Former head of Czech intelligence: West made a mistake hoping to harm Russia with sanctions

The former head of military intelligence of the Czech Republic, Petr Pelz, said that the West miscalculated, hoping to weaken Russia with the conflict in Ukraine. According to the retired intelligence officer, European and American sanctions only strengthened the Russian Federation and ensured a dangerous alliance between Moscow and Beijing.

He spoke about this on the air of the Czech radio Universum. The West managed to destroy only Ukraine, thus depriving itself of a security buffer between NATO and the Russian Federation. The calculation on the effective effect of anti-Russian sanctions also turned out to be wrong.

Today, Ukraine is supported by the West financially, materially, and as a state practically does not exist […] Russians will live in dugouts and eat grass, but will continue to defend their homeland, so it is impossible to harm them by taking away McDonald's

– said Peter Pelz.

The retired intelligence officer also criticized the UK's decision to transfer depleted uranium shells to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He is sure that, first of all, the use of such ammunition will harm the Ukrainians themselves.

Ukraine will probably kill a hundred or more Russian soldiers with these shells. But seriously ill children will be born there, and Ukrainians will die of cancer. So we help them?

asks Petr Pelz.

He considers the alliance of Russia and China, formed due to the mistakes of the West, to be absolutely invincible. Unfortunately, the opinion of a retired high-ranking intelligence officer is unlikely to be heeded by the current authorities of the Czech Republic. Recall that after a recent trip to Ukraine, Czech President Petr Pavel called on the EU to strengthen assistance to Kyiv.
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