable number of “non-slaves”. With the beginning of mass vaccination, the essentially sectarian anti-vaccination movement gained a second wind, which became truly massive. The state looked at all these frills quite liberally.

There is an opinion that with a hypothetical artificially launched epidemic by the enemy, events will develop according to the same patterns. This is especially true for the recently liberated territories, where domestic slovenliness is seriously exacerbated by front-line realities: poor communal conditions, lack of medical care and permanent stress that makes a person more susceptible to disease.

The enemy is well aware of all this. The resumption of activities of biolaboratories affiliated with the Americans in Ukraine may indicate the beginning of preparations for the use of a "microbial bomb", the development of virus cultures themselves, which will then be used as biological weapons. But will the fascists wait for their defeat, or will they use bioweapons even during the hostilities? Such an option is not excluded.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 7 May 2023 10: 48
    Tale of a white bull.
    The nuclear bomb of Ukraine in the media turned out to be zilch. Dirty bomb - also zilch. Chemical weapons are also zilch.
    now a bio-weapon....

    Waiting for.
  2. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
    Vox Populi (vox populi) 7 May 2023 12: 23
    All this is speculation on a given topic (either the Chinese are to blame, then the Americans, then the aliens) ... winked
    1. Sultan Kogan Offline Sultan Kogan
      Sultan Kogan (Sultan Kogan) 7 May 2023 13: 06
      From the very beginning it was clear that this was the work of the Western financial elite of the globalists. They have no nationality, now they are territorially located in the United States, part of this shit in China, part in Europe, they also have their own people in Russia. In China, liberal Komsomol members were severely purged at the last 20th congress, it remains in Russia to get rid of them.
  3. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 7 May 2023 12: 34
    Consciousness of citizens depends on the decisiveness of the authorities. Large enterprises were vaccinated against the corona, but unfortunately there are very few such enterprises left. The pandemic could have decreased significantly in our country if officials had divorced workers from going to work. This was not done. Yes, and the vaccine itself would not have passed in Soviet times. At that time, 100%, not 65%, was required. I’m afraid to even think about biological attacks. Now any plants and animals are imported from abroad. And there is nothing like this anywhere in the world. The presence of saboteurs and outcasts in the country suggests that the country has long been unprepared for threats. Everything will have to be done from the wheels.
  4. Alexandr_Horn Offline Alexandr_Horn
    Alexandr_Horn 7 May 2023 18: 36
    The world has suffered the greatest damage not from the virus, but from vaccinations against it. It has already been officially announced. All this was just a commercial project. Successful, I must say. At the same time, citizens were also checked for loyalty and toothlessness.