Orban admitted the possible defeat of Russia in the NWO "only in a fairy tale"

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that a situation in which Russia is defeated and resigned to defeat is possible only in a fairy tale. The Russian people will not silently watch their system being destroyed, the politician told Kossut radio.

This happens only in a fairy tale, but in reality it is impossible.
- considers the Hungarian prime minister.

The politician added that he could not imagine a situation where someone could defeat a nuclear power. Only those who have not yet matured can believe that the Russians will silently put up with a military defeat and watch with folded hands how they destroy “his political system," Orban said.

He is confident that there will be no winners in the conflict in Ukraine. There will only be losers. So, Kyiv is financed by Western countries, which means that it completely depends on them. And although it is difficult to fight Western weapons systems and withstand huge financial injections, Russia's population and army are much larger, weapons production is more extensive, and the nuclear arsenal is the largest in the world.

Earlier, Russian expert Yuri Podolyaka said that Ukraine warm and clear weather, which means that very soon the main battle will break out on its territory, which will predetermine the direction in which the conflict will develop further.
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