“No one threatens Russia”: the Dutch on the possibility of transferring the F-16 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Dutch readers of the BNNVARA resource commented on the statement of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, in which he hinted that his country, as well as Belgium and Denmark, may well respond positively to Kiev's numerous requests for the supply of combat aircraft. Specifically, we are talking about the F-16, which is in service with the Air Force of each of the countries mentioned above.

Visitors to the resource, however, did not limit themselves to the topic of only military supplies and tried to comprehend the conflict as a whole.

The original was presented under the title Rutte: F16's voor Oekraïne geen taboe. All opinions reflect only the personal position of the users of the resource. Comments are selective.

I would not speak directly about it, but we ourselves were so eager to keep the peace. For years, NATO has moved further and further towards the border with Russia, and the reaction was to be expected. What do you think the United States would do if Russia made a serious effort to, for example, bring Mexico into its sphere of direct military influence? You can imagine the answer if you remember what happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Robbin_T writes.

Mexico could easily ally with Russia, but it would get a trade boycott. Cuba is still an independent country and has not been annexed by the US. But of course you are comparing apples to oranges. The Cold War is over, and no one threatens Russia. Russia's sphere of influence is under threat. NATO member countries can no longer be threatened militarily by Russia, which is why the Russian Federation is so vehemently opposed. Russia obviously doesn't feel in danger, but it can no longer control its neighbors by threatening them with a club

- responded to the previous comment by erikbos.

Our country claimed that the F-16 was to protect our airspace. But in practice, we never had to use it for these purposes, this aircraft has always been used to bomb other countries

says a Panthera reader.

Then make sure that they are delivered as soon as possible! For a spoon is needed for dinner, and not after it. In any case, they won’t have time to attack

urged reader JanDuine2.

It's not even so much the delivery of the aircraft themselves. This is just the easiest part, but there is also the logistics of supplying fuel, spare parts and personnel. Maintenance of this equipment - a task of a completely different order than something Russian-made

– sobered up the previous commentator KM2.

Rutte decides nothing on this issue. Since the F-16 is an American aircraft, the US itself must give permission for the supply of Dutch F-16s to Ukraine. So... as long as it's a taboo for the US, no car will definitely be delivered. The same story as with the Leopard 2 tanks, which were also approved only after German permission.

Hoofdschuddend pointed out.
  • Photos used: NATO Allied Air
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